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Menardswasher/ dryer I purchased

Me and my fiance just moved into our first apartment after being homeless for 6 months. I am 4 months pregnant and cant keep lugging laundry to the laundry mat so we have been searching for a washer and dryer for 3 weeks we finally fecided to stop at menards to look just maybe there would be a cheap one there. We pull to the back and how lucky could we be both a washer and dryer for 20dollars each i was so happy i cried right there my fiance runs to the gate and explains this story to the guys they said yeah dont worry about it go pay for it we will hold it for you. Thank god right? We go to the service counter pay for it again tell them the story and ask them to hold they said yes of course we left to go get my fiances buddies truck come back 30 minutes later and to find out 5 minutes later they sold it to another couple and they left with it. I am ddevistated words can not even explain how heart broken i am. How can you double sell something. I am so upset how can your company do this to people!!! If you dont fix this make it right i will never buy another thing from menards neither will any of my family or friends or my fiance or his family or friends. And my father owns his own business taylor maintnence home improvements and works two jobs the hampton inn and bradford apartments where he is head of maintenence and has accounts for menards when i told him what happened he said if they dont fix it hes switching his accounts to home depot!!! We are all very angry.

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    Menards — cashier complaint

    I shop at menards frequently and had the worst experience I have ever had with a cashier on 11/12/16 at the...

    Menards — steel building kit

    We purchased a steel agricultural buildiing kit from Menards in Oregon, Ohio in July 2016. We paid with a...

    Menards — tuscany kitchen faucet kendre model # 6736070

    We bought the Tuscany Kitchen Faucet about a year ago from Menards. The sprayer does not spray. It has a...

    Menardsspecial order desk

    7.18.16. I go to buy a metal shed. I am told I need a foundation kit that must be special ordered. Menards employee places the order and I pay. Kit arrives and it is vinyl not metal. My contractor spends time, that I am paying for, to build and take apart the incorrect kit. Menards tell me it will be 2 weeks for a replacement so the contractor builds a wooden frame at extra cost to me, but the job had to be done that day.
    Menards now tells me they can only refund me for the cost of the kit and will do nothing about the extra $150 I had to pay for the job.
    Apparently, it is my responsibility to provide all the correct information and any order errors are not their fault.

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      Menards — returns

      Carful when returning items with no receipt, they may keep the items and not return them to you. I got some...

      Menards, Inc PEKIN, ILLawn mower

      On 2/26/2015 I purchased an electric Black & Decker lawn mower, Model CM1640 (Walk behind 40V 16" LI-ION Mower) and a replacement plan, which covers SKU 2701256 through 2/25/2018. Last summer, 2015, the handle broke on the mower. I took the mower to the Menards Service Center (Small Engine Specialty) 2373 Washington Rd., Sunnyland, IL [protected], telephone number [protected]. Black & Decker refused to honor my warranty. Without thinking, I paid the $45 charge. In June, 2016, the handle on the mower broke again. I took the mower back to the Menards Service Center on 6/6/2016. After six weeks, both Black U Decker and Menards refused to honor my warranty. I paid the diagnostic fee. It was determined that I had a replacement warranty and I was instructed to take the mower into Menards with the understanding that they would replace the mower. However, Menards no longer carries this model mower.

      I was informed that the only option I had was to pay an additional $50 and Menards would replace the mower with an electric mower by a different manufacturer. The store manager was not in. Assistant manager, Adam, informed me that was all they would do. If I did not pay the additional money, they could not help me. I left with the broken mower. I feel this is unjust as Menards is not honoring the warranty contract I purchased with the mower. I feel that they should either repair or replace the mower.

      I filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs o 7/27/2016 with no response to date.

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        • Wine Is Good Oct 03, 2016

          Handles are considered cosmetic and not covered by warranty. Replacing the machine with a different brand and having you pay the replacement fee is reasonable. It is like a co-pay or deductible. Every insurance has one.

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        Menards, Warren, MichiganWaiting too long to load, rude management, products not found, truck rental policy

