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Sherwin-WilliamsCustomer service at store was poor

my name is Dena Dellicompagni and on 1/30/2021 I went into Sherwin Williams 705630 Pottstown, PA and ordered 10 gallons of paint as there was a nice sale going on and I was going to be having a few rooms in my house painted in the next few weeks. After going back and forth with associate Brian about what kind of paint was needed I decided on ALL flat paint for my rooms as we were doing a kitchen, two story foyer, upstairs hallway, master bedroom (which has never been painted and still had the builders grade on the walls) and master bathroom (which has never been painted, has a vaulted ceiling with a lot of drywall damage that needed to be fixed). Brian and I spoke about possibly doing a stain in the bathroom but once he said that satin would show all the imperfections in the walls I decided that flat paint would be the better option. I ordered SW6386 Napery for my two story foyer, upstairs hallway AND master bathroom. I ordered a 5 gallon drum of it and another gallon just in case. Over the course of the next couple weeks my painters started painting. This past weekend on 2/27/21 they needed another gallon of the Napery as they were running low so I went in and associate Brian was there again, he looked up my file and gave me a gallon of Napery flat paint. Saturday night after it was all dry I noticed all sorts of roller marks and a difference of color. I spoke to my painter and I looked on my receipts and noticed a formula difference. I called the store today and spoke with associate Ed and found out that the reason for the formula difference was bc the extra gallon I received on 1/30/21 was a satin gallon not a flat, but it was the SW6286 Napery color. I spoke with Ed and he told me they would fix it and give me what I needed once the painter came and told me how many gallons would be needed to fix it. Well, then a little while later associate Brian who helped me originally on 1/30/21 and this past Saturday 2/27/21 called me and asked what happened. I explained to him that my painters were painting and needed another gallon and that after they were finished I noticed roller marks and the difference of color. He then ventured to tell me that the one gallon was a satin and that's why. I told him I did not order a satin and reminded him of our conversation about satin versus flat and that the same color was being used in 2 separate areas. He argued with me that my painters should have noticed it was satin. But how is that possible since the same color was being used in 2 areas? I had a 5 gallon drum of the paint in flat so why would I only buy a gallon of the satin? He continued to argue with me, telling me it was my painters fault and not his. He said he would never tell a customer to use flat paint in the bathroom. But I reminded him that he told me I would see imperfections so I decided to just go with the flat all around. He could not understand that the same color paint was being used in 2 areas so that is why the painters did not study the satin paint can. Brian was extremely rude, telling me that my painters were incompetent and that he could've made a purple paint in that can and asked if they would've noticed that. I told him of course they would because it would have been a different color. This was not a different color, it was the same color used in 2 different areas of my home, why would I get only one gallon of satin? Now I have no idea how many gallons we will need to correct it since I am sure they used the paint to touch up other areas because they had no clue one can was a satin finish. I am extremely disgusted with he level of customer service I received after spending almost $700 in that store. He offered to give me a gallon but said if touch ups are needed because the painters didn't read the can that's not his problem. But, I am sorry but it is his problem. Now I have to pay for more paint and pay my painters to come and fix it all because he gave me the wrong gallon. He then asked me why would he take the time to make the can of satin and put "bathroom" on the lid label if I wasn't using the satin. I told him because he made a mistake that's why. I feel very strongly that Sherwin Williams should pay for this to get fixed.

Please feel free to call me at [protected] to get this resolved or email me at [protected]

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    Dec 10, 2020

    Sherwin-Williams — Lifetime warranty on exterior duration paint. Honor it or remove it.

    In July of 2011 I had my house painted by a professional painter in Bridgeport WV. He sold me on the Duration...

    Sherwin-WilliamsCordless painter purchased in southbend in made by Graco

    Bought painter for small job I am acontractor for sehar truckstops aka gallops used painter one time to paint small signs cleaned as per instructions went to use it on weekend would not spray checked the troubleshooting section in manual said if it sprays paint but not water pump life is shot so you sell them for over 400.00 dollars and we can only use them 3 hrs. Whats wrong with this picture check out how much product we bought this year and last year you should be ashamed of your company to rip off your contractors your hambuger lunch once will not cover bad salesmen ship respectfully summitted carl sheets /contractor

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      Oct 02, 2020

      Sherwin Williams — Salesman not wearing mask properly for covid protection.

