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toast 18 pro


I have recently purchased the update of Toast 18 Pro having used 17 for some years with great pleasure.

I can edit and also copy a movie on Toast 18 but cannot burn it. On attempting to burn it I get an error message shown below. This occurs whether I try to burn it in NTSC or Pal

Can You please tell me what this error message means and how I correct the problem?

This is not my first attempt to ask for clarification of the error message.

Thank you

toast 18 pro
toast 18 pro

  • Roxio's response · Jan 14, 2020

    Hello, thank you for bringing this to our attention. Unfortunately, our development team has been unable to reproduce this error message. We'd like to help and provide a resolution. Please contact our team at roxio.com/support so that they may investigate further.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Roxio Team

  • Updated by ICG117 · Jan 19, 2020

    So I have bought a product which I cannot use!!!

    Pity Toast 17 is not around - it worked beautifully.

    So what so I do now?


  • Updated by ICG117 · Feb 01, 2020


    I bought this upgrade from Roxio Toast on 15 August 2019 and it has never worked.

    Order No 15294658010

    I have struggled with it and sadly I have received no help with the failure of this product to perform.

    Please refund the cost of GDP 66.66 or send me a copy of the programme that will function.

    Thank you

    Ian Gregory

easy vhs to dvd plus

Customer Service is horrible. I purchased the product and it is not working. I tested the connections with VIDBOX, a competitor product and it worked. (same connections, same VHS, same VHS player).

I contacted Corel/ Roxio via Chat, only to be told a help desk ticket would have to be created. A help desk ticket for a $40 product! I simply wanted to return at Roxio cost and get a replacement. A ticket was created yesterday morning, I responded with the information above. No reply all day.

Last night I called customer service, only to be told that I have to wait for a technician to contact me via help desk ticket. I was also told a response 24 hours. Well past that.

Product did not come with a Product Key # can' find a way to get help with aaaaaproduct Key so that I can install spend 2 hours trying

August 21, 2013 I purchased Roxio easy LP to MP3. As I was installing the software I was asked for a Product...

Fraudulent Debit Card Charges

December 14, 2012 Rovi Corp d/b/a/: Cinema Now/ Roxio Now/ Film Fresh 2830 Dela Cruz Blvd Santa Clara, CA...

No Video Signal

I purchased Roxio Easy VHS to DVD on 7-18-11. I have been trying with no luck to get it to work. Tech support is only by Email (No live support) and gives you a lot of tasks to do to try and make their product work.
I have 4 to 5 long sugestions from them as to how to fix the problem of NO VIDEO SIGNAL. None of their sugustions work and they have had me running all over the internet looking for things. Their on line manuel looks nothing like the one they send you and the main screens do not look the same.

I have given up and I for one will be returning the product to them. I have an OLD ADS Tech DVD Xpress I dug out of a box and hooked up. Had my VHS converted to a DVD in less then 2 hours and it only took about 5 mins to install the product. No manuel to mess eith Simple and fast hook up.

DO NOT WAST YOUR MONEY ON ROXIO EASY VHS TO DVD. They have had a lot of problems and have been covering them up and saying its the buyers mistakes.

  • Mi
    Mike_C_2011 Jun 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Easy VHS to DVD software and hardware came with a laptop system I bought. Did not try to use it for about a year or so after I got it. (Was no need) When I did try and use it the hardware would not be recognized by the system. After over a month of WEB based support, which a whole other topic of complaint, I still have no resolution to my problem, Roxio support keeps giving me the run around, and they wont replace the hardware without a receipt that I do not have any more.
    Be very leery about buying ANYTHING from Roxio because if it goes or is bad you will end eating the cost of it because they will not help you.!!

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Charged for three items. One delivered

I ordered one pair of Roxio 3D glasses. Due to the fact that the Web site returned me to a blank form. I re-entered my details three times when I was ordering. I subsequently had notification of three orders by e-mail. Order numbers [protected] (Which I received), [protected] and [protected]. I immediately notified Roxio that I had orederd three by mistake. The reply came that my request was being met. I have only received the one pair. My mastercard has been charged for 3 pairs and no refund has been made. My e-mail address is [protected]@netconnect.com.au


I bought Roxio Creator 2010 on the recommendation of an ex-friend. That’s when the nightmare began. This product has been screwy since the day one installation. The initial problem was that I was unable to burn CD’s because the blank CD’s were at first recognized, but seconds later, not recognized. Roxio’s online help is totally worthless, bordering on criminal. These idiots don’t even read your help ticket and merely send you stock information that has nothing to do with your problem.

