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Metro PCS is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They rip people off and no one does anything about it. An attorney really needs to file a class action lawsuit against this company. I have had Metro PCS service for over a year now. I switched from Sprint as I was paying around $150 per month for unlimited cell/internet and it was too costly. First, the service through Metro PSC is horrible. My calls are dropped all time when I try to use my phone. There are times when it will go into roaming and it should not be roaming as I am in my coverage area in Florida. When it goes into roaming, I cannot use my phone; eventhough I have paid twice now for "roaming minutes" (which I should not have to use in my coverage area) Even if I wanted to use my "roaming minutes" in my own coverage area, I cannot acces them.

The 1st time I paid for roaming was when I travelled out of my coverage area. I did everything the sales person at the store told me to prepare the phone before i left my coverage area. I was out in the middle of Kansas and my ohone would not woork. I had an emergency situation and needed to use a phone (no pay phones were available anywhere, and I was not able to use it. Customer service was non-existent as one keeps getting the same automated message that goes into a loop. It is nearly impossible to talk to a live person at Metro PCS. Next I went to Nebraska. My roaming minutes wouldn't work there either. I finally got through to their tech support. They farm their tech support out to Panama and I spent 1/2 hour arguming with the tech person that Nebraska was part of the US; as he kept insisting it wasn't and that's why I did nto have coverage. Unbelievable! I have lost money by purchasing "roaming minutes" I could not use, on a cell service that does not work much of the time, and nearly froze to death on a Kansas roadway when I had car troubles and I could not use my cell phone to call for help.

I wonder how much money this company makes by not being accessible by phone to the public; especially when customers try to reach them to disconnect service and they cannot get through to anyone??? This company is blantantly ripping off customers. Are there any attorneys out there who are even remotely interested in filing suit against this company that is ripping off so many people???


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      Jul 17, 2009

    I totally agree the on thing different with my complaint is that when I have had four phones in the last 6 months. they break or something happens to the phone that is technical. I thougt maybe I would spend alittle more for the phone and with in two weeks the charger broke. They would not take it bake even know the book says within 30 days, also when I had bought the phone I was promised insurance. The trainie they had working in the Lovejoy store neglected to call it in so they told me even if it was there fought they still could not help me. Told me basically you are out 150 dallors. What do you do with bad business, that is why the economy will never get better with the type of business metro pcs has practiced. thanks Ashley Walker

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