        Bought kitchen cabinets. Computer showed cabinets, paid for them, then they were not found when I went to get them loaded on the truck I was renting from them. It took so long, about an hour and a half that I was running out of time being able to bring the truck back by their policy by 9:30 pm. Unlike Home Depot where you can just keep the truck overnight especially if the reason you are delaued is because they took forever to load! I complained and asked to speak to a manager. Very rude person by name of Race showes up and claims to be the General Manager for the store. In a threatening manner he tells me that if the truck is not back by 10pm, latest, I will be charged with car theft even if the reason I am delayed is their fault! He was entirely unreasonable and.then has.the nerve to tell me that I signed an agreement when I rented the truck and if I didn't agree to it I shouldn't have signed it. That was his way of handling the situation I was in because of their fault. Then, I was forced to return the truck because there was no way I could bring it back within half hour. So, I paid for delivery a week from then. He didn't even consider giving me a discount on the delivery which I would not have had to do plus the waiting for.the delivery had they loaded the truck in a.reasonable time frame. Then, I get the cabinets delivered and the first one is damaged. The delivery guys refuse to take it back. I have to call Menards and they want to charge me to come pick it up! After pleading with them and waiting on hold for 45 minutes, I get a confirmation that they will pick it up at no cost and I am being given a date. On the I call the store to ask when about will the pick up of damaged merchandise happen and I am told.to call the delivery guys. I call them, leave a message. Couple hours later they return my call and I find out that I am not on their paperwork. I call the store again. Talk to another person that tells me the first, who confirmed my delivery today, didn't know anything! So, I ask for a manager. Manager not there but will return call. Eventually I get a call back, I was not on delivery, pick up schedule but he will try to make it happen. Eventually they tell me that someone will come within next hour. An hour later I get a call that within 30 minutes they will come pick it up. Eventually they did bit I am still unclear about how the refund will happen! I never want to step into their store again unless its their going out of business sale!

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          Livonia, Michigan location - the worst cash register personnel I have ever met.
          I am redoing my back yard, piece by piece over the past few months. Every time I went into the store the person at the register was extremely rude. I brought it up to the manager, each time, and they said "I'll have a talk with the person". These register people were all young men. That's one issue. Then, every time I went in to pick up river rocks, they had a different policy as to what you must do to order and pick them up. 1st, go to register and they will look up the number, pay for it and then go around and pick it up. This was the best choice I thought. Next visit, go to the service desk. I did that 3 times, no problem. Then a VERY RUDE Young man refused to do so. When I asked for his manager, he actually told me that he would NOT get him. Wow, really. So I found one, very helpful. Told me, the store had recording devices in the store and they will see what happen. I felt much better. Luckily the next time I went in, he was not at that position. Then I went in, and asked where to order it. They told me the cash register. Rude young man told me he didn't have time to look it up, please come back when I had the number...AHHHH... I left. Came back later that week, ask for a manger, who then told me I had to go to the building department and place the order there, and then come up to the register and pay for it.

          My question, whatever happened to customer service and making things more convenient for the customer? I can't be the only customer having this problem. Menards in Livonia doesn't believe in that. They actually need to hire cashiers that are more helpful, and better policies for people buying supplies in their landscaping department; for instance: cashiers in the gardening and landscaping department that take care of all your needs in that department.

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            Menards — service

            On July 24 at 7:30 am, I made an online purchase of 3 shelving units to be picked up in the store. The next...

            Menardswanted to purchase an item for the posted price in the store.

            Saturday, July 23rd at the Schererville, IN store.
            Rubbermaid large storage shed that was posted in the store for $199.00. When we got the LARGE item on the cart and took it to the register to check out, the price rang up at $279.00. After going back to the display and seeing the sign was correct, but in small print it said it expired on 7/6.

            So the store manager, Jim, came to the register and said the best he could do because it was an expired sale, was to give us $30.00 off.

            I can understand missing a sign one or two day (maybe even a week) after the sale is over, but this is 3 WEEKS that this sign has been up and listing an incorrect price.

            I feel we should get the Storage Shed for the price that was POSTED!! NOT $30.00 OFF. It's the fault of the store that we were misled into thinking it was $199.00.

            Jim said that "he didn't have to give us the $30.00 off" and the store has the RIGHT to not honor the POSTED SALE PRICE!!

            I shop at Menards quite a bit, and have been a loyal customer, but I'm very disappointed in the decision of JIM. I enjoy shopping at Menards, but I feel strongly about this purchase and this decision. Please reconsider this request at your earliest opportunity.

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              Menards — declined check

              On July 21, 2016 early in the morning I stopped at Menards to purchase a few thing for my crews on that day...

              Menardsnew windows

              I ordered 3 new windows for our old seasonal house that I'm redoing. I will be replacing the siding completely and I said it is like a new construction.

              When I picked up the best Jen-Wen windows I saw there wasn't any nail flanges on them.

              I mentioned it and the one Menards guy said after a bit those are pocket windows. I had no idea. Every window I've put in had the flange to nail.

              Now I've discovered that the order fellow just decided that I should get those pocket windows! What in the world will I do with them now!

              I've just about had it with Menards and the junky way they do things!

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                Menardsbuilding materials

                Menards Scottsbluff Nebraska

                I am writing to file a formal complaint against the General Manager (name unknown) and Department Manager Spencer Drake, at the store located in Scottsbluff NE.

