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My account has been "temporarily suspended because some may have used my account to send spam or junk mail that violated the msa agreement. I'm a senior and I just missed my deadline for a college application and while i'm attempting to log in I can't.

Then they say they will send a verfication code to your phone to make sure its you. What is someone doesn"t have a phone on them at the moment? What if its not convenient for the person because they are busy or working and then try to log in to their account but its suspended. How about sending a warning or even sending an email to an emergency contact or another email address associated with the account?

Or maybe giving any kind of description of who did it, when they did it, or where they did?

It doesn't matter they could at least answer one of those questions. Microsoft is some [censored]!!!

customer service/ live chat

I went to Microsoft Support in search of help to change my email from an older account and move it over to a newer one. I was told to create a dummy email and set as as the primary email for the older account, and then delete the email I wanted moved (my primary email account used for all my day to day emails) and add it as an alias on my current account this of which didn't actually work. After that many of the staff members danced around what had actually happened offering no solution of any kind to the deletion of my account and just telling me to make a new account. Now I'm left without an actual solution and my main email account is gone just like that. All my banking, loan, and uni emails are going to no where. Countless other emails are all lost because of the pathetic staff leading me into a dead end and ruining all my accounts associated with this damn email.

Because of this incompetence I expect a fix. I NEED A FIX. or at the very least compensation and an explanation for this disgraceful work.

Case number for my last chat -[protected]

microsoft xbox live

I've been using Microsoft products for many years and now I find myself in the position of what to do next. I got billed an auto renewal on xbox live which i never wanted after I received a 3 month code as gift. I requested a refund after the auto renewal charge went off and the manner in which this matter was handled is disappointing. I was told I cannot have my money refunded even though I got billed for a product I dont need. I no longer have a console either for close on 3 months. I am already finding whatever way possible to get my money back and I will take this matter further and will be formally taking this matter forward by any means as I have no joy from Microsoft. I will be taking to social media to find out who else has experienced this service and to advise other people to use caution when dealing or purchasing anything from Microsoft.

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    Welshy27 Apr 07, 2019

    You needed to turn off auto renewal in settings this would have stopped any further charges being applied

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unethical practices

To whom it may concern
On the web site of there is an article and I Quote.

"It is of interest that "Rear Admiral Sir" Peter Lapko is ex 58808 Private Petro Lapko who served in Vietnam with 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment in 1966/1967 and never in his life served in the Royal Australian Navy. We are reliably advised that when Lapko visited a Far North Queensland RSL some years ago he insisted on being address as "Sir Peter" or just plain "Sir". In addition, on a ceremonial occasion in Cairns he laid a wreath in his Navy Rear Admiral's uniform. Seems like he is well and truly lost in a eutrophic fog of self-adoration, based on false rank and a false title."

From 1996 until 1999, I worked for the Queensland Naval Brigade Officer Corps Charity This was not in any way part of the armed forces. As its CEO and Commanding Officer, the Brigades Board of Management approved and granted me the rank of Rear Admiral of the Queensland Naval Brigade Officer Corps Charity. (QNBOC) I have not now or ever claimed to have served in the Royal Australian Navy.
All the officers in the brigade held an honouree commission at the pleasure of the premier of Queensland. The Brigade had no association with the Royal Australian Navy nor did it proport to have.
The charities main aim was to take homeless youth who through no fault of their own were forced to join the ranks of the homeless.
The Brigades main aim was to take as many of these young people of both sexes and try to either get them some safe accommodation back to school or find them an apprenticeship. An abandoned ex WW11 army hospital ship was purchased with a donation from the bank of Qld of $50, 000 this was matched by an equal amount from Barter Card which enabled us to buy accommodation although limited and a mobile Kitchen to house and feed as many as possible. Base Kuranda was established.

It was not long after my tenure with the brigade that I was visited by one Walter Rotow whom I had known since my childhood years but then he was known under a different name Walter Rotoff.

