Menardsez click luxury vinyl plank

R Review updated:

Product looked good in store. Directions are basic and skimpy and do not provide solutions for working planks under toe-kicks. "Lock" strips are falling off boards. When cutting, corners chip easily. When "lifting previous plank", almost the entire floor comes apart. Now I know I got what I paid for which was still too much with all these problems. If I didn't need to get this project done ASAP I would return the product and go by something good somewhere.


  • Jo
    John Lawton Mar 19, 2016

    I'm in the process of laying the flooring right now. I experienced that same issue with corners breaking. Make sure you cut all the way through on the ends first and the corners will not crack. I've had no issue with the joining surfaces coming apart.
    Until you have the entire floor in place and your moldings down instability is normal. As I said, I've got about a third of my floor done and it looks great.

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  • Be
    Beth Schultz Dec 27, 2016

    I had the floor for two days and it has multiple scratches. Two days! Cant imagine what it will look like in two months. Cheap prouct.

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  • De
    Devongirl Apr 14, 2017

    I've never had a more frustrating and difficult time joining planks together. They are easy to chip and very difficult join seamlessly​. These are going back.

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  • Im
    im69fishes May 02, 2017

    I installed this product in a camper and in my bathroom remodel. LOVE IT! I did have some issues with some lock strips that were broken in the package. I took that package back and Menard's exchanged it with no problem. As far as the corners and cutting go? Take your time and use the right tools. I found that a pair of left hand offset aviation snips (best used if you are right handed) work perfect for cutting straight lines and were very good for cutting corners and rounded areas. I am thinking about laying these planks in my kitchen. They are completely waterproof and durable.

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  • At
    Ats1800 Nov 29, 2017

    Absolute garbage. Put pads on dining room chairs and it still scratches. Pad on couch feet, still scratches, total waste of time and money. Once holidays are over, it’s coming out. Considered contacting the company but I’m sure that will be a, “ you didn’t use space aged pads so we’re not libel”sister in law spent big bucks on hers and no scratches. We didn’t buy the bottom of the barrel stuff and expected as such, guess sometimes you learn the hard way.

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  • Da
    Dawn Jamieson Aug 09, 2018

    Floor looked good when first put down. We have a dog and sometimes he drools a little bit. took the finish right off and have tried everything to get the shine back on. You can see every spot. Looks terrible. Probably won't be long till it's replaced with something else.

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  • Jo
    Joshua T Dec 06, 2019

    I found this product very hard to install correctly. Almost impossible to get seams to lay flat. Maybe its just my lack of experience but I would not recommend this product for a do it your-selfer. I have to say I used the product three different times...ya I know... kept hoping for a different result. Result was a carpet over the whole thing. Its a nice idea but the application is terrible. I would love to have someone show me how to interlock the side seam and the long seam at the same time. You cannot tilt the tile two different directions a the same time. You get one, the other one pops out. Too old for this kind of agro.

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