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I saw that unfortunately the same thing happened to someone else the same month that it did me! An offer for a free trial of mineral makeup for only the cost of shipping and then they charge you a 130.41 a week later! I called to cancel and they said that the charge was for the makeup they were going to send me because I didn't opt out on becoming a regular customer, and lead me to the impression that more was going to be sent to me and that when I would receive it to return and they would refund me. I never received more and called them and they told me it was too late and that they couldn't refund my money now because I was suppose to return the used makeup! I was never told to return the trial makeup, they told me not to open the makeup that was going to be sent because they don't take back used makeup, so why would I think that they wanted me to return the trial makeup, but the second time I called they told me that that was why I haven't received my refund!

bad in all ways. be warned.!

I ordered the "free trial" for $1 plus shipping. I received the conformation email and called the 877 number...

the offer is a scam

I received a phone call at work for an offer of mineral makeup at a trial price of shipping cost only. I was led to believe the makeup was better than the type you buy in the stores. I was told the shipping would be $9.32.

When the makeup arrived, the containers were trial sizes and not enough for an entire month. After trying the makeup, my skin broke out in a rash. I went on the company"s website and cancelled further shipment. Around the same time I checked my account and noticed a charge of $130.41. I called the customer service and was told the charge was for the makeup they had sent. When I told the "supervisor Michelle (employee #1066) I had cancelled, she said I cancelled future shipment and I had not returned the product they had sent me. When I offered to return the product I was told they do not accept used makeup. THE OFFER IS A SCAM AND THE COMPANY IS A RIP OFF. I HOPE ANY ONE WHO WAS A VICTIM FILES A COMPLAINT WITH THE STATE'S BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. AS MY GRANDMOTHER USES TO SAY, "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND"

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    BONKERMAC Oct 19, 2012


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took money from my account without authorization

when ii was in the hospital, because I am disabled and sick a lot they said I charged their products on line...

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To All the People who have been scammed for years by Mineral Elements by Eden, a corporation. Call your Local...

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wont refund a trail that arrived on last day of trial.

this explains everything and is the last statement made to them, I hope you can help as well;
I ordered your free trial, it did not arrive at my post office untin 04/22/2011. I did not sign for anything. I was charged 130 doolars and change for this trial which i was told yesterday ended yesterday. I was told the delivery was made and that is that, i must pay for the full amount. This is pure robbery. I never had a chance to try anything, and i am being held accountable because of your companys poor choice in mailing methods. This is obviously a con, false advertisement and deception. I called three times and then was told by a superisor that she would e-mail me with information so that I may return the item(which has not even been opened) for a FULL REFUND. I will not accept the responsibility of your poor business management. I want a complete refund A.S.A.P. I will also be filing a complaint with the federal trade comission, Better bureau, and all 800 of my friends on face book with no privacy restrictions on my facebook which mean each of there friends will know how your company cons people, deceives people and robs their money. My friends in turn will copy and paste forward and so on. I will do the same on my space. I will also post on you tube and the web. I will proceed for years if this is not addressed properly, then I will sue for emotional stress which is not I need with my current disability. I want a response today or I will start posting by 3pm on 04/23/2011. Feel free to check out my facebook if you like and see for yourself how i handle cheap business companies like yours.The representatives ID number is 1022, she has not sent any info for my return and she said it would be done yesterday.
Caterina Calo
P.O. Box 386
Max Meadows, VA 24360

  • Me
    meshell879 May 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have had the stress from this company. I got the product cancelled it could not get the RMA number and was charged 130. Offered me 65 back! NO WAY I want the rest was told i was getting the rest but have not seen it. I would love to know how to report this company.
    I can not believe they are doing this, and yes my product took forever to get here. I cancelled same day cause it was no use i would have to join their club if i didnt.

