V Aug 05, 2018

Microsoft corrupted my email and no one helps. Microsoft terrorizing me, 60 years old permanently disabled woman every day asking more and more proof that it is my account and does not let me in. CA Attorney General, US Attorney General, FCC, FTC, BBB Washington State, no one do anything against that outrageous and ongoing power abuse. Microsoft kidnapped my Hotmail account again. Two years ago I complained against Microsoft that was sitting in my email and was manipulating with my account. They even did not allow me to change a password. 30 days I fought to return my email under my ownership. They control every my step. They want to know every my step. That sickness going on and on and I cannot find help against that torture. They locked up my email today again, right after I complained to FTC that they already tried to attempt to do that again and nothing could stop them, they did it. I am so sorry that I ever got into Hotmail and now I do not know how to get out of that corrupted company. I needed my email every day, because right now everything done electronically by email. That outrageous torture should not continue. How to find help against criminals in power and agency do not help at once and retaliation gets enforced after my valid complaints. Please help immediately. This is an emergency. They corrupted everything: my Skype, my Hotmail, my Microsoft word. They began to attack me through no reply emails with false statements that I asked them to close my account and/or somebody else using my account. I have no doubt that it is them who are using my account. Is anybody else would like to fight that abuse? Thank you.

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