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menards and designer image vinyl lock floor problem-$4000 plus

It has been an on going nightmare for more than a year. The product was purchased from Menard's in Long...

not being handicapped accesable

Menards is not handicapped accessible, I told the cashier that and he said" you could have someone push your...

don't wait your money back, you will get a voucher

I purchased an air conditioner from menards ( soleus ghee 6000 btu unit) the energy tag stated usage of 50.00 a year .

I used it for a couple months which increased my electric usage by 80.00 a month .

So according to my receipt, and menards I had 90 days to return for full refund then after that period I would recieve a voucher.

So I returned it before the time expired and they refused to take it off my charge card, but only would give a store voucher, even tho your receipt says they will refund, Dont believe it.

I faxed thier corp office with a complaint, with no answer so my charge card agreed to remove it from my charge card, (capital one )which I am thankful . so if you have a problem with returning something check with your charge card co, an see if they will remove it off your card . Luckily I used capital one :)and got a full refund, I still have the voucher but menards can have it back, , I will never purchase anything as a large appliance there again.

  • Li
    little one 222 Mar 07, 2011

    this complaint is stupid its ppl like you that but ### use it for a month or two and then try to return a product that is perfectly fine, that once used can not be returned to the shelf and gets defected out and money is lost to the companey. I mean really now obviously if you buy an air conditioner your bill will go up depending on how much you use it. Its idots like you that make working in retail a living hell, oh and p.s any store you go to has the right to refuse a refund.

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rude service

Went in to use a Lowe's 10% coupon to purchase a hose hideaway & ceiling fan. Was told that I wasn't allowed to use the coupon on sale items when I had previously used it on items on sale before have the receipt to prove it. The manager Gus was rude and accused me of arguing when I was trying to have a discussion and find out when and why the policy changed and why consumers aren't notified. He was in my face and rude and completely inappropriate. I left without a purchase nor will I ever be returning. Have never had any customer service issues at Lowes and maybe I should have just used it at Lowes instead of trying to use it at Menards and give them some business. I'll be sure to be giving my business elsewhere especially considering Menards prices and customer service are so poor and completely mismanaged. I told the manager I understood policies changes, but wanted to know where I can find out the policy and he said we don't have to post every single policy we have. I said as a consumer how are we supposed to know the policy if it's not stated somewhere where we can read and have full disclosure.

  • Up
    upbaja Mar 02, 2014

    Menards does not allow using the Lowes 10% coupon on sale items...never have, never will. If you received it in the past, it was in error.

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terrible service

Bought about $380.00 worth of framing lumber, loaded all of our lumber and realized they were out of stock on...

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lies and refused to honor raincheck

We got a raincheck for a 20" Eclipse bike for $19.99 with a $30.00 rebate. We called to see if any had come in and were told that you had

five. We were told that they would hold one. we immediately went 30 miles to the store in Tipp City to pick it up. When we arrived we were told that since we hadn't prepaid, we could not have a bike even with our rain check. This is not the first time we have had similar problems and it very wrong to treat customers in this way.

  • St
    Stormingcalm Nov 06, 2013

    Sadly menards are widely different according to the store, there is a vast difference according to the people that live in the area, the fairfield township location is amazing and will work with you on most accounts. One thing alot of people don't realize is the shear ammount people that try to take advantage of stores.

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no military support

I was first told my the the cashier, Pam that they supported the 10% discount, but when I showed my military Identifcation on August 10, 2010, at the store located at 21630 South Cicero Ave. in Matteson, Illinois 60443 she had to confirm it with the store manager and he came over said they only give the discount on certain holidays. This all happen at 2:46 pm. I guess I will be shopping at Home Depot and Lowes they sale the same items as Menards but they support our Military and give the discount and all of their staff has been informed of the discount.

  • Di
    Dingle Bogardus Apr 01, 2011

    Menards rule for military discount is to do what the competition is doing. As a rule Lowes and the Depot give the discount around Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veterans Day. If the competitors in your area are offering the discount all the time and the Menards staffis unaware of it, then your local Menards manager is sleeping on the job. Not a reflection of company policy.

