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[Resolved] totally unacceptable

On December 13, 2008 I purchased a Sceptre 22'' LCD Monitor at the Micro Center in Wesbury New York. I pay a total price of $174.00 with the applicable tax and a rebate of $40.00 as advertised. All the necessary paper work and receipts were mailed to the Sceptre Rebate Offer. It's almost 4 months now and I haven't receive any rebate from the Sceptre . I contacted the Sceptre via email but nobody respond or email me back stating my issue with the rebate. The Micro Center are aware of these rip off practices by this Company but they said it is a third party so they are not responsible. That's totally unacceptable.

  • Micro Center / Micro Electronics's response · Aug 12, 2009

    Hello Jack,

    Thank you for the opportunity to address this concern. We recently began following and addressing Micro Center concerns on complaintsboard.com. I do apologize that as of the date of your post you were not assisted. I would like to assist.

    Can you update me on the status of your rebate? If you have not received it to date, can you provide me with a reference number from your sales receipt or the serial number from the LCD itself. I can then begin researching a resolution. [email protected]

    Thank you,

  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Ga
    Gary Mar 18, 2009

    I am also awaiting Sceptre rebate for monitor purchased in December, 2008. Initially, they emailed on Feb 10 that rebate would be mailed in 2-3 weeks. In mid March, 2009, they are now saying rebates will be mailed by end of March and should be received by first or second week of April. We shall see--but they are responding positively to emails.

    I bought product at MicroCenter in Atlanta. At the time of purchase, MicroCenter told me that if Sceptre did not honor the rebate that MicroCenter would.

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  • Dt
    dtownsend Apr 08, 2009

    Same story. 22" Sceptre monitor from Micro Center in Philly November 2008. Still no rebate and not replies to my emails. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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  • Bu
    Bubba Apr 08, 2009

    It took about 3 months from the time I mailed in my rebate for a Sceptre computer monitor, but I just got the rebate in the mail today. I bought my monitor about mid-December, 2008 and sent in the rebate around the first of the year. Seems like these guys are real slow in processing and sending out a rebate. My wife bought a new Verizon cell phone recently and they mailed the rebate within 2 weeks of my submission.

    I'll remember Sceptre is very slow on rebates the next time I consider buying one of their products.

    But, they did finally deliver.

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  • Ro
    Robert Apr 09, 2009

    I also bought a 22" Sceptre LCD in December 2008. I have not received a rebate check yet. Additionally, Sceptre has not responded to my requests for an update on the rebate status. I will not buy another Sceptre product after this even though I do like the monitor.

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  • Te
    Terry Apr 11, 2009

    I bought a 23" sceptre LCD in Dec 2008. I am still waiting for my $60 rebate as of April 10th, 2009.

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  • Br
    bryan Apr 15, 2009

    I purchased a 24" monitor in late November 2008 and after repeated contacts the company that is processing the rebate I still have not recieved it. They always promise it is comining in 2 to 3 weeks. The purchase was made at Micro Center. I have never had a problem with a rebate from Best Buy.

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  • Md
    MD May 29, 2009

    add me to the list of waiters...every couple of week they say it will be in the mail, more than 5 months now since i sent it in. they have me in the database and promise to send the check, but nada again and again. i am hoping microcenter will be helpful, if not i wont buy sceptre or microcenter ever again.

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  • An
    Angel May 30, 2009

    Bought a Sceptre monitor in December, still no check.

    They told me (by email) that they already sent the check. I told them I did not receive it, and they said they would send a second one, and that I should return the first one if I receive.

    Now there are no checks, no answers. Will never buy another Sceptre product. Ever.

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  • Md
    MD Jun 05, 2009

    well i got my check today, 5+ months since i sent it in and after many many calls and emails to sceptre and microcenter. a note attached said to send back the first check they sent if it ever arrives (unlikely to happen) and if i try to cash the check it will bounce (likely to happen). it was painful, a waste of time for $60...but its over (unless this check bounces...doh! i'll be back if that happens)

    here is what i got from microcenter that did the trick, go give sceptre hell! "Thank you for writing to us. I have looked up your submission and I am also able to see that it is approved. Please contact Gloria @ 626-217-1023 x1301. She has been referred to our customers as the people that can address rebate concerns. She works directly for Sceptre."

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beware of microcenter re-stocking fees

Bought two LCD monitors ONLY because a salesman at this store recommended them. Big mistake. It was nearly...

is everyone incompetent?

On February 11, I placed an order for a Toshiba laptop, model A355-s6925, and received an email confirmation that my order was due to ship on 02/14. Authorization was taken on my credit card and I thought everything was fine. On 2/14, I still had received no communication and the charge had dropped off my card. Their customer service hours are not convenient at all, being 10 am to 6 pm est on Saturdays and the customer service department is closed on Sundays. I live in the Pacific time zone, so there is a 3 hour time difference.