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false advertisements

I received this product from e-advertisments offered as free tr ial offer only have to pay for shipping and handling. After receiving the product not only was I displeased about the amount of make-up not to mention of the bill that was attached. The sad part was that I could never speak to an agent and finally gave up. The product itself matched my skintone to a tee and im disappointed that this brand is not in a store front at recession prices. I am a woman of color and to find a make-up to match my skin tone.

microscopic fine print

First off. They have NO website or email information AT ALL in their starter kit to be able to look up who...

online scam

I received a box that practically blew up in my face with powder (damaged product) with no papers, etc. I got on the internet to look up the product which was Mineral Elements by Eden to get their phone number and called a day or two later. When I called I did not, which I should have, written down the name of the person I spoke to because I was fixing something for my grand-daughter and did not have a pen. I told them, I do not remember ordering anything like this at all, plus the fact I did not want to be charged for a damaged product, that after researching, found out it was supposed to be $3.95 plus $1.00 shipping and handling. I asked the girl if she would please send me an email confirming that I cancelled this because I don't even remember ordering it. At that time, I did not go into a long conversation about the damaged product because as explained before I was taking care of my grand-daughter and knew I could respond to the email when she sent my confirmation that I had cancelled. I waited for an email but never received one. I called today and found out they had charged my account for $134.00, in which I was shocked because when I researched the product that I don't even think I ordered, it said it was a trial for a total of $4.95. Are you ready for this...they offered me a 50% discount on something that was damaged, I had to have my carpet in the living room professionally cleaned, and don't even think I ordered it and if I did, I called, which they claim they have no record of, in which they also said they sent me an email confirming my order, which I DID NOT RECEIVE!!! This is fraud and an email scam and the Attorney General's Office needs to know about this because I don't ever want anyone else going through this. I cannot believe they would not issue a credit for me and they can charge your account for nothing! Please get this word out and I will do everything in my power to start a class action law suit or at least maybe no one else will have to through this. I am a disabled senior citizen and I do not need this stress and would NEVER pay that amount of money for 3 jars (1/2 inch in size at the most) of powder or in other make-up. If you have any other addresses or names I can contact to get this resolved for a lot of other people who have complained on this site, I would appreciate it; if possible.

ripped off the disable

my son ordered a trailer of bare minerals makeup and used my credit card without my permission. which wa...

product offer

I fell for the offer for a card from Walmart worth XXX if only I would try two of the products on the page listed. One was Netflix, another was Mineral Elements by Eden. They would send me a sample of the product in a plastic styled cosmetic bag with some matching plastic brushes. All I had to do was try the product and even if I did not like it, I could keep it and cancel my membership. Not so, according to the "Terms of Offer" page that was emailed to me which states " You immediately become enrolled in the "Club membership" and, if you do not take affirmative action to cancel the Club membership before the end of the 60 day Trial period and return the remaining make-up and accessories in accordance with the Returns and Refunds Policy, (a) your credit or debit card will be automatically charged $130.41 for the Introductory Make-up Kit, and; (b) you will continue to be a member of the Club" As for the Walmart card - forget it! It cannot be tracked down or claimed.

re: mineral makeup scam

I ordered a trail of their companies product. I phoned then and canceled receiving more products being sent to me. Apparently, in the Terms and Conditions that you were agreeing upon when you press "enter" when placing your order, they say that you are approving this company taking $130.00 from your account. This is done even if you cancel as I above stated i did. When I phoned I was told that there is no refunds etc., So, I am paying, both the postage and $130.00 for a beauty product that I could have bought at Walgreens for about $10.00. This is so outrages, what can a person do when this happens? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Betty


I received a phone call at work for an offer of mineral makeup at a trial price of shipping cost only. I was led to believe the makeup was better than the type you buy in the stores. I was told the shipping would be $9.32.

When the makeup arrived, the containers were trial sizes and not enough for an entire month. After trying the makeup, my skin broke out in a rash. I went on the company"s website and cancelled further shipment. Around the same time I checked my account and noticed a charge of $130.41. I called the customer service and was told the charge was for the makeup they had sent. When I told the "supervisor Michelle (employee #1066) I had cancelled, she said I cancelled future shipment and I had not returned the product they had sent me. When I offered to return the product I was told they do not accept used makeup. THE OFFER IS A SCAM AND THE COMPANY IS A RIP OFF. I HOPE ANY ONE WHO WAS A VICTIM FILES A COMPLAINT WITH THE STATE'S BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. AS MY GRANDMOTHER USES TO SAY, "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND"

scam and fraud

1. They cite a 10 day trial period. They don/t tell you that this includes the shipping time (3-5 days) and the weekends when there is no mail reality you might have 3 or 4 days after the product arrives. They charge you130.00 after 10 days from their shipping date.

2. They said they sent me an e-mail. I didn't receive one. When I called, getting the phone # from my on-line banking as there was none included in the product box, I was told of this e_mail and was told I would abe sent another, as well as a supervisor would call me. The e_mail was not sent, the supervisor did not call. I called the following day and when being transferred to a supervisor, was disconnected.

