MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC]disability insurance claim denials

Hi. I became disabled back in Dec 2012. Fell down some stairs and hurt back. Unable to work afterward. I had disability coverage thru my last employer. They declined my claim, I then contested it and it was declined again. However, I also had my own personal disability insurance policy thru MassMutual. I submitted my paperwork to them the same time I did with Metlife. MassMutual approved me within 30 days. I also was approved thru Soc Sec Disability in record time (12 days complete approval). After some time passed, I sent a complaint letter to the president of MetLife. They looked at my claim again and decline it again. I contested it and they declined again. I've heard many horror stories from friends and family friends in the past about Metlife. Terrible company. I should have received those funds and they would be an asset to me since I'm living on fixed income.

Oct 08, 2019

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