      I visited the Ashland Store where I have always bought my paint and supplies for years. I was waited on by a...

      May 24, 2020

      Sherwin-Williams — Customer service

      I've had to bring paint back to the store 3 times because the paint wasn't shaken. The color...

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      Nov 14, 2019

      The Sherwin-Williams Company — bad customer services

      Sale Tran# 5880-4 E26/15504 Jerry Hi, I went to the store around 9:17 AM to buy some paint. Mr. Jerry wa...

      Oct 14, 2019

      Sherwin William — manager name tom, the store on philips hwy, jacksonville fl 32256

      This morning, my husband bought a gallon of matching paint and when I tested it on the wall it didn't...

      Oct 07, 2019

      The Sherwin-Williams Company — pant color

      I went Yesterday October 6 to buy Color Code SW7011. Today when I start to paint in some parts that got...

      Oct 04, 2019

      The Sherwin-Williams Company — paint

      I am writing to you as a disgusted customer. I went to your store at 1262 SW 4 St Cape Coral Fl. Talk manger...

      Oct 03, 2019

      The Sherwin-Williams Company — concrete stain purchase/return attempt

      This past Saturday (September 28), around 10 am I attempted to return a concrete stain that I had purchased a...

      Sep 26, 2019

      The Sherwin-Williams Company — emerald urethane paint/customer service

      Hello, I purchased a quart of your Emerald line paint in Dark Night. So a very deep color. I was recommended...

      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      The Sherwin-Williams Companywrongful termination

      My name is [removed], former Lead Operator at the Matteson Plant. With 5 years in this place, I have tried my best to mediate this current situation every way possible, and have lost everything in my life to the point of homelessness.

      The management at Matteson knew well that I was struggling with depression and failed to understand and accommodate myself during difficult moments and instead created a discouraging situation and was forced out the door. I understand they can be busy but I've tried many times to resolve these issues while employed. The alleged disruptive conduct that is claimed against myself is due to attempts to express my situation through email and phone calls and was unaware that calling or emailing during break or off hours was considered disruptive. There were a few occasions that were suggested that I resign after issues that I brought up were brushed under the rug or unable to be resolved for weeks prior to my resignation. On top of the emotional distress I was under the last 2 years and experienced a mental breakdown in result of losing my job without any consideration to the fact that I was suffering a mental illness of major depression and anxiety, is ridiculous and disappointing coming from this company.

      My judgement was clouded from the high level of stress and constant discouragement to be unable to express my issues properly. I just needed some understanding and encouragement at the time. Not to be berated over issues outside of my control. Even struggling I made numerous attempts prior to resolve any issues, such as moving to another shift (3rd shift) which was declined due to the fact there wasn't a 3rd shift even though 3rd shift opened back up just days after I was wrongfully terminated.

      At that time of my unintentional resignation I was struggling with major depression and anxiety, which I was clinically diagnosed, even though I tried to rescind it minutes after that day and everyday after. I was then advised by HR Director [removed], to fill out conflict resolution forms to corporate. Afterwards, It was stated by management that had I not contacted corporate I would have been had my job back, even though management suggested it to begin with.
      I then received the corporate termination letter which falsely characterized me as a horrible, violent person and assassinated my character throughout stating due to my attempts to contact to rescind, my termination would be effective immediately.

      At the [removed] I was a great employee, one of the best. Yes I did panic after realizing I had lost my job but I was never violent or threatening or used any profanity. I apologized for my lapse in judgement in sending a one sentence email stating my two weeks, but the decision to ban me from the company is unnecessary and didn't need to escalate to the point of myself experiencing a mental breakdown. Since the termination, I've been held against my will for two weeks, my dad has suffered a stroke, I am swamped with bills and lost everything.

      While having daily panic attacks and insomnia, I was manipulated into thinking that signing the separation agreement with two weeks pay would place me in good standing with the company. It wasn't until after it was sent and received that I was notified by corporate lawyer [removed]n that I will never be rehired.

