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S Jul 11, 2019

Dear Mitsubishi Team,

I have a 2016 Montero Sport, that I bought from the Company in Dubai. it was a pre-owned car, but the first owner was the Mitsubishi Dealer (Al Habtoor) it was a show room car.
last month the LED light on right wing of the car just turned off, when I went to the dealer they said that it costs about 3000 USD just to for the light, and the light is not under warranty of the car.
how come a 3 year old Japanese car gets an LED light off, it is still very new.

If the company knows about the low quality of the LED and not put it in warranty, why is it so expensive?

What if i go and buy a new one for 3000 USD, it will also turn off maybe after one year? this doesn't make any sense at all.

In Dubai if you service your car outside the agency you lose warranty, but I do not believe that also the light must fall under that, Mistsubshi has always been better than this, I never ever thought that this will happen to me when I buy a Mitsubishi car.
I'm very disappointed, and now I drive my car which I was so proud about with one light open and one is off and this makes me feel un-pleasant about my car.

I really hope that maybe you solve such an issue with the car and ask the agency to replace the the light without payment.

I wish you all the best,

Samer Ahmad

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