After service pack updates, uninstalling and reinstalling the program, and with the help of an online forum, I was able to burn CD’s. There were still some options that were unexplainably non-functional but I did my best to work around them. As months went by, more and more dysfunctions cropped up until it was no longer possible to successfully burn CD’s.

Like an idiot, I went back for more from the help center. After another round of updates and reinstallation, I was back at day one: Does not recognize CD. A-chee-wow-wah!

Now these clowns want me to upload an attachment of all my log files. Guess what? Their server won’t accept uploads! Keeps crashing. Their reply? Send us an upload of the error message. I [censored] you not! I sent them another message saying that this is not possible. So they reply with the exact same stock message from day one all over again. Amazing. Finally, I am able to get thru to someone who gives me an e-mail address to mail the logs to. Guess what? Return to sender: No such address!

Then, they finally send me a phone number, where I am able to speak to someone with very little command of the English language. He informs me that the previous e-mail address was wrong and gives me one that is guaranteed to work. Guess what? IT DON’T WORK! You can’t make this stuff up!

I complain via help ticket again. They tell me they never received the log files, and once again, tell me how to send them. THEY DIDN’T EVEN LOOK FOR THEM! I finally got thru on the phone and after holding for 2o minutes, Gungadin finally found them and forwarded the logs to an Escalation Dept. Huh? THAT’S WHO I SENT THEM TO IN THE FIRST PLACE! Unfrigginbelievable!

I am now in my fourth month of dealing with these bums. Guess what? Just bought Nero. Works like a charm.

Avoid Roxio at all cost!

  • Ta
    Tata2010 Nov 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Stealth Pilot,
    Maybe you have a good CD that's why it works for you.
    I have Roxio Creator 2011, bought it on line, got the CD in the mail opened...can't get the thing to work for me.
    Just bought a new PC 2 weeks ago. And my PC met all the requirements.
    You just got lucky.
    I agree with JD200 100%

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  • Ta
    Tata2010 Nov 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Stealth Pilot,
    I am waiting on the new CD, it's in the mail, I will update you on that.
    I have no anti-virus @ this time, since it's brand new PC, I have not activated them.

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Fraud alert

In spite of my previous bad experience with another Roxio product, I decided to try this software for creating DVDs. When I tried to use the application after installation, I received a message telling me that my monitor did not meet the minimum requirements for the software, then the software quit. As it happens, my monitor exceeds the software's requirements. Roxio provides three support options for users: one is to file a "help ticket" online, another is to use a FAQ file, and the third one is to chat online with a "support technician." I filed the "help ticket" and then tried to chat to an "expert." The first consultant told me to reset the resolution downward, which sounded silly considering that the problem (?) was that the monitor already did not meet the minimum requirements. Then I was instructed to look for a file and reset its values. That did not work. By the time I came back to the chat to tell the consultant it had not solved the problem, the chat sessoin had been terminated. I contacted another technician to chat with, who told me once more to reset the resolution. I told him it did not work before, plus I added what I had tried from the previous chatting session. He advised me to reset the video hardware acceleration panel. As it turns out, that panel provides sliders to reset, but only for computers that are using more than one monitor simultaneously--I wasn't. By the time I returned to tell the consultant it had not worked, guess what? The chat session was again out. On the third try, after explaning what I had tried, I was not given any other choices: I was told to file a help ticket. Therefore, software I bought because I needed to use for a project due in two days, does not work and I have no way of contacting the manufacturer except through its useless options. Worse yet, I bought the software at a retail store that does not allow return of software once the seal on the box is removed. I wish I could write here about whether the application works as intended or what its features are in comparison to similar products, such as Ulead and Microsoft. Alas, I probably will never know. I intend to go back to the store and purchase Ulead's equivalent product.

  • Za
    Zack Mar 09, 2009

    There's a surprise $69.99 charge from this company on my credit card statement. I did buy a software product from them months ago. I have no idea what this charge is for. In other words, they got my credit card number and stole from me.

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  • Mi
    Michael Aug 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company will not service their products even after suggesting an update to a newer product they said would solve a product problem, been trying for months now won't even respond and problem still exists. Terrible service.

