Menardsrefused to honor veterans discount, and would not accept rebate

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I Jan C. Lucas made a purchase of several items, at Menards 6800 Pendleton Pike Indianapolis, Indiana. The cashier informed me they no longer gave 10% discount to veterans. I spoke to the manager and he said Menards believed this was discrimination against all the good people who chose not to serve, and he was one of them. They also refused my rebate coupon, issued by Menards.I'm an 80% disabled veteran and to refuse a discount that Lowes, Home Depot, and until today Menards offered is an insult to me and everyone else who has served and bled for this country, while the good people who cower are afforded the same benefits.


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    Trvkell Feb 22, 2011

    I take issue with them not honoring your rebate coupon that is BS.
    For the military discount well Home Depot brought back their 10% for veterans however they don't ask for ID and that pisses me off, anyone can say they are a veteran. This sucks because then everyone is a veteran and ruins a benefits as it is intended not the fake SOB's just so they can get a discount. I went to the point of showing my CAC card (military ID) and the sales person said that it wasn't needed, I said no you need to see an ID to validate I am who I say I am a veteran and current member of the military.
    It is nice when special treatment is given and it is not expected, thats what makes it nice. But to demand a discount because of being a veteran wow, that is not good. Sure I spent 13 months in Iraq having people shoot at me and wanting to kill me and watching my freinds die which doesn't happen here at home as much but it doesn't make me walk on water. It does make me a Patriot and when rewarded by someone saying hey here is 10% or whatever to make your life a lot easier it is welcomed, I just don't expect it that's all.

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    getoverit23 Dec 28, 2011

    So are you saying Menards should give 10% off to doctors, nurses, firefighters, police officers, school teachers???? What makes a veteran soo different from any of the people I just mentioned?? Get your head out of your ### you selfish ###.

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    Fred k 30 Nov 13, 2012

    That response is asinine, I can see firefighters and
    Police also getting the discount, but to say are military
    And Veterens don't deserve any special discount is unbelievable,
    You didn't serve or this would not have been posted

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    Amin Abdur Rahman Murray Nov 05, 2015

    Does it really matter? Did you really serve for a 'veterans discount?' I didn't I served this country for 10% off at Menards. Sure, it's your right to complain and have a gripe. That's your right. However, just don't go to Menards anymore? It is what it is. It is a form of discrimination. Vietnam, OEF, and OIF were all bull-crap wars. 80% or 0% it doesn't matter. I'm not going to go throw around 'oh I developed severe neuropathy at the age of 23 because of a severe wound and later infection, so they owe me 10% off.' You can though. Menards owes NO ONE a 10% off if they choose not to. You can't not fair to those who didn't serve. My brother would have served GLADLY all day everyday but because of severe injuries (which he still busts his ### working 80 hours a week) he couldn't join the military. He's the toughest SOB I know. He'd have been Force Recon just like my father. So personally I don't give a damn if I get a 10% off or not. I am not owed 10% off, I do feel I am owed the respect that I did serve honorably and rightly so. I am not against you, I just don't agree with you. Maybe they didn't support Korean, Vietnamese, and Iraq/Afghani wars. Does that make them unpatriotic? HELL NO. That's THEIR RIGHT as an American!

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    America Proud Nov 22, 2015

    I cannot believe some of the responses. Do you relalize the sacrafices of our military.They work 24 hours a day, dont get to be there for children birthday and anniversarys. Funeral services of close family members and friends, Childrens first baseball games, daughters dance recitals. I was never in the service but was married to a 20 year veteran and a daughter that served in Iraq. Not to mention putting there life on the line.SO MANY SACRAFICES THAT our MILITARY MEN AND WOMEN HAVE GIVEN FOR OUR FREEDOM. THIS IS SOMETHING LITTLE THESE COMPANIES TO DO TO SAY THANK YOU.

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    Vet93 May 30, 2018

    I just shop at places like Lowes and Home Depot. If Menards doesn't wish to grant 10% off for military veterans that's their business and I'll shop elsewhere. I could see why Menards wouldn't want to give 10 percent off, heck that's 0.5% of the country that are veterans, and maybe half of the 0.5% would actually ask for the discount. Wow, they would be losing hundreds of dollars a year in allowing vet discounts! Sounds like an intelligent business plan. I'm remodeling my home and Menards lost thousands of dollars from me! That's Menard's choice. I've bought new drills, wood, drill bits, paint, stain, string trimmers, tools, hammers, screws, nails all from Lowes and Home Depot not from Menards. ha-ha-ha. In addition, I've been to places that give college students discounts for hair cuts but not military discounts for hair cuts...see the bad business plan in that one? Selfish 19 year old, socially perfect, submits papers to professors with the following sentence... "like diseases, they're like, like bad and stuff" that never even thought of lifting a finger for someone else gets a hair cut discount but the men and women who have to adhere to grooming standards do not get a hair cut discount. Crazy world!

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    gaye yerski Jun 28, 2019

    Corporations that sponsor NASCAR which continuously supports our troops and Veterans, then refuse Military Vets, active duty a discount is shameful. Walk the talk!!!

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