Maytagwashing machine, poor service


Our 6 month old Maytag washing machine had some problems so we called the store that we bought it from for service. The first service tech guy showed up an hour and fifteen minutes late and we could smell alcohol on his breath. I watched him try to disassemble the machine using a putty knife and a pry bar. He was prying on parts of the machine that don't even come apart and had some of the spring clips flying off the machine which he did not find or replace. After half an hour of tearing the machine apart, he finds out that the company sent the wrong part. I phoned the company and told the owner about the smell of alcohol on the tech's breath and his lack of knowledge on how to dis-assemble the machine. The store owner said he would get the right part and another service tech out the next day, which he did. The next day the second service tech came out and replaced the part and left before I got home. I put a load in the machine and had to leave for town again for about two hours. When we returned, I found water all over my laundry room floor from the washing machine. On further inspection of the machine, I noticed that the machine had not been properly put back together and there was a big blood smear on the front of the machine from the service tech and the spring clip that the first guy lost was not replaced either. I then got my digital camera and took pictures of the machine to show the store owner the next buisness day. I showed him the pictures and told him that I thought that the machine might have been damaged from the improper dis-assembly and assembly and that I wanted him to replace it with a new one. He said that he could send his service techs back out to try and fix it, ( 2 days later) or if that if I wanted a new machine he would only give me $300 towards another machine if I returned my machine. I told him that this was the worst service I had ever had and told him that I wanted the Maytag Canada phone number to lodge a complaint, which he then gave me. I told him this was the first and last time that I would buy any Maytag product.


  • Kl
    klvm Nov 21, 2011

    As this was written in 2008 its a bunch of crap cause they have new service techs this sight needs to be updated also knowing stories of how a lot of customers can be in these situations they over exaggerate a lot because they have no patience to wait for appliance parts to come in. oh and when it comes to them being late have you ever thought that maybe the job before hand took longer then expected... ### happens!

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  • Tb
    tbastien Mar 20, 2015

    i agree the service is AWFUL, As a business its very important our appliances function just as well as our staff... we have 6 washers all brand new (within 6 months) purchased from Jacks. We have one that leaks very bad, and have had a tech come "look at it" three times to date. i am currently trying to get another tech as no problems have been fixed and or even diagnosed. im no technician but eyeballing a machine for 30 mins will NOT help you find out what wrong... if i can not have the problem resolved today we will be returning the "warrantied" machines and going a different root. Sad to say but they are ranked -10 on customer service skills... very very displeased!

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