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  • Gr
    gregory583 Nov 06, 2010

    i have brought their software from staple and its would not load itself into computer giving me disc errors returnd it and their cs sucks i, ll never buy roxio ever again staples only allowed two returns then refunded my money i thank staples for being an honest mrechant but they should drop roxio products

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  • Rs
    RsGoat Mar 14, 2015

    I also discovered today that there is an annual renewal thing of sorts to keep the editing tools working? Mine have been acting up for some time and just quit working today! A short on-line search found a person looking to begin a class action law suite against the company but my year old email and password no longer work to enter the chat room for Roxio user's to trade talk and tips?? Interesting situation if I am the only one to think so.
    My personal plan it to let the corporate office realize the business they are loosing as it is time to update my word processing program to windows 8 now and I guess their's is not joining me on this new platform. I'll scrape the extra money for MS Office even though I was not happy with the line in their license saying i could not use them for my own profit?? My words and they have owner ship? I guess if I ever become an author I'll just have to do it with pencil and paper! That profit line may only exist in the free version of WORD.

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Obsolete Retail Product On Shelves

4/2/09 I purchased Roxio Toast9 at Staples in NM. When I installed it, the Roxio update says that Roxio 10 is current. I called their "Customer dis-Service" department and they said I had to get a refund from Staples, Staples won't refund because it is the most current retail version and Roxio has not released Toast 10 to retail.

Roxio doesn't actually have customer service or support for Toast9 through retail so I filed an online ticket through customer dis-service. Their reply was a link to their site. (http://www.roxio.com/enu/support/service/cs_refund.html) ... I'll summarize:
If you buy direct from Roxio, you have 30 days (Maybe). If you buy anywhere else, you get no support or refunds.

Buyers beware. Roxio doesn't support their dealers or their customers. If you can find ANY other software solution besides Roxio, I would recommend you use that other vendor. You can't do any worse.

Fraud and cheating

I ordered DVD player software from Roxio, paid them the money (credit card via the Internet), downloaded the software, installed it, and it didn't work. I assumed it was something small, but when I tried to call Roxio for support (they don't offer a website for support) they demanded money to even talk to me, with a minimum of $20+ charged against my credit card with no guarantee they could solve my problem.

Player problem: DVD worked fine in other machines, but on the one where I installed ROXIO, the sound was all choppy and could not be understood (even though picture quality seemed to be fine). By the way, before I installed the ROXIO software I could play CD's just fine on the machine, but after installing the ROXIO software my CD's would not play.

Obviously ROXIO has software design problems (other people have figure out Windows XP - I wonder why ROXIO could not?). but what is troubling is that they refuse to provide any type of support just to get the user up and running (I guess they think their software is so good that it doesn't need support).

  • Da
    Daryahill Dec 31, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a decoder for windows media player from Roxio, after I paid for it and downloaded the product it wouldnt work. I emailed them immediately after requesting a refund and in response I received an automated email that did nothing for me. I cant even contact them. But this is not over.

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  • Jr
    jrnn1234 Jan 02, 2011

    I thought this product was terrible. My movie didn't play, and it was just a hassle. called customer service and was on hold for over an hour!!

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  • Al
    albitarsis Apr 02, 2012

    I bought the Roxio VHS to DVD software which advertised "Bonus Toast Basic." See: http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/easy-vhs-to-dvd/mac/overview.html
    No Toast Lite came with it though. When I contacted them they sent me in an endless loop of answering questions I didn't ask. I have about 10 emails documenting this.
    I assume they have a computer instead of customer service and I assume they do this on purpose. It's fraudulent.

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  • Ch
    Chase Caro May 09, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    8 hours and customer service is still "busier than usual" and my first video, which "may take 2 or 3 hours to process", is still not available; I can't get a response on customer service line other than "we're busy":

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Install CDs damaged!

I bought Roxio 9 Suite. The product would not install. Since I do hardware / software support for a living...

Bad customer service!

I recently purchased Easy Medid Creator 10. I should have just given them my money! As a teacher in Middle School and community college with two Master of Science degrees in education, there is NOTHING easy with Easy Media. I am having difficulty burning video to DVD. I have read the User Guide and it's clear as mud. Contacted customer support and my four-year-old daughter would have more patience with my situation. Going back to Nero where I have had the best results.
Hey Roxio, the definition of insanity is, "Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results!"