I waited until 2/16 to call and was informed that due to the amount of the purchase, the issuing bank for my card required a three way conference call to authorize charges. Supposedly a message was left on my cell phone on 02/15 that I never received. Being President's Day, there was some doubt that anyone would be reached at the bank. Somehow I was conferenced in and only had to confirm my address, which seems a little suspect, I never heard anyone other than the customer service rep. I was assured that the laptop would ship out 02/17.

I've called twice today and was assured that it would ship today and I would receive an email with a Fed Ex tracking number and have not received anything as of 9:15 pm my time. My card has not been charged. I am sick and tired of the so-called customer service department not knowing what is going on. I feel like when I call, the reps don't know, they are just guessing and I'm getting irate. I feel like I am being lied to and no one cares. I opted to buy my new computer through Microcenter because I had such great service at the brick and mortar store when I bought my last one. I am going to make one call tomorrow and if it hasn't been shipped out, I am cancelling the order and going through Costco. This is ridiculous, I am a store manager in retail optics and I would not treat a customer of mine like this and would not tolerate anyone on my team acting like this. I am severely disappointed and will never spend a dime online or in one of their stores ever again.

deplorable customer service

Extremely poor customer service I went to local micro center located in marietta, georgia store on 2/11/09...

scam and cheating

I shop often at Micro Center and I know they often have a broader selection at better prices than, say, Best Buy. However, I have seen vividly how their computer repair service works. I will detail one situation, but this is typical. Office 2007 would not accept updates on a computer bought at their store. They charged me to install it "using a workaround" and said all updates were in place. They were not. They just reinstalled the software from disk - big help!

Turned out it was a Microsoft problem. I actually got very good, prompt help from Microsoft (imagine that!) and got the problem fixed (computer needed new version of Microsoft update agent). Now why couldn't Micro Center have done that? Or admitted they could not help???

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bad business

I ordered a xbox 360 online at microcenter.com on 9/11/08 and the order was cancelled by microcenter.com on 9/12/08 because the item was not in stock, but I am still currently being charged for this item, so I have a$200 plus hold on my credit card and when I contacted my credit card company they said they had not been notified that the order was cancelled. Futhermore, I have been calling microcenters 1800 # all day today and getting the busy signal, meaning I cant even get an automated response. This companies brick & mortar system may work just fine, but its online service seams like a scam, its just that bad.

  • Ch
    Charlotte Nelson Oct 21, 2008

    I am requesting that you not withdraw any money from my account 582784000059974. because i did not request any services from your company and also did not give you permission to withdraw any monies from my account. thank you Charlotte Nelson

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order online pickup service badly broken

I ordered an expensive item online at www.microcenter.com and after several hours, no e-mail acknowledgment...

have not honored price for confirmed order

placed the order on Aug 2, 2008
They offered a choice foreither store pick up or mail order
I selected in store pick up and gave credit card details
Online receipt with store pick up status came immedietley
Next I received email confirmation for order receipt.

When I went to the store to pick up the product ..The manager says they made a mistake in the online offer and the priice has changed. They have already cancelled the order and sent me a email.

Checked my email again and the cancellation part was there . The reason for cancellation shown was it is out of the stock
If you look at their website ...it shows 40 in stock at the same store.

Micro Center is playing games with the customer. They take your credit card details, acknowledge the order at a special price and cancell the order to get higher price for in stock items

  • Ma
    Matt M Oct 10, 2008

    I am now very disappointed with Microcenter. I attempted to make a purchase in the amount of $478.87 yesterday and was told my check is declined. I had more than sufficient funds in my account. This was after the cashier read personal info out loud into the phone (my name, driver's license number, checking account number and routing number). I was handed a card with Certegy's number on it and told to call. I did just that and had to deal with a voice recognition system that kept asking for personal info and saying, "I don't understand...I don't understand...I don't understand, " until being put on hold for over 20 minutes. I hung up. I did some research on Certegy and discovered they decline checks from people with million-dollar companies and $100, 000+ checking accounts. I called Microcenter today and told them this. They told me there is no way they can bypass this system. I told them this is lousy customer service and that I would be complaining. I was told, "Do what you need to do. If you want to talk to our legal department, that's fine." There was no apology, no attempt to resolve this matter, no customer service -- just, "There is nothing we can do." This is crap. Microcenter is going to lose business.

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  • Cw
    cwitte Oct 29, 2008

    this does not sound like the Micro Center I have dealt with in the past. They have always bent over backwards to help me and have honored such things in the pass. It an item is obviously a misprint, these things happen. While the customer should always be addressed nicely, and never told 'do what you have to do", as a retailer, theres always another side to the story.

