Michael Korsmy shopping experince at a micheal kors in the eagan outlet mall

I am writing to you to complaint about my shopping experience at one of your location at the Eagan Outlet mall, in Eagan MN. This happened on Sunday April 14, 2019 this is only my second time there. So I thought why not go the outlet mall. I got there I went there with a reborn baby doll he is a life like baby doll. I went to different store before I decided to in Michael Kors I went in an employee walked up to me handed my a coupon for additional 20% off the sale that is going on already. I walked around look at a couple different wallet before picking up a purple wallet with flowers on it. I show it to the employee to see if you they have a matching handbag to go with it, she said no so she put it back on the opposite side of shelf that I pick it up from. At that point I didn't have any thing with my anymore. A couple employee kept asking me if I'm doing ok I told them yes. One employee ask me if I have seen the handbags in the front if I liked it I told her no. She started to lead my to the front where the handbags are. That's when the manager came to meet me right in the middle of the store at first she was polite asking me about my baby say. "oh what a cute baby how old is he" I told her that he is a baby doll. She said, "Oh why do you have a baby doll with you? At this point I was just thinking she is just asking and being very nice so I told her that I've lost my baby. She told me right then that an employee saw me trying to conceal a wallet. I show her my hand that I didn't have anything with me. She than insisted that I give the item back. I told her again that I don't have anything with me. I then open up my coat to show her that I don't have any item with me. She then call security over, so at this point I just want to leave the store I walked to the door where security met me. I walked out followed by security. They ask me again to give the item back I again told them I that I don't have anything with my except my doll. At this point I was just soo distress I took off my coat and shook it to prove to them that I don't have what they say I have. Security wasn't happy with that either so I took off my baby from the carrier to show them clearly at this point they saw that I have nothing with me, but security still told me that I am ban from the mall, and that I am never to go back there again, and then as if that wasn't enough they escort me all the way to my car. I am very distress over this situation and now I am apprehensive to even to my local store. I work in retail too and this not how you should treat your paying customer. I went there thinking that if I find something I like I will buy it. This is not acceptable and uncalled for. I don't normal ask for things for free if I can help it, but in this case I would like a $500.00 voucher or coupon so I can get a matching wallet and handbag. You can contact me through my e-mail at [protected]

Apr 16, 2019

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