  • St
    stephen714 May 07, 2009

    The problem is that Roxio Easy Media Creator 10 does not work. But neither have other recent versions. Version 8 caused my computer to stop working and I needed to reinstall Windows after that. Roxio tech support is telling me to do the same procedures to make Creator 10 work that caused total disaster with version 8. It took a computer magazine 6 months to get Roxio to even give me a refund for version 8. Now with version 10, I was first unable to get the PhotoSuite program to work. I had to download two seperate 700 MB files to install the 10.1 version...designed to fix nothing that Roxio would admit. Now I can't create a dvd slide show. They are telling me it's because Norton was already installed when I installed Roxio. If that's the case, why was I able to create slide shows for a while and now can't...with Norton installed the entire time. They expect me to start Windows Vista in safe mode, uninstall Roxio and Sonic from the control panel and THEN edit the registry to be remove the Roxio and Sonic folders there. Why doesn't their uninstaller remove those folders if it's appropriate? Then they want me to use a special cleanup tool downloaded from Roxio to remove any other traces of Roxio/Sonic. Only then, with Norton turned off, can I reinstall the program. From past experience, if I run their cleanup tool, I'll never get to the point where I am able to reinstall Creator 10. I think I'm going to pass on this entire project.
    During the time between Creator 8 and 10, I used Nero software. This too poses problems as the lack of documentation and the complexity of the interface and the multitude of programs made it barely usable. So far I see no alternative to Roxio. Perhaps researching programs available for the specific tasks I want to do and buying them as needed would be a better all around solution than a package of programs like Creator or Nero.

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The software does not work, horrible support!

I am an experienced PC user I am very familiar with software and hardware. I build and rebuild my own computer regularly. I recently bought a copy of the Roxio/Sonic CinePlayer surround 3.2 RX2 so that I could watch DVD’s on my computer.

I downloaded it and installed it as the instructions indicated. It was charged to my credit card. Since then I have spent seven days trying to make it work. I have had at least two separate problems with the install. I have done all of the standard re-download, reboot stuff and have removed all traces of previous products from the registry to prevent conflicts.

I have tried to contact Roxio and Sonic many times. They do mot answer email requests for service. I have filled out the Sonic Service request form and did get a case number but not a reply. I was able to get through to the real time chat twice but was disconnected both times before solving the problem. Many other attempts resulted in a try again later notice. Phone support costs $35.00. That is what the software cost me. I attempted to file a request on the Roxio site but it will not send the completed form without the user selecting an option from a blank menu that offers no choices. It is infuriating! Product registration is required before using the database however it took me at least seven attempts to get a registration to go through. Then the database refused to accept my registration numbers stating that I was not registered in the database.

The software does not work. There is little support and what there is basically abusive and there seems to be no way to request a refund. I suggest avoiding these two companies entirely because of their total lack of willingness to provide any support for a brand new product and because what contact there is is made so extremely difficult that it is impossible to get anywhere. I have found free products that do the same job without any fuss. There are many better companies to deal with.

  • Pe
    peter h Oct 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have the same trouble to get contact. Their webpage seems broken, the only effect of password-recovery is error-printouts.

    Avoid until they learn to meet customers!

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  • Gr
    Graham H. Overton Feb 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased the Sonic DVD decoder. It will not activate. Tried several times. The number they sent is refused. You cannot contact these people by telephone. The 800 number gets you referred to a 900 number.
    Website offers no real assistance. I too am an experienced computer user. I suggest you do not buy from Sonic.

    What a mess they have created!

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  • Cl
    clmerron Mar 08, 2008

    No service. After my download of Sonic Cindeplayer 2.3 my computor would not reboot and presented a message that I needed to "select proper boot device or insert boot media".

    It is impossible to contact Sonic support - horrible experience. DO NOT BUY FROM SONIC!

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  • Tr
    Trina May 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Roxio is a RIP OFF. They intentionally prevent customers from contacting them-- and keep giving customers the run around. I purchased MyDVD 10 Premier-- am very competant computer owner-- have all the sytem requirements-- but there are so many bugs in their product-- including keys-- that it repeatedly crashes my system. Please report this company and pass the word-- DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!! Contact any or all of the PC mags and online consumer users companies and let them know!! BEWARE-- you'll get ripped off. I also was not able to get my money back to I immediately reported it to my bank-- since the charges were on my card-- and I should be able to get these charges reversed. Good Luck!! 5/22/08

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  • Di
    Didi Jun 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also bought that CinePlayer 3.2 Surround a few months back. I gave up on it. I kept on trying to install it, uninstall it and reinstall it over and over again. I would try and open it and nothing happened. I am so pissed - I blew $40-somethin' on this piece of crap! And I tried to contact Roxio also and I had no luck with that. They kept telling me to contact the actual makers and there was no way of doing that! And their stupid Roxanne help thing...stupid!!! I hope they pay for their deception soon. Fook them and their products with something hard and sandpapery!

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