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MetLife, Inc.

200 Park Ave
New York
New York
United States - 10166

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 (212) 578 2211(Headquarters) 5 5
+1 (800) 638 5433(General Inquiries) 2 2
+1 (800) 638 5000(Life Insurance Policies) 2 0
+1 (800) 638 7732(Individual Annuities) 3 0
+1 (800) 422 4272(Auto & Home Policies) 1 0
+1 (800) 560) 5001(Group Annuities) 0 0
+1 (800) 929 1492(Disability Policies) 3 0
+1 (800) 308 0179(Long Term Care Policies) 1 0
+1 (800) 638 7283(Total Control Account) 1 0
+1 (800) 638 2704(Structured Settlements) 0 0
Work days:
Mon9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Tue9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Wed9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Thu9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Fri9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] Complaints & Reviews

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] / Auto insurance claims

Latitia robinson on Jun 24, 2016
I was in an accident with a Metlife auto insurance carrier on 5/27/16. I obtained an estimate, as advised to do by MetLife claims adjuster, Wanda Ahrens. After a week without receiving payment I contacted this agent and she had the wrong address because no one thought to verify the correct...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] / Life Insurance

Reviewer86949 on Feb 16, 2016
MetLife Life Insurance Complaints Department, My name is Jeffrey Hack and my father William Kenneth Hack, passed away on 11/1/15. He has 2 life insurance policies thru your company. Although claims have been filed on both by my mother-in-law and myself, neither has been processed yet. When we...

MetLife / Metropolitan Life Insurance Company [MLIC] / Auto insurance / roadside assistance

Reviewer60547 on Jan 11, 2016
Included in our insurance policy is "MetLife Roadside Assistance". You would assume, this would mean when you're stranded on a road-side, and when you need assistance, MetLife would assist you until your safely off the road. Be aware that what you really get is a representative who place...

MetLife / Rate increase of 15.18 % in 4 months

jbartek on Dec 30, 2015
I am a 100% disabled army veteran who is on a very tight budget. I purchased dental insurance thru met life for my wife jenny approx 4 months ago or less. The lady told me i had to keep it one year at the rate of $55.00 today i get a letter from met life dated dec 18 2015 stating that they...

MetLife / Life Insurance

Diana4363 on Dec 15, 2015
Good Grief, a 60 yo 3rd grader! No wonder Charlie Brown has to make a living with MetLife stealing from widows and children. What a block head! My late husband and I did the responsible thing 13 years ago and purchased term life insurance policies in case anything should happen to either...

MetLife Dental / Claims not processed for more than 12 months

Sumita Mullick on Dec 15, 2015
I submitted a claims in Dec 2014 for a foreign dentist, even today my claim is not processed. everytime I call the call center i end up spending 30 minutes to explain thay my claim is due and I have already prpvided all the information. I am told it is getting processed and then I call...

MetLife Dental / Change in coverage not processed

Reviewer57852 on Nov 5, 2015
I called MetLife in September to have my son removed from our coverage, since he got a job and has his own dental coverage. I was verbally told by the customer service representative that it would be taken care. For October and then November we were still charged the higher rate. When I...

MetLife / Incompetence

Reviewer16143 on Sep 22, 2015
As I am reading the reviews regarding Metlife, I am seeing a pattern. I have worked for a company for 18 years and I recently went out on STD due to severe back pain. People at work gave me horror stories, yet I wasn't worried. I figured as long as I stayed on top of things, everything...

Metlife Disability Insurance / absolut disaster

Aivives on Jul 21, 2015
Their investigations towards the decision of whether approving a claim or not are very poor. They are very unreasonable, unreliable and unprofessional. They have denied my claims on several occasions and I have had to appeal. The claims are not evaluated in their merits. They do not abide...

MetLife Dental / Coverage for kids

natashax3 on Apr 2, 2015
This horrible company said that they only cover IV sedation (needle in the arm) for KIDS! FOR KIDS! My AUTISTIC son needs to be sedated to even clean his teeth due to his disability and Metlife will only cover IV sedation. Who in the crap would do that to kids... especially kids with...

Metlife Dental Tricare / Denial of claim after being approved

Krish2013 on Feb 20, 2015
My son fractured his front permanent tooth at the age of 11 and his root was exposed. The dentist deemed it medically necessary to put a crown on it. MetLife denuded to claim due to age limitations stating he was too young for the procedure to be needed. After calling MetLife and...

Metlife Dental Insurance / require inonizing xray to prove tooth was extracted

marmar99 on Jul 29, 2014
I have MetLife High Option Dental Insurance through OPERS. I had to have a tooth pulled. I got my statement saying they have to see the xrays before they will pay for the extraction! I called and talked with a representative of MetLife - they wanted an xray AFTER extraction to PROVE there...

Metlife Dental Ppo / Denied claim for onlay

GirlinLA on Jun 14, 2014
I had a large composite filling, about 20 years old on one of my molars. At a check up in April my dentist noticed decay along the inside of the tooth and into the existing filling. After xrays, she said we'd need to do an inlay or onlay because of loss of structure. I had an onlay...

Metlife Auto And Home Insurance / mistakes in a claim raised bills failed to change vehicle when traded 5 months trying to get fixed

thesambos on May 3, 2014
we had a claim in 3/13 that was caused by mud no other vehicle involved, , , car now cranked the ground caved and had to be towed out of it.metli wasted over two weeks prior to me getting it in shop for repairs due to handling of it. They wanted to used parts or aftermarket parts on a new...

MetLife Dental / Dental claims

Sylviar65 on Apr 23, 2014
These people are a joke!!! Several years ago, can you call it several if it's over 25 years ago? I had some lousy work done to my mouth, where I have had several of my teeth extracted. I found a great Dentist here locally that has managed to save the teeth I have left, and placed two...

MetLife Dental / Coverage denied

netojoy on Feb 12, 2014
Ridiculous, incompetent, 3rd rate insurance. Paid for option 2 (Metlife put me in option 1) . Dentist submitted pre - approval for a crown 3 times. 2 times it was denied stating that my coverage did not cover crowns. Finally, metlife rep called dental office and said, "yes, the crown wa...

MetLife / Fraud

Misty Thurmond on Jan 15, 2014
2yrs. We're given and within the LTD terms it said " unless" you have neuropathy, radiculopathy..ect after my spinal fusion. My surgeon confused me with my cousins wife, who had same surgery on at least 2 occasions. MetLife knew I was attempting to obtain all the proper info..in the...

met life / Disability denial despite medical evidence

nucklqueen on Feb 28, 2013
The following contains facts and my beliefs. Anything that isn't fact is my opinion or belief. I BELIEVE MET LIFE DISABILITY INSURANCE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST ME BECAUSE I WAS RECEIVING REGULAR PSYCHIATRIC, MED MONITORING CARE. On 8/17/12 I became disabled. I went to my Primary Care...

MetLife Dental / Metlife Dental Claim Denial

Arnold Frye on Feb 15, 2013
I was shocked to learn that MetLife dental denied a claim to provide coverage for the dentures my wife ordered from her dentist, who is a member of MetLife's Preferred Dentist Program. I enrolled in OPERS MetLife Dental High Option Plan, which is supposed to provide the most coverage...

Metlife Dental Ppo / Terrible Customer Service

Unsatisfiedcustomer2013 on Feb 2, 2013
Bad customer service. The complaint department do not have an e-mail you can e-mail them. Everything is operated at turtle speed...SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Metlife does not seem to care about patient health. When I called the complaint department, all I get is an answer machine. I think the...

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