      The separation agreement that was made by this company has no consideration to what I was experiencing at the time. I was misguided into believing that this would place me in good standing with the company versus a termination status, and be eligible to be rehired. The misleading agreement was only created to the best interest of one party and only one party. [removed] took advantage of the vulnerable state I was in to further destroy my reputation with this company and avoid a lawsuit. The entirety of this situation is filled with deception, manipulation, and retaliation after attempting to voice my concerns to the corporate directors. 

      I strongly believe this is all wrong and I've been completely misunderstood. The actions that Sherwin-Williams executed has caused profound stress, contributed to the decline of my mental health which further escalated it into a major depression episode and has also added to the statistics of depression victims after a traumatic event such as a job loss aside from losing all I have. This unnecessary situation I have been subject to was blown out of proportion by the Corporate office of Sherwin-Williams and never should have occurred.

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        I have moved on to a better company.

        The Sherwin-Williams Companysherwin williams paint and primer together in sands of time. infinity brand

        My entire house inside is painted sherwin williams sands of time. I love it but... recently my son moved out so we were going to paint his room and re do as home office. Went to Lowes purchased Infinity paint by Sherwin Williams in sands of time. Paint and primer in one and once it is on the walls i absolutely hate it. It was supposed to be flat. It has a sheen to it and no matter how many times u roll the wall once it dries u see splotches or roller strokes. Do not like the finished look at all. So with 1/2 bucket left and nearly $50 down the drain I will be throwing rest of paint away. And still have the room to re-do. Just wondering if the finish is due to it having a primer because it looks glossy and horrible on the walls. Every single roller stroke or brush stroke is noticed. Just want plain flat paint and now i dont know if i even want to attempt to purchase again. So over it. Home project and lots of money gone wrong.

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          The Sherwin-Williams Companysher-max caulk

          In the summer of 2017, we had our home painted. Hoping to get the most out of our money and inconvenience, we chose to buy the best paint and caulk our money could buy. We chose Sherwin-Williams' Sher-Max Urethanized Elastomeric Sealant caulk; we were willing to pay more for its promises of a crackproof seal, excellent durability, and lifetime warranty. I am writing to notify you of the breaches of contract and warranty in relation to this product. My husband and I wish to be made whole.

          We did everything right. We used the highest quality caulk you make. It was fully dried before it was painted, the joints were less than 1/4" in width, and it was not applied too thinly. Yet, the caulk has failed on nearly every single joint. Whereas, for the first couple of months we looked with pleasure at all of our freshly painted walls and trim, now, we look with dread, knowing our eyes will be caught by failing caulk, filling us with regret at what we spent, both in inconvenience and money.

          By late fall of 2017, we began to notice significantly cracked and faulty areas of the newly caulked and painted walls. Our bedroom, particularly, had caulk that was separating from the trim above and below it. Numerous other areas in the house had similar occurrences. It was mesmerizing, but not in a good way. We began conversations with the store about the situation in December of 2017.

          Communications with Davaul Carter, the local SW sales representative, and the local store were spotty. I was told numerous times by the store managers (Gray and Brandon) that they would address the issue, either by having Mr. Carter (or his replacement) contact me or speaking with Mr. Carter and then getting back in touch with me. Mr. Carter was, for the most part, unresponsive to my calls, emails (attached, ) and texts. As I had left numerous messages for him without hearing back, I called him with my number blocked. He was fairly hostile, demanding to know why my number was private.

          To be fair, Mr. Carter visited my home more than once. On February 23, 2018, he brought a caulk chemical specialist to view what was puzzling to us at the beginnings of the caulk failure. They asked to see representative samples of the failure and were both baffled by it nearly hanging by a thread on my bedroom wall. The expert was unable to determine why the product was failing. I spoke with Mr. Carter on March 5, 2018 at which point he offered $350 to cover the labor for fixing the caulk, as well as the needed materials. It was concerning to me that he would think he knew what the repair would cost, when he had only seen a small portion of the failure in the home. My husband and I did not think this came close to the expense we would incur for the repair, and I told Mr. Carter so. Mr. Carter then offered to bring a painter he worked with to get an idea of what the repair would cost.

