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Hi, my name is Ashley Johnson, my username is Sasha, and the email address account associated with my Mega account is [protected]

The Issue:

My account has been banned by Mega because Mega personal saw multiple different people posting with my account.


I believe that I unintentionally violated Mega's guidelines because I had lost my phone on several occasions and attempted to log into my account from several other phones, however, I promise not to log into my account from any other device that is not mine without permission from Mega first (if appropriate) or not to log in to my account from any other device that is not associated with my account.( Screenshot attached hereto).

Ashley Johnson Case:

I believe that the ban is unjustified and should be lifted because I was told that I could create a new account and not to log in my account from various accounts and I have provided a screen shot from Mr. Joe Johnson attached hereto.

Requesting A Review:

Desired outcome: Requesting A Review: I would like to request that the support team review my case and reconsider the ban because I now understand that Mega personal has a strict policy in Louisiana that specifically says " one person per account".

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