Meijerrancid smell


My husband went to buy groceries on 6/16/12 at the Cumberland store. As he proceeded to the meat department he states there was a rancid smell that filled the entire meat isles. Several other customers were holding their noses and complaining. Needless to say my husband decided to just purchase the bread and soap he had in his cart and leave. We haven't shop at this store in a long time, although it used to be one of our favorites, due to a similar issue. You would think someone who works there would notice something as vile as that. Hopefully you correct this issue but we will not be back any time soon.


  • Why The Long Faces Jun 17, 2012

    Happened at the home town grocer we always used for years. They had to take the meat bunker apart and sterilize and clean it. It seems some meat had a broken or loose package and blood seeped out into the bottom. After awhile it rots. They cleaned it and all good.

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