MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]disability pay

I fell on August 31 and broke 3 ribs. I was not allowed to work for 6 weeks. I mailed all pertinent medical papers on or about
9-12-19. They were never received. I was denied disability pay due to the 20 day deadline. I also never received the papers in return mail. I was told they would accept my papers late. I faxed everything on 9- 25-19. I called on 10-2-19. I was told 2 papers were missing. I was given an e-mail address. Today after calling again I was told they were never received. The e-mail was incorrect. I have not been able to pay my October rent. This is so unprofessional on the part of met life. My claim number is [protected]. Please fix this

Oct 10, 2019

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