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rude customer service

The customer service in Menards in Elk River, MN is so bad I do not even go there anymore. If you do have a...

defective product/poor customer service

Bought a new refrigerator on Memorial Day along with 3 other big ticket items. Brought it home, removed the...

horrible customer service

My father has been a Customer of this store since they open. But I personally don't like it because theirs always representatives who are chitchatting as if there on break and or don't know what your talking about and don't help you. But anyway. My father had gone to purchase a 36" door and since they had no more my dad asked the price for the display since it was a little damage. Well the guy checked in the computer and gave him a price, he was even suppose to give him a discount of $10. Well when he got home we saw the recite that he was charged the suppose discount!
So he went back once again to see what happened. Wasting gas on a fault on there side he has a V8 truck. Well the so called Manager was accusing him of stealing the dam door! Totally insane!!! One he would have never gone back to the store for them $10 discount he was suppose to be given. Com on! Second they called that one guy the rep and he stated once again that the computer gave him that price..But the Manager keep saying that the price was only for the frame ($189) the door was extra. But that was not on his fault it was on the computer, the rep and or the cashier. But that one rep said it was for the whole thing!
Well they made him leave his Driver License at the store and go get the door to return it! They treated him like a thief. For a dumb door.
Well he had to come back get help to load once again and go back to the store. But this time my husband went and we were the once who called the police. It is totally ridiculous that there is not one Customer Service number to the main Branch, or to reach there district manager. They would not give you there full names or any info. If they have nothing to hide why not?!!!
We are totally upset and will NOT shop at Menard's and will let all my friends and family know so they shop else were.Rather go to Lowes with so far better quality and customer service!
So people be Ware of this Store!

  • Ba
    babba Jun 30, 2012

    man, yu nead tu goe git yu som uf thet their skullin sos yu kin bea au goud splr lak mei ande stae wae frumm thet thar menerds stor cuz dey iss relly stuped

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  • Go
    gomenards Oct 31, 2012


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On 4/24/10 I purchased 21 products from Menards, 4 of which had rebates. As of yet no rebates have been received although I submitted them on time with all documentation. Whatn a rip-off. I would not have purchased these items without these rebates. Where is the consumer protection agency in WI and why are they not doin g something about this? Thank goodness there is a Home Depot in my area because apparently Menards does not want my repeat business.

  • Da
    DaveK55 Sep 09, 2009

    In May of this year Menards had a promotion going on for deck wash, after you mail the rebate in the deck wash is free Ha! Ha! It would be if they would ever acknowledge the rebate< I stopped at the store to ask them about it, nobody knows anything. Again I purchased an air mattress with a 5.00 rebate sent all the information in still no rebate, nobody to call, gave me a website to get on, nothing, I guess I have learned my lesson, I will not shop at Menards anymore, I will go to Lowes or Home Depot.

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  • Re
    retailsucks Sep 20, 2009

    I can just about guarantee that you didn't fill out the rebate correctly which delays the process in which your rebate is processed and they might have just thrown it out if you didn't even come close to following the directions. Also, the rebates aren't the responsibility of Menards per se, they're issued by the company whose product you buy so that's likely why "nobody knew anything" which I guarantee they still gave you some information you just ignored it and ran out in a snuff and posted on here about it.

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  • Pa
    Patty L Reed Jan 23, 2010

    I have sent in for 2 rebates. I received the 3.00 rebate but never received the 20.00 rebate, they were filled out the same way and put in the same envelope because they were going to the same P.O. box.My e-mail is [email protected] Iwould like to know were my rebate is for item no.1221. Thank You.

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  • Pa
    Patty L Reed Jan 23, 2010

    Still waiting on my rebate for item no. 1221.

