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I Nov 12, 2018

On Saturday 11/10/18 I visited the location at Carlyle Plaza in Belleville, IL. My intention was to purchase a phone and add an additional line for my daughter. We arrived at approximately 2PM. We initially we're greeted by the employee (the only one working) and left to wander the store for about 15 minutes. She finally asked what we were there for and after explaining to her our purpose, she then advised me that the phone we were wanting to purchase was out of stock. I told her no problem and said that I would go to another store if she could tell me which had in stock. She then told me that a co-worker was coming from another store just across town and would bring it with her. We sat and waited nearly 2 & 1/2 hours! Asking periodically if there was an estimated time frame, I was told simply, "it's on its way". At approximately 4:20PM, I had already missed my dinner reservation and now my daughter was going to be late for her event. I left the store and my daughter begged me to wait just a little longer. The rep said that the device would be there in n just a minute. We waited in the car another 15 minutes, never did another representative arrive with any device. I left there with an extremely unhappy child, very aggravated and questioning why I would want to spend another dollar with a company that doesn't value my business or time, enough to ensure my satisfaction. Simply advising which store had the device or recommending that I return later would have been sufficient, But I was advised repeatedly the device would be here momentarily. The other store isn't 15 minutes away! There is no excuse for that. I didn't get an apology for the wait, an offer of any kind for being patient, nothing. Without being rude or inconsiderate I simply left. Here it is 2 days later, still nothing from Metro, no phone for my daughter, $50 wasted on a deposit for dinner which I didn't attend and regret for listening to friends who told me to give Metro a try.

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