          The week of April 15 of 2018, he brought Pedro, of Lulos Painting, to my home. I didn't receive a copy of the attached Lulos' quote, which only included labor, of $2, 580 until June 18, 2018, at which point Mr. Carter offered a token $750 to fix the failing caulk, plus the cost of materials over the phone. Based on the quote of $2, 580, this offer did not make us whole, and I told him so. I asked him to at least cover the cost of the job, and he replied that he would get back to me. I never heard from him again.

          After leaving several unreturned messages on his voicemail and sending numerous unanswered text messages, I sent an apology email to him for my "dropping the ball" on September 13, 2018 in the hope to elicit some type of response from him and continue our conversation. I even said that I would accept the $750 offer. I also went to the store and asked Gray to have Davaul call me, but I never heard from him again. Months later, I went to the store, again, to ask for him to call, but found that he was gone, as was Gray.

          Brandon seemed somewhat more responsive after a couple of visits to remind him that I was still waiting to hear what they would do to help me with the issue. With Davaul gone, Brandon had to start fresh, I believe, with a new sales representative. This, too, took months. Finally, I was offered a refund of all materials I purchased for the job, and some materials towards fixing. The refund offer would have done little to cover even the Lulos estimate of the previous March to fix what was wrong with the caulk at the time of the estimate.

          I underestimated the job and materials significantly, so I am glad that I did not accept this token offer. The issue has worsened exponentially since Davaul Carter and Lulos visited my home back in April of 2018. At this point, there are very few joints where Sher-Max is not significantly cracked, separating, popping, or peeling off the walls and trim.

          In March of this year, we were quoted by a professional painting company to re-caulk and re-paint our entire interior. The cost for the job will be $19, 327.00. The walls, trim, and ceilings have to be repainted because the Sher-Max caulk must be completely removed. (The situation has even worsened since March.) The project will include significant inconvenience, pain, and suffering. To prepare for the work, we will have to remove all paintings, pictures, wall decorations, window coverings, and blinds. We will have to pack up small and fragile objects. We will have to remove small furniture and wall mounted electronics.

          We paid for the best caulk on the market and had it professionally applied, expecting it to last for years to come. Shortly after its application, it malfunctioned, failed, or otherwise proved defective. It did not perform according to ordinary consumers' reasonable expectations or as you have warranted. We cannot afford to paint our home again, nor can we afford to live elsewhere at our own expense while the repair work is done. This has caused us immeasurable pain and suffering and will continue to cause anguish until the caulk is removed and replaced, painting our entire home all over again.

          As of this date, our home remains in disrepair and continues to degrade as a result of your defective product, diminishing the home's value. I have made a good faith effort to give Sherwin-Williams a chance to fix my home and wish to be made whole.

          One last thing. On their website, SW says the caulk has a LIFETIME WARRANTY. On the tube, it says 1 year. This is false advertising.

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            Aug 20, 2019

            The Sherwin-Williams Company — lack of willingness to correct my paint color

            I purchased a gallon of paint from the Sherwin Williams at the above address on Saturday. After applying a...

            Aug 13, 2019

            The Sherwin-Williams Company — [protected] gallon k42t154 res ext fk ultra, staff did not listen to request

            Hello, my husband and I have been customers for years. We recently purchased a large amount of paint for our...

            Aug 12, 2019

            The Sherwin-Williams Company — their employees did not give me right information and wasted my time and money

            I decided to paint my front door and garage doors myself. It was my second time painting my garage door, but...

            Aug 08, 2019

            The Sherwin-Williams Company — employee

            This is the 4th time I have been in this store and had to deal with a very rude employee named...

            Aug 01, 2019

            The Sherwin-Williams Company — sale not honored

            My husband and I went into the store to get a gallon of paint. My husband inquired about the 30% off sale...

            The Sherwin-Williams Companypaint color

            We bought 5 gallons of paint my husband spent 3 hours painting and i noticed 2 tone in paint, i have pictures, very disappointed. My house looks like crap
            You can email me at [protected]
            Please get back to me on how you plan on resolving this bad paint issue, yes we mixed it very well.
            Thank you for your time and concern regarding this matter, I hope to hear from you soon.
            Tammy Bozinski,

            paint color
            paint color
            paint color

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