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  • De
    dex89123 Feb 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My brother and I shopped at Menards over Christmas and we bought a lot of the same items; stocking up on the tons of free and discounted (through rebates) items that they were advertising. We live right next to each other and he received all of his rebates (over $150) and I received NONE. Our addresses are similar, but different--I'm guessing that Menards treated us as one person or one address--we're neither and this really sucks. (FYI: His address is 2417 Auto Trail and I am 2417 Auto Road---we didn't come up with these addresses, the USPS assigned them to our properties several years ago during a 911/central dispatch requirement). I notice that Menards may identify rebates only by the last name and the number--so we would appear to be the same person (same last name and same 2417 number). Menards doesn't go by anything past the number, so they would not differentiate between Trail and Road. So, am I screwed...while my brother got all of his rebates? It wouldn't be so bad, but it's $150+

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  • Bl
    blown_347 Jul 06, 2010

    I agree I sent in rebates for R38 in NE to total $160 and the rebate center said they never got it. They did contact me and ask for all of the purchase info which I gave them, but now they wont answer me back. I went into Menards a few times to ask about it, all they told me was it's a third party deal and they have nothing to do with it... Really? I'ts in your store but you have nothing to do with it. Thanks! Who do I contact for false advertisement?

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  • Sa
    sandra close Apr 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been doing Menards in store rebates for years and I never have incountered a problem. Although
    you must follow the instructions to the letter.

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customer service is non existant

Employees in the store never have time for the customer. When you have a question or need help finding something the staff at Menards seem to have vanished. Where do they go? What is the point in giving these people jobs if they are never around? If you are lucky enough to get the attention of someone to find a product, my experience repeatedly has been a finger point along with "its down the aisle". Don't tell me, SHOW ME. If I wanted to search aimlessly until I stumble across the item of interest I would not be talking to you! Now, if you step into a Home Depot, this never happens. Menard's needs to make some policy changes but I will never know if they do. I won't ever go back. Too much of a pain in the but when all I want to do is get in and get out.

  • Je
    jeffro28 Dec 18, 2011

    Ex customer. If you want to talk to a PERSON good LUK

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  • Me
    meadowofpeace Jul 03, 2014

    I have had nothing but HORRIBLE experiences with Menards in Detroit Lakes, MN. NO ONE wants to help! Ever!! The paint guy took 2 HOURS to mix my paint!!! Actually, he didn't even do it. I had to have someone from the carpet department come do it. Today I went to look at carpet and the guy was a complete idiot. I stood in front of his post for over 10 minutes when finally he came. He did not look like he wanted to help me at all. I asked him many questions regarding purchasing carpet and when I asked him where I could find the pricing for carpet pads, he wouldn't even leave his post to SHOW me where it was, instead he just told me in a non-descriptive manner. I couldn't find it for 10 minutes and had to ask him twice! Ridiculous! At the end of my visit I spoke with a manager and told her about what happened and how it was quite frustrating that he was so unwilling to help. Instead of offering an apology of any kind she just kept saying "Oh, ok." Really?? That's how they run the store? I am done wasting my time and will never be returning there. Enough is enough. Either hire people that will actually help or close down.

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  • Fr
    freedom from menards Jul 06, 2014

    I am a former employee and its true they don't care about guests and their employees. The reason why no one is around is because they keep the stores understaffed so the managers can make bigger bonuses based on payroll. I have had many guests complaining of this too and its why nothing ever gets done. Its all about money for Menards over service and quality of the product. I did my best to help guests out. The training of team members is a joke and they don't help inform employees on products. They have us do in-home training which just teaches the basics and nothing on the brand or more technical stuff of the product. The reason they have bad service is because all the good employees quit and you have the dumb ### rejects left working there. Menards is not an employee friendly place and they take advantage of there workers and guests.

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backyard creations/chair cushions

We purchased 4 sets of chair cushions it says on the tags that they are Ever Luxe-poly fill springs back to...

reps / flyers / new policy

I have have been doing business with menards since 1980" s placing my flyers in there stores"' And...