His aim as I later found out was to investigate the Brigade its function and its officers on behalf of the ANZMI. Although the Brigade had not done anything wrong, they, the members of the ANZMI where not happy with how the brigade was structured particularly with its uniforms and rank structure. It was too close to the uniforms of the Australian Naval service.
The badges of rank where different so were the Initials on the side of the shoulder sleeves which read QNBOC NOT RAN

Their main gripe it seems was the word Naval. This word is prohibited in its use by statute of law. The Queensland Naval Brigade, (QNBOC) was granted permission to use this restricted word in its title and therefore it was legally applied.
One of the officers of the Brigade Peter Mc Innes worked part time for the RSL in Logan and began to wear unauthorized regalia such as non-approved medals. He was caught by the ANZMI, consequently dismissed from the brigade. This investigation prompted a further investigation into the Brigade by the ANZMI to the point where they did everything, they could to discredit the Brigade and its work.
Because there was nothing, they could do to the Brigade they start to find ways of trying to discredit its members, so they started with myself as the CEO.
They claim that I misrepresented myself as a member of the Royal Australian Navy when on my Brigade business card clearly states QNBOC.
They claim I was using the word Sir in my title which they believed was false There claim is that when I was given a knighthood for charity work I did on behalf of and with the Hutt River Principality, where I ran on their behalf a weekly Golf tournament which raised $5, 000.00 and was then donated to the Legacy foundation on the Gold Coast However had they checked even further they would have seen that I was titled by birth as my family has a long history of European gentry. Our family can be traced back to 1123 ad. See
By birthright I am currently the Duke of Wenden 23rd Marquis of Cēsis.

These people can discredit me as much as they like however when there is no proof only hear say and it impacts on my income that's when I have to take a stand.
These people have placed copyright photos from my family web site of myself and my wife which after complaining to the appropriate authorities were removed from the site, them, another photo was placed in its place that was removed.

Now someone has placed the words Fraud and Consumer affairs associated with my name.
I have never been charged or investigated or convicted of any Fraud. The term Hearsay is far from proof and will not stand up in any court. Of all the people they claim are frauds my name is the only one being promoted as such.WHY???

My legal council has advised me to write to you and advise you of the suituation before legal action commences to determine if MSN or Bing are aware and in fact partly responsible for this error as we have had no reply from the ANZMI pepole.
Please advise ASAP

windows update

On Monday March 11th, my computer did a Windows critical update and it crashed my computer. Tried to do a restore point reset and windows kept saying there was an error. So far no luck on restoring the computer or files. My Father just passed away and I had photo's of his Military funeral on my computer. Tech guy is not sure if he can recover them. Heart breaking.🙁

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unethical behaviour

This evening I have gotten 5 phone calls using Microsoft name, telling me my wondows subscription is about to run out. I have told them repeatably to take my name of their call list. starting at 3/14/19, at 5:39p I got the first call that when I told him to stop calling me he started cursing me, I just hung up. He called back @ 5:39p and started cursing me again, then [protected]@ 5:40p, then again 5:40p and the last time @ 5:43p when I returned his language and told him he was reported. He has not called back. I wish there was someting you could do about it. Here are the numbers they used
Unavailable - 5:39p
[protected] - 5:40p
[protected] - 5:40
[protected] -5:43p

My number if you need it is [protected]

  • SubSquirrel Mar 14, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Microsoft doesn’t call you to do anything about upgrades or updates. It’s a scam artist that gets your information including credit cards. Windows isn’t a subscription product. You buy it then get free upgrades.

    If anyone calls you and asks for your credit card information, hang up.

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Microsoft needs to get off their high horse and actually listen to their customer needs. Why the hell would they remove "categories" from an imap account in outlook. It does not matter if it syncs or not and should not matter what type of account we use. We the people that actually use this software have a need for it and want it back asap. We use it to categorize our subjects and events and for whatever else. This need to be fixed in the next release or sooner. Stop trying to make it look fancy and actually fix the problems first. We don't care how it looks we want something that is easy to use and navigate.


there is this person on Xbox treating people using there address and saying that they will shut down there...