3. By my 3rd call, I was able to get a partial refund (half) of the 130.00 charge to my account. I had never authorized this charge in the first place. I could not get a full reefund as I had not called them soon enough (using the no. Not in the box and in the unreceived e_mail.

Do not do businesss with this company unless you want to lose money and support a scam.

  • Ca
    caddygal Mar 28, 2011

    this company will take money from your bank account even if it is not authorised, I never finished an accout setup but the money was still pulled, I deleted all my info after having to look at other products being asked to full fill at least two of them. I have not recieved any product nor an email, when I called was told it was to late for a refund and could not get a supervisor on the line. I called a second time spoke to another rep and all she could do was appoligise and that a supervisor would contact me. this is such a scam to take money from your account I cannot believe they can do this

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free trial of makeup

Wow!!! I cannot believe how much money this company have scammed out of consumers with this bogus ad.
This happened to me in december '09. I was trusting the trial offer to see if I could actually use this makeup.
I received the package, waited a day or so before I opened it. I got the make up and tried it.. Little change in the look of my skin. (I am an african american woman) which is hard to chose which color to choose.
In the box, there was the make up and brushes and a bag... No invoice telling me how much time I had to return the package.
I called the number on the outside the box, and they told me that my I received an email, giving me the return information, but my time had expired and my account had been charged for $130.00
I called my bank, tried to stop, but it had been charged but not cleared yet.
This left my account in overdraft because my other bills came out at the same time.
This company needs to be stopped!!! They are very misleading and fraudulent. They want to sell the product but the manner in which they attract customers.. They just need to sued and everyone refunded their money.. From that point, they should go bankrupt!!!
Tell anyone you know, do not purchase this product.

free trail

Funny, this company had all bases covered in their terms and conditions, but did not have any record of the phone call they made to me regarding the shipment. I emphatically told eden to cancel order if it meant joining clubs, auto shipments, etc. I was shipped products and charged exorbitant prices on credit card. I offered to pay$29. 41 (Free trial pkg) for products if they would credit the $130. 41 chg. From card for membership. I was told they had disclosed the terms on internet confirmation letter, which, by the way, i did not receive. After this aggravating episode, they have the gaul to ask you to send unused products back at your expense! Long story short, nothing is free and this company is notorious for ripping people off.

  • Sh
    sheila west Dec 10, 2008

    I want to know the details of how this got ordered because i didnt order this

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  • Ho
    Hoodwinked, Jr. Jul 28, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In response to [email protected], I posted my angry complaint about Eden about 10 min ago. I did return their nasty product insured, by UPS just so they would have no wiggle room on denying receipt. Pricey solution, but I'm hoping it's an investment in an Eden-free future. They assured me that I was cancelled and would suffer no charges beyond the $1 originally stated. Well, we'll see. I did also give Costco a heads up about use of their name.

    I wish you well.

    Hoodwinked, Jr.

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  • Ki
    kimkate Jan 14, 2011

    I recievd a very pleasant phone call and was puzzled how it was lead to me but I listened. I kept asking what's in it for you as the deal sounds too good to be true. I've known Mineral Elements products long before it became popular and was pleased with it but its not the products itself. It's how they tricked you into it w/o realizing you're paying monthly. I called as soon as I got the products as it was a wrong color (Beige) as I have olive skin tone. They assured me that it will be correct to TAN but continue recieve Beige so called again complaining that I'm wasting my money for something that's not working on my skin tone and was assured that they'd fix it right away. Now - because of how the representative handle this matters was cold-hearted which surprised me b/c Mineral Elements products itself are good from my experience but am startled the facts that Eden Cosmetics were hurting this product's reputation. I was told to start all over and request for the right color but blew away my last four months payment for NOTHING now I call it a scam. I wish I read this website before I agreed to do it.

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taking money without authorization

i called to tell them that i did not order product never received product and to put back the 130.00 plu...

refusal of refund

I ordered a "free"" trial of the 9 piece Mineral Elements makeup set. I was not happy so I called for the return number I needed to put on the outside of the package. The ship date was April 12, 2010. Today's date is April 26, 2010 which falls within the 14 day limit that was advertised. I was informed that it is a 10 day trial, that my card had been charged and there was nothing to be done about it. These 9 pieces are not worth 130.00. My question is, Is there any recourse to be taken, or am I stuck with this?