I spent over $13, 000 on a kitchen remodel and bought my cabinets at the exasperating Evansville, Indiana store. The so-called designer made an error on the CAD drawing which forced me to spend more money on additional cabinets and brought construction to a halt for 3 weeks. Then, regarding the cabinets they should NOT have put on the order, I got "No ma'am, you absolutely cannot return those two cabinets, they were special order." They also lost the entire computer file (read here - most likely deleted it when they saw they made the error because the guy got up and left the area for a few minutes to go to another computer, returned, and after "searching" for a while, said it was gone. Yes I still have the printout of the file though). They refuse to admit they made a mistake, and the store manager, C. M., is a *** who only cares about covering his own rear end and tells "Guest Services" he talked this over with me several times with the resolution that I didn't want to return the unnecessarycabinets. He called ONE time and that was nearly 6 weeks after the cabinets came in. Also, the Eau Claire Guest Services will "only do business by mail"... snail mail. They don't thoroughly read the mail you send them, so their answers are inane and uninformed. They also did not respond to the BBB complaint until 3 weeks after the case was closed. Completely frustrating, unbelievable indifference, and outright denial. Even after numerous letters of explanation of the problem, Guest Services still was saying it was a manufacturer's problem. Now that the Attorney General is involved, they are saying they offered to take them back and I said no, but when I asked for that in writing, they refused. NEVER NEVER NEVER again. My contractor referred his next remodel to another store after seeing what lousy service Menard's has.

  • Ka
    Kalamazoo JIM Aug 26, 2010

    I totally agree. From my ex.perience, it sounds like a re;lay. If you are refered to Guest Services, get ready for an impossible trip. I purchased carpeting. I had the installer that was on their recommend list pick it up to install. Found the carpet thickness off an eighth of an inch I didn't think that was a big deal. He showed me and it looked OK until it was glued down. Now there is a complete difference in paatterbn between the two pieces! I immediately went to Menards and spoke with the salesperson. He responded that unfortunately the 2 pieces came from different lots. The often happens when that is the case. I asked, "Why would you select unmatching pieces to fill my order? Well he insinuated that sometimes things like that happen. I was getting nowehere so I asked for the store manager. He came, told me about the same thing. Said they didn't have enough to replace the section that was a problem and I would have to contact guest services. So they gave me the forms to complete and send to Wisconsin. I couldn't believe that they would not solve the problem locally. After all, I purchased the product from them, installed it and it was not satisfactory. Anyway, I sent a letter and all the information requested and about sten days later, I received a copy of a letter they had sent to Citation Carpeting in Dalton, GA! It said that I had received questionable product and THEY should contact me right away. They never did but customert services did. They offered 2 solutions that would return some of the purchase price with instore credits. Neither solution was satisfactory. I had paid for the installation, one solution would require me to pay to have it removed and returned but they wouldn't pay for the adhesive used for the installation or the metal doorway hardware. After 2 or 3 more letters and reaponses that in general said the same thing, I got the feeling that they would prefer I just go away. So I went back to the store in Kalamazoo, MI and asked for the manager. I took my file and pictures and he was very sympathetic. Asked me what I would like and I said I would like the old stuff replaced or I would keep it as is but would like a CASH refund of 274.00. I said that the last thing on earth that I would want was an instore credit for Menards. He told the cashier to give me 274.00, was very apologetic and indicated that Guest Services in Wisconsin, relys too much on form letters and probably do not even read your response. I thanked him and said I appreciated them taking care of it at the local level after I had spent 8 WEEKS, trying to get the Co. to stand behind the products it sells. If I were a contractor, I would advise to STAY CLEAR OF MENARD'S. you are asking for trouble!

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  • Fa
    fa0gdafgobanfdgho[ubaga May 17, 2011

    same situation at my store, scheduled for 28 hours in a week and maybe work 16...maybe. then on weekends, its stay till its done. we dont care if you are here all night.

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horrible service

I went to the Morton Grove Menards looking for some cabinets to purchase. I asked Lorena if I could get pricing information and delivery charges. She clearing did not want to help me and tried pushing me off on another gentlemen. I asked to speak to a manager.Lorena replied "I am the manager". My daughter and I did not want to argue with her so we just walk out. I decided to write this letter.She has no idea how to be a manager. I should off let her put me off on her co worker. Thank you Lorena for making that day horrible for me.

  • Du
    dudertonmcnally Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well, dumbass, you probably interrupted her while she was doing something else. Managers have a lot of ### to do, so nine times out of ten they're ###ing busy. She was probably asking the other guy to help because he wasn't busy at all. God forbid she tries to get you some help like you're asking for. Stupid ###ing ###.