windows 10

I was uploading work files and Windows 10 shut down an open and active Internet browser for an update. I lost valuable time and missed a important deadline due to this issue. The lost time was costly! It was frustrating and unnecessary. Please have more respect for the countless professionals who may use your product — DO NOT automatically update your products!

windows 10

I have limited internet bandwidth, specifically upload bandwidth.It seems Microsoft lives in a fantasy world where everyone has unlimited internet bandwidth.Windows 10 uses Delivery Optimization to share updates on my computer with other computers on the internet .I can not turn off Delivery Optimization from uploading updates to other computers on the internet.It continues to restart and uses all my internet bandwidth.
Previous versions of Windows, Updates could be turned off or set only to run when the user specified.Windows 10 won't allow the end user any control over Updates or how those updates are acquired, when they are acquired or which updates are important .Many of the updates are pointless and don't improve any aspect of my hardware or software.In fact many updates cause more problems than they are worth.Data loss being the highest priority.Many Updates include programs that are for information gathering by Microsoft for unknown purposes.
The argument of "What do I have to hide" is reminiscent of Nazi Germany and the Soviet dictatorships.
These practices are unacceptable and need to be addressed immediately.

unauthorized charges by microsoft

Hi. I need help & im not sure how else to get it. On 1/21/19 microsoft charged my credit card 5 times totalling $200.. I immediatly noticed it & called my card who informed me they were microsoft xbox transactions & i needed to contact them.. So i did, I was told that in order to get a refund, i must do it online. I must have my order #s frm the purchses, before we can proceed with fixing the unauthorized purchases on my card. I ask how am i supoosed to have these order numbers when im not the one who placed these orders? They tell me to go onto xbox under my accounts order history.. So i did, they walked me threw it.. Problem was, there was no order history, there hasent been a purchase on my account not for the past 6 months..

So now MS agent says since theres no order history, i must have multipule accounts and its being used on another one... I explained thats impossiable because this is the xbox account, its the only microsoft account ive ever had, i set it up myself for the xbox & its the only microsoft product ive ever made a purchase on using my card.. (3 months prior i authorized a $10 purchase)

So by now ive been on the phone for around 3 hours, ive spoke with 4 different agents and 2 seperate supervisors/managers and so far this is all ive got...

1. I need order #s off purchases, (the purchases that i didnt purchase)

2. They can not provide these order #s.

3. The only way to get these # are threw my account.

4. The reason theres no purchase # in my account is because i have multipule accounts.(this is my ONLY MS account)

5. And they somehow they were able to look up the transactions but they couldnt tell me tge account name my card was being used on so that i could know what account i could locate these order numbers on.

I was already late for work & so frustrated i needed a break, I still hadent gotton any closer to getting my money back.

I called later that nite spoke to someone new, i thought he was a god send becausr he claimed he can locate account using my card if i provide him my card number.. Yes!! Hello? Thats all i was asking for earlier and all 9 people i talked too claimed they couldnt do it.. So after 45 minutes we finally located the account name and when he said what accouny was using my card i was even more confused. He gave me my parents business account email.. An address i had never even heard of but knee for sure it was an account for our family business. I explainef thats strange because he said these were xbox purchases and that email in no way is affliated with our xbox.. But he insisted and in fact he even provided me with the order numbers that i so desperstly needed.. He walked me threw the whole online refund process and said i should expect an answer within 5 business days. He even gave me a confirmation number.
So 5 days later i call my card and not only is the refund not there but there's been another ten doller purchase! When i inquired about turning my card off they suggested not too until after i recieved the refund or else i wouldn't get it.
So now im mad. I get my confirmation number & once again call microsoft..
It took me 53 mins before i got a live person and once i explained everything and i gave him my refund service confirmation number, HE TOLD ME THAT REFUND ORDER NUMBER DOESNT EXIST..
So then i provide him my parents business account name that tge refunds were done under, AND HE TELLS ME THERE WAS NEVER ANY PURCHASES MADE FROM THIS ACCOUNT..
And now im so frustrated i could cry. It was their employee who told me the name of tge account using my card and thats the name. He also provided me the order numbers needed for my refund and he even gave me a confirmation number. And this so called manager tells me he doesnt see how thats possiable because he doesn't see any record of any of it... Ok so what now? How do i get my $ back? I need to go onto the account and file for refund. But how do i do that when i dont know what account it is? And the account i thought it was their now telling me its not, even tho thats the account the guy got my ordrr numbers from? Wth?

