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Corel Corporation

4400 Bohannon Drive, Suite 240
Menlo Park
United States - 94025

Customer Support Phone Numbers

8800 2105 4011(Russia) 0 0
+1 877 582 6735(USA & Canada) 0 0
+44 800 026 0663(United Kingdom) 0 0
+44 179 320 3800(International) 0 0
+33 805 087 928(France) 0 0
+49 800 723 845(Germany) 0 0
+48 717 382 438(Poland) 0 0
+55 112 368 5200(Brazil) 0 0

Roxio Complaints & Reviews

Roxio — toast 18 pro

RoxioSir I have recently purchased the update of Toast 18 Pro having used 17 for some years with great pleasure. I can edit...

Products & Services  · Jan 03, 2020

Roxio — easy vhs to dvd plus

Customer Service is horrible. I purchased the product and it is not working. I tested the connections with VIDBOX, a...

Software & Games  · Mar 06, 2019

Roxio easy LP to MP3 — Product did not come with a Product Key # can' find a way to get help with aaaaaproduct Key so that I can install spend 2 hours trying

August 21, 2013 I purchased Roxio easy LP to MP3. As I was installing the software I was asked for a Product Key # could...

Rovi/CinemaNow/RoxioNow — Fraudulent Debit Card Charges

December 14, 2012 Rovi Corp d/b/a/: Cinema Now/ Roxio Now/ Film Fresh 2830 Dela Cruz Blvd Santa Clara, CA 95050 Re...

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD — No Video Signal

I purchased Roxio Easy VHS to DVD on 7-18-11. I have been trying with no luck to get it to work. Tech support is only by...

Roxio — Charged for three items. One delivered

I ordered one pair of Roxio 3D glasses. Due to the fact that the Web site returned me to a blank form. I re-entered my...


I bought Roxio Creator 2010 on the recommendation of an ex-friend. That’s when the nightmare began. This product...

Roxio — Fraud alert

In spite of my previous bad experience with another Roxio product, I decided to try this software for creating DVD...

Roxio / Toast — Obsolete Retail Product On Shelves

4/2/09 I purchased Roxio Toast9 at Staples in NM. When I installed it, the Roxio update says that Roxio 10 is current. I...

Roxio — Fraud and cheating

I ordered DVD player software from Roxio, paid them the money (credit card via the Internet), downloaded the software...

Roxio 9 Suite — Install CDs damaged!

I bought Roxio 9 Suite. The product would not install. Since I do hardware / software support for a living I checked...

Roxio / Creator Suite 10 — Bad customer service!

I recently purchased Easy Medid Creator 10. I should have just given them my money! As a teacher in Middle School and...

Roxio / Sonic CinePlayer surround 3.2 RX2 — The software does not work, horrible support!

I am an experienced PC user I am very familiar with software and hardware. I build and rebuild my own computer...