I am right now on megabus, went from Los Angeles and heading to San Fransisco. The first driver was definitive falling asleep while he was driving. I was scared. Luckily they changed the driver to the second one. However she is even worse. She is driving reckless. She have been honking on other cars every second minute, as well other cars have been honking on her. She almost hit another truck. I can’t sleep. I am scared for my life. I was suppose to get rested since we are not arriving in SF until 6:35am. I will never take mega bus again. Mega bus wrote safety comes first on the website. None of the drivers are safe. The company should definitively check on the drivers. I grow up with racing. And are usually never afraid on the road. This night/morning I am for the first time very scared because of the drivers!!!

Please let me know when you have taking care of this. I do not want this happen to other people.
My email is [protected]
Thank You

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