  • By
    byebye Feb 02, 2011

    YES they advertised outright lies and they won't give you your money back. I talked to a manager, and I kept calling and calling, and they will have their supervisor call me back tomorrow but this is just stupid and wasting time!
    It says 15 days trial and they charged you after 10 days.
    Did you ever get your money back??

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To whom this may concern,

On 11/25/09 I was viewing the Rachel Ray website and was looking to place an order. I received a message that I was her 10, 000th visitor of the day and that I had won a set of cookware. All that I was obligated to do was pay for the $1.00 Shipping and Handling Fee. The offer also stated that I was entitled to two trail sample products of my choice from a list of vendors. I only chose one trial sample which was Mineral Elements by Eden Cosmetics and paid for the $1.00 Shipping and Handling Fee with my Visa Check Card. Naturally this interested me because I am a fan of Rachel Ray.
When I received the product, I used the samples for a few days deciding that it was not a suitable product which made my face red and caused extreme complications with my skin. I received the confirmation email sent to me on 12/01/09 stating that the order had shipped. I had recently seen a documentary on MSNBC about companies that charge a minimum fee for a trial sample of their products and later charge large fees for memberships and further shipments that they were unaware of. This alarmed me and prompted me to call Eden Cosmetics to ensure that I had not unwillingly signed up for anything additional.
On 12/10/09 I placed a call to Eden Cosmetics. I spoke with John, his identification number was 1099. The representative was defensive and very rude from the moment we began speaking. I began the conversation inquiring about the product and asked that the $1.00 shipping and handling fee was the only charge for the product. Before I was able to finish my inquiry, he immediately interrupted me and stated that I knew I had ten days to cancel the Membership (I was unaware the company had signed me up for this) or I would be charged a fee of $130.00. I was completely under the impression that I was only going to pay for $1.00 for the trial sample freight charge, absolutely no mention that a membership would be added to my Check Card on the web site. If I had known this I would have never taken up such an offer. I would also like to add that the quality of this product is nowhere near what it should be for a fee of $130.00. John said that I should reread the confirmation email and know that it is too late to cancel the membership. I had in fact read the confirmation email and it had nothing written in the body of the email. The email simply had a subject of Trail Order Shipped. Please see attached documents.
He stated that my trial period had ended on the 8th, 8 days after the order had shipped. To my calculations, that was incorrect due to the fact that I had recently received the product. When I asked to speak to his manager because of this, he then admitted that the trial end date was 9th. Again to my calculations this was also incorrect. He then said that my trial period began on the date that the product was shipped. The ship date was on the 30th so according to John, my trial ended on the 9th, the day before I placed the call. He then accused me of being negligent because I did not see where the confirmation email said that my trial period begins the date that the product was shipped. Again, the confirmation email only stated that the trial order had shipped. I never received any notice of a membership or terms and conditions. I asked him how it was possible for the trial period to begin on the ship date, days before consumers even receive the product and how would that give them sufficient time to determine if the product was in fact appropriate for them. He said there was nothing he could do.
I then asked again for him to direct me to his manager and I was met again with refusal. I was placed again on hold while he looked for a sales representative.
Roxy answered my call. Her employee identification number is 1016. Again I was immediately met with the same defensive, accusatory attitude. Roxy immediately stated that I was unable to cancel my membership before I could even speak my case, just as John had initially done. She interrupted me several times when I attempted to tell her my situation. She used the confirmation email as her defense and said that there was nothing she could do. I was finally offered a $50 meal voucher when she realized I had made a strong argument. I told her I was completely unaware that I would be signed up for a membership and that is why I was calling to cancel; the meal voucher was not going to make up for the $130.00 I had been scammed out of. Roxy spoke over me, very loudly and with a harsh tone. I found it very hard to get any words in. I then asked to speak to her management; Roxy was hesitant to get someone else on the phone just as John was. She said there was no one available and that they would call me back the next day. I gave her my cell number but never received a call back. It seemed as if John and Roxy were trained to have the initial response of denying any cancellation or refund. I got this impression because I was told this from both representatives even before I began to explain the details.
Later that day, 12/10/09 I went to San Diego Count Credit Union and had my check card blocked so that Eden Cosmetics could not access my account further. The Branch was located at 1475 W. Vista Way. The receptionist was extremely helpful and created a new check card for me. The receptionist stated that I had 10 days to dispute the charge as of the date the $130.00 was posted to my account. She did say that I had a $130.00 charge pending. This meant that at midnight on the 9th, Eden Cosmetics placed the transaction to my account. Later that day I received a membership cancellation email from Eden Cosmetics/ Mineral Elements. The charge was posted to my account on 12/11/09. The email finally had information of their Returns and Refunds Policy; this is the first that I had seen of it despite Eden Cosmetics accusations. Again I would like to state that I never received any notice of a membership, return policy or terms and conditions prior to 12/10/09. I did not know I was agreeing to a membership. See below link.
My experience with Eden Cosmetics has been one of the worst encounters I have had with any company. The way the web site was set up was completely misleading and I was honesty not aware that by agreeing to the trail sample, I was actually agreeing to a monthly membership of $130.00 plus further shipments of their products. It clearly stated that I would be obligated to a $1.00 S&H charge which prompted me to accept the offer. Now looking back at the MSNBC documentary and the suspicious $1.00 charge attached to the Rachel Ray web site, it makes sense this would be a scam.
I’m my opinion, this company’s sales strategy is to attract consumers with a sales pitch of $1.00 for a trail sample attached to a reputable name like Rachel Ray. Then the company fails to highlight were they will charge a monthly fee of $130.00 if their membership (which I assume most consumers are unaware of) is not cancelled within 10 days of the ship date. Once their customer service department is contacted, their representatives are no less than offensive, untrained individuals. Countless times during my conversations with John and Roxy, I had to correct dates, times, information and simple calculations that someone in their position should be able to easily present. One example is that Roxy could not tell me what time it would be on the east coast when I needed the call back to be after 10:00am the next day. Another is that John could not calculate what the correct trial end date would be. Both representatives were rude, initially were dishonest about dates and refused to help me speak to someone above their jurisdiction. I feel that if Eden Cosmetics had initially tried to help me or had not taken such a blatantly crude approach, I would not be writing this letter. I would like to mention that speaking with these representatives has given me a strong impression that they are very used to receiving customer issues and/or complaints exactly like mine and that is why they have such strong defensive tactics.
I do not have any trust as a consumer in Eden Cosmetics/ Mineral Elements and because this company has associated themselves with Rachel Ray, unfortunately I will no longer be buying her products or visiting her web site anymore.
I would like to thank San Diego County Credit Union for being so efficiently helpful. The polite representatives have been such a pleasure to work with. I have attempted to present all the facts to my case accurately and honestly. Please feel free to contact me for any further information. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,
Nichelle Lopez

