Mercarijewelry box arrived broken beyond repair.

D Dec 12, 2019 Review updated:

I cannot contact MERCARI to file complaint. I can't get past their "authorization page" using the user name that MERCARi provided and the password that my computer has on file. This is the message I tried to leave with Mercari's customer service, but it won't even give me the ability to leave any kind of text message. "I purchased a jewelry box that arrived broken and when I try to contact MERCARI to report it I am given the alert "invalid format" on the secure authentication page.

For the past hour I've been trying to get access to someone to let them know they have sent me a box full of rubbish. " (two hours now)

I've been on hold for nearly 45 minutes now. The battery on my phone will go dead before they answer.

Dennis Evans

jewelry box arrived broken beyond repair.


  • SubSquirrel Dec 12, 2019

    Several years ago I bought something from them. Defective merchandise and I tried to return it but the postage code was more than the item. My credit card company intervened and I got a full refund.

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