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Terminated by manager scott green after confronting him multiple times that I have higher senority than another team member on the morning shift and I would like to bump him for that shift. A month passes and manager scott green still refuses to do a thing for me. I informed him to once more about it and was terminated. So I spoke with union rep. Lamont williams and filed a grievance on the 26th of september 2016. October 19th 2016 I finally recieve an update that the company is saying I resigned and they refuse to go any further with the case and denied my grievance. I was told I was terminated in the store meijer #208 on september 20th 2016 by scott green. Yes terminated. Please make sure the managers you hire have brains. Was also told from a manager at a different location that nanagers can not fire you it has to be by the store director which scott green is not. Now tell me again how I was not terminated? Would also like to add how nothing was done about lower senority team members getting scheduled more hours than higher senority team members and how when I was terminated scott green told me i'm going to give him attitude after he gave me a raise. First of all that raise to $10.10 per hour that I was suppose to get never came and second that money that I should have got (Never did) did not come out of scott greens pocket so how exactly did he give me the raise? I want something done about this. I'm fired over a little confrontation when someone on the receiving team threatened to kill other team members and even a female manager and gets suspended for a couple days.? Brains.. It's nice to have one


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      Oct 19, 2016

    Angry with company.. Managers and union

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  •   Oct 19, 2016

    Seniority and day shift. Haven't heard that discussed since my dad, UAW, toolroom, big three, circa 1960. You got what you asked for. It's 2016.

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