By this point i ask for corporates number. I dont know exactly what to do. I waitress for a living and that $200 that was taken was needed.. Chances are my 5 year old made the purchases by mistake since its his xbox but thing is, hes 5. Hes just lesrning to read, how can he make all these unauthorized purchaese without needing my pin or password and gow was even able to access my card simoly because i used it for a 1 time payment months ago? It just didnt make sense, but i wasent getting anywhere and by now ive got hours and hours invested into this. Now i feel violated.
After hanging up i called the corporate # they provided, it rang twice and then disconnect me. I googled corporate number, it sounded like a fax machine..
That was a week ago, last nite i decided to check my sons xbox just in case and what do u know.. Now there's order history with purchase numbers. (The same purchase numbers the guy provided when he helped me with the refund he said was on another account) so i complete the refund process thinking finally! I did it myself! Never again will i have to deal with microsoft!!

But when i woke up and checked my account to see if there was any confirmation email sating they had recieved my refund request, there was only 2 emails stating the request for refund i had submitted the nite before was now closed. Along with the request # and did this help me?!?!

Are u [censored]ing serious? No reason or explanation no contact info reply option or links to follow up.. NOTHING.. JUST CLOSED.

So again i call microsoft.. Took 19 minutes to reacg a livr agent and when i do i ONCE AGAIN have yo explain everything and her only suggestion is to email support? Wtf? Support? Isnt that supposer to be you? So again i ask for manager, im on hold for 37 minutes and the line goes dead.. I call back.. Another 26 minutes and i reach live agent i immediatly ask for manager she puts me on hold and 8 minutes later comes back to tell me managers are all tied up but im in line for a call back. They will call back definetly for sure within 1 hour. Its now been 3 and my phone hasent rang.
I feel completly defeated. It feels like a crimminal act has beeb committed against me abd microsoft is nothing but a theiving fraud full of incompetent crooks!! Ive searched google and sought wats to file formal complaint. Ive attemoted to reacg corporate ive called countless time abd spent countless hours and ive gotton no where. Does anyone have any suggestions. Please help.

xbox one console ban

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: xbox console

The issue that I have experienced was: i brought a xbox one of cex and its now banned of xbox live and thay or saying that my warranty is now void as of this and its not my fault as Microsoft said my account wud of been banned aswell and so did the manager at cex witch my account is not banned

It occurred on: 15/01/2019

i wud like use to fix, replace or refund

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply back via this email account.

Yours faithfully,

Tony Stott

Store location birkenhead

microsoft tech support with windows 10.

I have a windows ten hp 14-ax010wm that was behind on updates and got stuck in the 1607 build. I found the...

Long Hill Schools

refund department for xbox product

Bought the same product twice. The first one I didn't know I had to mark as a gift. I could not talk to a real person, and I tried everything so I went through the chat (literally my only option). They saw what happened and told me the only way I can get it fixed so my son can have the product was to buy it again but as a gift. I was guarantee a refund because the first purchase was completely untouched. Received email stating no refund will be given. Called 2 more times, they claimed they could not transfer to the refund department and provided no number. 2 separate calls and I can't talk to anyone? I emailed 3 times and they sent a response that they closed the case. Seriously, I kept the emails. So i emailed them without using a reply and nothing. They are literally refusing to answer my emails. Absolutely nothing from Microsoft. Nasty customer service, nasty people, nasty theiving company.