                On July 3, 2016, between 12:15-12:45 pm mountain time, my daughter, her friend, and myself were in the store to purchase products. We were looking at the Clearance lumber. We asked a store representative about the pricing. His name was Andrew. He told us that all the boards in the specific rack were $6.99. He also stated, that at the checkout if they had any questions to have them call him. A cashier then, contacted the Building Materials Dept to ask about pricing. At that time, Spencer Drake stated that the board was $19.99. I said, no we were told $6.99. Spencer then advised me to return to the Clearance location. At this time my daughter and I walked back there. Spencer was very rude and sarcastic when, I told him that Andrew stated, the wood was $6.99 and that was also the price listed on the tag above the items. Spencer got all mouthy and said, I am not giving you that wood for $6.99. I said, that is the price that both Andrew and the sign state. He said, I don’t care. It was put in the wrong Clearance place. I stated that was not my problem. I then said, I will take a pic of the price marker and dispute with management.

                At this time, Spencer began trying to block me from taking a picture of the price marker, by jumping up and down and waving his arm around. He also began swatting at me in attempt to take or knock my cell phone from my hand. I said, who are you. He gave me his card and walked off. He threatened to have me escorted out of the store and I told him if he laid one hand on me I would call the police. He said, do whatever you want, as I am the manager. He stated that there was some sign in the front of the store that state no pictures. I said, I have never seen any such sign. He was yelling at me and threatening me.

                Let me be clear, I have taken pictures of items in the store before to send to friends and family of products I wanted their opinion on and no time was I ever told not to.

                At no such time, does any Menards employee of any status level have any such power, authority or any legal binding jurisdiction to attempt to damage, destroy or confiscate a cell phone from a customer. That is in direct violation of my Constitutional Rights. In fact, the United States Supreme Court, has ruled that not even Law Enforcement of any Jurisdiction can damage,
                destroy or confiscate a cell phone from an individual taking pictures or videos anywhere at anytime. Therefore, Menards is not above the Law.

                It is grossly embarrassing and in direct violation of my rights, that Menards would employ individuals who feel the need to act out or possess aggressive, disrespectful and belligerent manners and behaviors.

                Your General Manager did not have the common courtesy to introduce himself or offer any resolution. In fact, he made it known that he could careless and that he felt it was beneath him to have to even come talk to us. Maybe he does not feel that customer service is part of his job description. He stated that the wood was $19.99 and he was not letting us purchase it for $6.99. I asked him if he had video footage so that he could review the incident that took place with Spencer. He shrugged his shoulders. He did nothing but try to cover up for Spencer.

                I do not know who hired these two individuals or found them suitable for the positions in which they hold, but they both should be terminated immediately.

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                  • Ba
                    Bannerfarms Aug 18, 2016

                    I too have had issues with Spencer Drake. I took measurements in to purchase siding for my house. He estimated it would take 360 pieces to do the job. Upon completion we had 94 pieces left over. I returned them and they charged me a restocking fee. He overestimated the job by 30%. If there were just a few I would'nt complain, but the reason there was so many was his mistake. He was rude and said I mismeasured and it was my mistake. I asked to speak to his manager Jeremy who was just as rude and said they would not have made that mistake because they do it everyday. I am not a large customer but we spent $8000 the last month.we've had problems every step of the way. I have some more projects planned but will not do anymore with Menards

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                  Menards — unethical business practice

                  Menard, Inc. Guest Services Tue, Jun 21, 2016 at 3:51 PM To: "[protected]@gmail.com" David, I'm sorry and...

                  Menardsgave installers wrong carpet

                  my wife and i picked out carpet and paid for it, the installer went and picked it up and installed it, my wife and i got home and found out menards had given installer wrong carpet, installer already had furniture, doors and trim done.i went back to menards the following day and told them what happened, gave them the pick up slip and they acknowledge that they had made a huge mistake, i talked to three different managers there, they simply offered to replace the carpet if i brought the old carpet back, i let them know that i had paid almost 500.00 dollars to have this done and if menards was going to pay for the second installation, they got rude and laughed at me and said no it wasnt there responsibility, that i should have been there when the installer laid the new carpet, i then asked to have main office phone number and the one manager told me had to contact menards on the internet, and smuggly told me good luck when i told him i would just go talk to an attorney and find out how menards could make the mistake and i had to pay for it

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                    Menards — gas powered trimmer (lawn mower)

                    Purchased the unit brought it home. Went to use the trimmer and found out that they didn't include the Oil...

                    Menards — electric fireplace

                    Menards offered an electric fireplace for $275.00. Then the big 11% off period reduced it to $244.75. We...


                    Menardsanderson celling boards

                    i bought some celling boardsthat had a price on the display of x amount each, when i said that i need 36 of them they said oh you have to buy the whole carton of 10 and when i asked why does it say apeice then they could answer except that its what the computer says.I said fine i need then so i guess ill take the extra one's so they print out the order and i look and the price is 1.60 more than what the tag said, so i asked to see a manage the said he's in a meeting i can wait if i want.well time is money and you just robbed me of 100 bucks now you ask me to waste some more time for your incompatince, we just spent alot of money there and thats all they will get im shopping else where

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                      Menards — ez click luxury vinyl plank

                      Product looked good in store. Directions are basic and skimpy and do not provide solutions for working plank...

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