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  • Tt
    ttq Mar 15, 2009

    your momma microcenter

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poor service

Purchased a Vaio laptop in November 2005 and a $500.00 Platinum Service Warranty for it. Having problems with drive seek errors so I called for service (24/7), yeah right you get an operator.

I was told my problem needed to go to 2nd level support and they took all my information and said they would call me back. No Call!

Called back next day and put in touch with 2nd level support, which said it's a hardware problem and dispatch will be contacted and will call me within 1 - 2 days. No Call!

Called today and was told Dispatch just got the call and will call within 1 - 2 days. Asked to speak to a supervisor and was told none were available but one would call me back. I'm not holding my breath! These people are non-responsive and I will never purchase anything from them again.

terrible experience

On june 3, 2008 I purchased a cpu - amd phenom 9850 black from tom ardeljan (Salesperson) along with a motherboard and memory. I got home installed the items and when I booted up the computer stated it was a 9600 phenom. I checked the box that I just opened and it appears the box was resealed. The cpu serial and the box serial did not match because the cpu inside was a lesser valued item. It is a slower and buggier version of what I thought I bought. I then called the store the same day and explained what happened and they told me to bring it back. When I arrived customer service said the manager went home and to come back the next day. Since I needed the part that day I bought another cpu phenom 9750 anticipating a return of the other product. I came back the next day and spoke to the sales manager gino lavino and was told that he cannot accept the return because the cpu inside was different than what it said on the box. Since it has been opened he cannot tell if I put something else in the box when I went home. He suggested I call amd and I was sent home with the cpu. I called amd and was instructed to call consumer affairs. At the end of all this I am stuck with a product I did not intend to buy in a box that does not match the product. I asked them if the product was returned before and they said no. So somewhere along the way someone opened the box and put something else inside and resealed it.

  • Ro
    Rohn Clayton Jul 10, 2008

    I'm still waiting for a refund on a DVD burner I ordered. They were out if stock and didn't tell me :(

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they're double charging thieves

I most recently purchased a hard drive from this company in Colorado. I found the part on there online store. I then proceeded to place the order. When your about to check out. There is an option to pick-up from store option. I chose that option. I go to the store and tell them that I am there to pickup my online order. They tell me it takes up to 24 hours before the store actually gets the order. They then tell me that if I leave them my info they will cancel the order when it gets the store. I asked them many times in as many different ways as possible to make sure the answer stays the same. Which is "yes we will cancel he order and there will not be a double charge”. Not only did I get double charged. But they tried to tell me that they didn't. Even after I called my bank with them on the phone and had the bank confirm that there were two charges from them. This was 6 days ago. Not counting today. They have been telling me that the funds will be back in my account tomorrow. Tomorrow has amounted to 6 days. Won’t buy anything from these people again. Bunch of thieves. Here it is. The 7th day and no funds in my account from them. On top of that. I had some little pony boy laugh at me when I told him that they double charged me. Would not recommend this company. Next up. BBB complaint.

  • He
    Heraldo Bill Sep 02, 2009


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don't fix tv under warranty

I bought a power spec 30" TV and it is towards the of warranty (bought a 3 year extended warranty). The screen constantly turns off at home, yet when I brought it in to microcenter to fix, they tell me there is nothing wrong with the TV and won't fix it. Gave me some BS about it probably not getting "Clean" power at my house which causes the screen to turn off. I asked my Samsung technician who came over to look at another TV in my house, and he said that was a bunch of BS. I am never buying an extended warranty from them again or anything for that matter. They do not provide adequate service at all and simply refuse to fix my TV probably because the warranty only has one month left. I even recorded the TV being broken and they still won't believe me!! Unbelievable! Microcenter, u lost a customer.

poor service quality

The diagnostic of my broken computer was not done properly. I was given one correct diagnosing (burned out video card). But also I was told that my OS is not working. I was ready to order more services from the store (such as OS installation). I came home and realized that the OS is working. Two managers think that I have to pay $60 for the diagnostic even if it was wrong. So if you need to know what is wrong with your computer don't go to Micro Center.

  • Ac
    Acer sucks Feb 10, 2011

    Not only do they not diagnose correctly but in Santa Clara it also takes them weeks and weeks to do so. You better reserve lots of time out of your schedule to follow up with them. Each call takes you anywhere from 30' to an hour before you have a live person on the phone. Then they will tell you that they have not completed your diagnostics or any other bs to get you off the phone. If you keep calling, they will finally tell you something but to get it fixed will take for EVER!
    Avoid this store if you actually want to have your broken hardware repaired. Mine is an Acer that just stopped working 32 days after purchase. Of course Fry's didn't wanted to do anything (past 30 days) and did not help with anything.
    Go to BestBuy. Do not waste your time! I'm still waiting for my broken Acer machine to be repaired after six weeks without an end in-sight.

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