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Reviews and Complaints

Beware of microcenter re-stocking fees

Bought two LCD monitors ONLY because a salesman at this store recommended them. Big mistake. It was nearly impossible to read text on either monitor, especially at bottom half of the screen. (In the store, they display monitors only with a DVD of colorful fish swimming around coral.)

Returned both, and told returns clerk that monitors were awful, and told him why. I was charged a 15% "open box" fee. (Clerk told me the fee was noted in tiny print on receipt.)

When I complained about the "open box" fee to the manager, I was told, "If a customer asks, we tell them." Do you believe it? I NEVER, EVER would have bought them had I known. Now, that's $50 down the drain.

I got this advice from another customer, who had heard me complaining: "You always have to say the product is defective in order not to be charged a restocking fee."

Terrible experience

On june 3, 2008 I purchased a cpu - amd phenom 9850 black from tom ardeljan (Salesperson) along with a motherboard and memory. I got home installed the items and when I booted up the computer stated it was a 9600 phenom. I checked the box that I just opened and it appears the box was resealed. The cpu serial and the box serial did not match because the cpu inside was a lesser valued item. It is a slower and buggier version of what I thought I bought. I then called the store the same day and explained what happened and they told me to bring it back. When I arrived customer service said the manager went home and to come back the next day. Since I needed the part that day I bought another cpu phenom 9750 anticipating a return of the other product. I came back the next day and spoke to the sales manager gino lavino and was told that he cannot accept the return because the cpu inside was different than what it said on the box. Since it has been opened he cannot tell if I put something else in the box when I went home. He suggested I call amd and I was sent home with the cpu. I called amd and was instructed to call consumer affairs. At the end of all this I am stuck with a product I did not intend to buy in a box that does not match the product. I asked them if the product was returned before and they said no. So somewhere along the way someone opened the box and put something else inside and resealed it.

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    Rohn Clayton Jul 10, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I'm still waiting for a refund on a DVD burner I ordered. They were out if stock and didn't tell me :(

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