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I ordered an expensive item online at www.microcenter.com and after several hours, no e-mail acknowledgment of order was received. I called store and was told a salesperson would call me back. Salesperson, to their credit, was able to place item on 24hr hold. Next day, still no e-mail from online store, however I was able to pay for and pickup product. I basically ended up in the old brick and morter and phone order pipeline. The e-commerce pipeline is clearly broken at Microcenter.
The online inventory did seem to match what the store had on hand. I was told the online order was canceled (because the CC company thought it was fraudulent). A week later e-mail arrives saying order is ready for pickup. The company representative at the central 800 number can't cancel the order and apparently can't message the store nor do anything about it. The 800 representative can give me the phone number for the local store. I called the local store, their advice is don't pickup the order and it will cancel itself. They either were not interested or were not able to manually cancel the order. Mean while there is a credit hold on my card. Next call is to the credit card company. Argh...

Microcenter is trying to compete with the other chains like Circuit City with their online order, pickup locally and Microcenter has thus far a very poor operational setup.
This is a real negative to their image, perhaps they should pull the service until they can prove it works.

- Real unimpressed


  • La
    lawrence Sep 15, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I ordered a xbox 360 refurbished online from microcenter on 9/11/08 the order was cancelled because they didnt have it in stock on 9/12/08, but my credit card company still has not received notice that it was cancelled and today is 9/15/08, thus there is a hold on my card for over $200. Futhermore, I have been trying to call microcenters 1800 customer service # all day today and keep getting a busy signal. This company may be okay when it comes to brick & mortar but there online service is almost a scam, its just that bad.

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  • Bo
    Bobby Feb 16, 2009

    I have placed two orders with two separate Microcenter locations online over the pass two days and have had both cancelled with 10 minutes after getting a confirmation email. I was told in both instances that the online deals really did not exist. I asked how could I know what was really avalilable and was told by Kim at the Marietta, GA location that "if it seems to good to be true then it probably is". Umm, shouldn't any good deal at a discount electronics store "seem to good to be true"?

    What a screwed up company! They didn't even offer to make up for it help me find what I was looking for or anything. Here was an opportunity right in front of them to try to correct a mistake and keep a customer for life, and they passed it up without even noticing it.

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  • La
    Lanceclot Apr 04, 2009

    I brought a ACER laptop that was on 3 year service contract GOLD, for repair. The screen was cracked, and one of the keys on the key board worked intermittingly.
    The laptop was held at the service center because the service center didn’t have the proper information to work on it. Consequently, instead of the repairs to have taken 7 to 10 business days as promised, it took over a month. When I received the laptop, several things happened. The antivirus protection software was removed entirely. The batter, which had 80% life to it, was reduced to 20% or less. IN other words they were running the battery down, by not plugging it in. Third, the internal wireless card cease to work.

    I brought it back, and was told that I needed to resubmit the pc for diagnostics again. Since I had lost the laptop for over a month, and needed to work with it, I waited until I could off load the files and software to another machine. 8 months later, I decided to risk submitting my laptop for repair the 2nd time. That is to repair the wireless card ceased working when it was in their care. I was told that a diagnostic would be done to determine if the store support center would send it to a support center (contracted). Needless to say, they neither email me, nor call me to tell me the status of the diagnostic. When I called to find out, they told me that they were having problems with the laptop. The laptop was freezing every time they ran a diagnostics. Now, in both cases (for the exception of the wireless card – which ceased working in their care), the laptop functioned beautifully with all my programs and files. This is what I paid 3-year Gold Service contract. My concerns now is will I ever receive this same machine in the original functioning order before submitting it to Microcenter?

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  • Un
    unsatisfied3 Aug 18, 2009

    bought a seagate 320g Hard drive from them, along with a laptop lock. This is in addition to buying a $850 laptop. The laptop had internet connectivity problems, but i dont associate that with micro center, however the lock that the salesperson gave me was for a notebook and was too small for my laptop, and the harddrive which he sold me was not compatible with my vista 64 bit computer. I dread going back there because they seem to know what they are talking about, but they are actually only giving us the run around.

    Total purchased: 1200
    Total Returned" $135

    Very bad service, would only recommend to people that need a quick computer or appliance. I would also stay away from the online store as that just seems to be a arguous scam. Imagine that a store who is borderline scamming people.

    -Unsatisfied and Microcenter lost a customer

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