xbox one

I just spoke with Andres of your escalation team who has advised me Microsoft refuses to refund the disputed charges. Apparently this is because Microsoft feels my prior conversation with Rion did not entail him telling me he had updated parental controls and put the Xbox one in my name. In other words, it is Microsoft's position that I am lying, my child is lying, and that it is fair to keep almost $60.00 when I disputed one of the charges the SAME day it was charged. I have also been advised that MS does not record phone calls, nor have the "resources" to track up addresses and monitor for fraud. As someone who manages an entire Fraud Detection unit for a technology organization far smaller than MS, I find this laughable. MS also makes it nearly impossible to request refunds, cancel subscriptions, and remove payment methods as this took me an hour to do myself last night and as noted above, I am a manager for a technology company. However you clearly make it simple for a child to inadvertently make a purchase, if this I indeed what happened in this case. This is deceptive, unethical, and borderline fraudulent practice. As you are willing to lose us as customers and EVERYONE WE KNOW with whom we will share your "policy" over $60.00, I am filing complaints with the BBB, the FCC, your CEO (as according to Andreas your "escalation team" is the top of the Org chart) and will pursue this matter as necessary. Shame on your customer service and your deceptive practices, I certainly thought MS had higher ethical standards than this.

unethical behavior

I was trying to reach someone to ask about my boss' account and the agent immediately told me to talk to the billing team. I gave a bad rating because the agent did not hear me out and ended the chat.

The agent then reopened the chat asking why his rating was bad. I explained why and then he ended the chat without finishing the discussion.

Here is the chat transcript:


[protected]:20 AM EST
Transcript ID: HTvo6HsaMrUMrJEq7k89I0H52Z0BPa2b
Your recent chat with Vladimir

Hello, I am trying to reach billing to inquire about my boss' account.
Subscription ID: xxxxxxx-xxxx-xx-xx-xxxxxx

Hello! Thanks for reaching out to the Azure team!
Thank you
No worries
Please submit the ticket to the billing support team

You will be contacted back within 4-8 hours

Is there a way I can speak to someone about it?
Just a general question as to what the status of the account is.

At the moment you have reached the pre-sales team and we don't have the account visibility
Please submit the ticket to the billing team
May i ask why did you gave me this rating?

Did you resolve my problem?

Have you read my messages?
At the moment you have reached the pre-sales team and we don't have the account visibility

Yes and you said to send a ticket.


I saw a number to call on your webiste. Did you bother to provide that?

That is the procedure
That is the number for the sales team
Feel free to reach back out if you need help with anything else. Have a great day!

Where is your supervisor?
I have ended this chat. I do not think this is procedure.
You asking me about my rating to you.

office 365

Office 365 has been very unstable, an error message keeps showing up, see below, since I signed up over 2 months ago, and there is no indication that MS is trying to solve the problem. I have had support look at it multiple times with momentary improvement, then within a couple of days the error message shows up again. I don't believe I am the only one with this problem because I have seen reference to it on multiple boards.

I would like to know if MS is doing anything about the problem.

office 365

lot of unauthorized credit card charges

lot of charge since mininum june 2018. microsoft xbox msbill, info cd. Between 200$ ans 380$ every mouth...

bad service of the manager in sydney store

To someone who concerns
I bought the surface book 3 months ago .The first charger was broken in 2 weeks.Then I went to buy a new chargers and take care of it,only used twice and unable to charge again.I think it is the problem of the computer.
And I went to the store,they can not solve the problem and ask me to leave the surface book with them to test for 3 days although they knowI live 2 hours drive away.
The service of gentleman called Charlie is OK,but THE MANAGER WITH YELLOW UNIFORM ,he is so rude to me and let me cry.I feel so sad cause he keeps attacking
me like everything is my fault.
It is the first time for me to buy the Microsoft and also the last time.I only used them for study and charge them once a week.It was broken twice in 3 months and cannot replace.It waste me so many times and efforts.I used Apple macbook for 3 years , it still works well and the charger has good quality.
I feel so sad and so disappointed about the product and the service.

bad service of the manager in sydney store

outlook account/ hotmail account recovery

I am trying to recover my hotmail/outlook account which is saying my password is incorrect.

i tried to change the password but cannot do so. i tried more than 10 times but whatever recovery information i have provided is unsuccessful.

so need your help. i have lots of important information in my account. i have been using this account for than 15 years.

my email id is - [protected]