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  • Me
    meadowofpeace Jul 03, 2014

    I have had nothing but HORRIBLE experiences with Menards in Detroit
    Lakes, MN. NO ONE wants to help! Ever!! The paint guy took 2 HOURS to
    mix my paint!!! Actually, he didn't even do it. I had to have someone
    from the carpet department come do it. Today I went to look at carpet
    and the guy was a complete idiot. I stood in front of his post for over
    10 minutes when finally he came. He did not look like he wanted to help
    me at all. I asked him many questions regarding purchasing carpet and
    when I asked him where I could find the pricing for carpet pads, he
    wouldn't even leave his post to SHOW me where it was, instead he just
    told me in a non-descriptive manner. I couldn't find it for 10 minutes
    and had to ask him twice! Ridiculous! At the end of my visit I spoke
    with a manager and told her about what happened and how it was quite
    frustrating that he was so unwilling to help. Instead of offering an
    apology of any kind she just kept saying "Oh, ok." Really?? That's how
    they run the store? I am done wasting my time and will never be
    returning there. Enough is enough. Either hire people that will actually
    help or close down

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late fee

I paid my bill online 1 day late. The total of the bill was $32.45 and because it was 1 day late, I recieved a $30 late fee. Since I am a good customer since about 1994, I figured it would be no problem for them to waive this fee. They refused because 1 other time in the last 15 monthes I had been late again by 1 day. I know being on time is important, but this is crazy. I've built a 6 car cedar sided garage and 2 large steel buildings using Menards plans and materials, not to mention remodeled several properties using Menards. What's more, I have plans for 2 more buildings this spring. Menards will not be seeing this business thanks to Jasmine in customer service.

  • An
    AnitaGalloway Oct 25, 2010

    I stopped at Menards to pick up some times. When I went to pay for the items with a check, I was told my check was declined. I went to the bank, got the cash, went back to Menards and bought the items. This was on a Saturday. I was told that if I had any questions, to call the number on the back of my check, which I did. The phone number (715-876-2480) had a recording on it saying they are only open Monday > Friday 8am > 5pm. I left a message. After playing phone tag many times...I called when someone was suppose to be in the office & they returned my calls when I was at work. I finally did reach someone. Here's what I was told...your check was declined because you wrote a check to Menards September 11, 2010 & it was returned for insufficient funds. She did tell me the check number when asked, though I was told she had to restart her computer to find that out (it was 4:30). She then said not to worry though because everything was all cleared up 09/29/2010. I then called my bank & explained the situation to them. The check written 09/11/2010 had cleared my bank 09/17/2010 and NO it had not been returned for insufficient funds. The bank also advised that I call Menards back & find out what is needed to get this cleared up. I called 715-876-2480, Samantha, back - what a surprise I got an answering machine, again. Less than 10 min's had passed between the initial & subsequent call. It was now 4:40. I did leave a message on the answering machine stating please leave a message on my answering machine with the address where I can send material to get this cleared up. I included my name, bank account number & phone number. Samantha at 715-876-2480 returned my call & all that was left on the answering machine was her name & number.

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cc fraud

When I purchased lumber from Menards, I was asked by the sales assoc if I would like a Menards card. They took one of my credit cards, ran it through their machine and told me I was approved for the 6 months same as cash. We used the card, and went to pay it off, and they had attached a Protection Elite Plan to our card, and it cost us $55.60/mth. When I called to have it removed, they said I had to remove it within 30 days, and since it was past that, I had to pay the $270.53!Menards, and Prot Elite refused to remove the charges! (The Prot Elite is only for appliances, which we had not purchased). I closed our account and refuse to purchase anythin else from them. We have spent over $20, 000.00 for our pole barn there, but because of them being underhanded and riping us off, we will go some place else and pay the higher dollar.

  • Du
    dukhuntr Apr 17, 2010

    don't get the card. they are a rip off anyway. why would you pay interest on money when you have the money to pay the day of the purchase? read the terms and conditions that accompany the card. that's your own fault. you have to sign for the card and any protection you have them put on it. atleast you got a quality barn at a great price before you decided to boycott menards.

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ripped coat on wire cage endcap

Be Careful Menards Front counter Assistant Manger only says she sorry. Did not offer to repair it . LOL I...

lack of service

Went in to inquire about 6" Car Siding, they had it in their computer for 0.33 per foot. (3.30 per 10'...

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