721 Mimosa Ave
Vista, CA 92081

1310 Marabou Ln
Vista, CA 92083



I opted to do their risk free trial offer. By the time that I recieved the trial amount of makeup in the mail and tried it I realized it was the worst mineral makeup I had ever used. So I called the company to cancel and find out how to send the product back before being charged. but apperantly I was too late. It seems they only give you 10 days after you order to cancel. so since it was after the trial period they had already charged my credit card $131.00 for the trial amount of makeup. what a rip-off! and the product is horrible and i will throw it away. I strongly advise against anyone doing business with this company. the offer really is too good to be true!

  • Kr
    kristen_barnes Aug 14, 2009

    they said get a free sample all you have to pay is shipping...a month later they took 70 bucks out of my acount

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  • No
    norma peace Aug 20, 2009

    I was cheated too. THey said the same thing pay the shipment 10 days later I was billed in two different credit cards with the amt. of 69.41 twice plus 7.69 S& This company is decieving people .

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  • Pa
    pastyies Jun 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You can find good mineral makeup on ebay. I received mine in the mail today and I only paid $21.95 for a full kit including brushes, and free shipping. Will last a few months with regular use. Mineral makeup contains no fillers, and it looks like you don't get much for your money, but you really do. Check the ingredients before you buy - the best mineral makeups will have very few ingredients, and the top three ingredients will be zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, and iron oxides. Avoid fillers and rice powders, ultramarine, and talc. I am not shilling for any mineral makeup sellers or companies, but I researched mineral makeup (and everything else I buy) thoroughly before setting money down..the internet is a vast information source, check it out before you buy it.

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  • Cd
    cd cook Dec 01, 2010

    I also tried a free trial of eden's mineral makeup. I recieved the package and thought i had canceled it. Now they have sent a payment thru my checking account for $130.41. Nobody answers the phone number i was given and i haven't found another way to contact them. This is so wrong. Promised a free trial and then $130.41, what they sent was not even close to that price. I am very angry about this. I wonder if this company even exsists..!!!

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