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Out of sudden, my Maybank ATM card got deactivated for no reasons at all, and without prior notice. Thus, I am not able to make any withdrawal at the ATM. This has been happening for 2 days already.

And since I work on weekdays and Maybank does not open on weekends, so I can't make a direct complaint at any of their branches. Therefore, I called their customer service to find out what is happening.

Unfortunately, nobody answered my call. Maybank mentioned that their customer service is 24 hours a day, including of public holidays. But I had called up 4 times. I waited for 5 minutes each for the first two calls, and 10 minutes each for the last two calls before hanging up. That's a total of 30 minutes wasted!!


  • Ni
    Nicholas Lim Feb 01, 2008

    100% agreed!On a trip overseas, Maybank suddenly blocked my card. Wasted nearly RM150 trying to call them for over an hour just like the author and nobody picked up the bloody phone! My friends also have complained about their money lost from their accounts. This bank is the worse bank in Malaysia! Furthermore the bank management is arrogant as shown by the "Boycott Maybank" campaign by the National Union of Bank Employees. It also practises rascism by only giving contracts to Malays only in line with the ruling parties racial supremacy ideology of Ketuanan Melayu. All right thinking Malaysians should boycott this useless, arrogant rascist bank.

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  • I am Shanmuga Priya A/P Mohanathas and the said amount was lost on last year 2007.

    I have lodge a report to Police & been informed to ATM (MBB Customer Care Consultants Mr. John) - Tel No.: 03-20787878 / 1300-886688

    Mr. John was clarified that the money was debitted into Indonesia Bank (FTT - Fund Transfer Account) I was surprised and shocked because without my knowledge and approval the third party unable to do the FTT. I was query him & he replied me that he is not too sure but it was a froud case.

    I was unhappy with his sentences and asked him whether the RM 1000.00 can be refundable or not; this because this amount I was kept it for my father-in- law's heart surgery. He (Mr. John of MBB - Customer Case Consultants said that definitely can and their team was notified & confirmed that this is a froud case & the money can be refundable at any time.

    The days were passed thru but the money STILL NOT refunded yet. I called him & asked him for the said amount. Finally, he said that the money cannot be refundable. I was unhappy & shocked. I asked him why the MBB was playing fool with the customer. He said that to contact with E-Channel (MBB) with Mr. Eddie (Tel: 03-20748632 / Fax: 03-20701185).

    As per his advise, I have contcted Mr. Eddie of E-Channel (MBB). Once, I spoken to him, he asked me to fax the necessary document such as:
    1. Police Report
    2. My Father-In-Law's medical report

    I have faxed immediately to him. Said that definitely the money can be refund. But his Managing Director was not around, once he back from the outstation he will put a request for my Lost of Amount, he said. After a week time he called me and said that his MD wanted to meet me for an appointment & investigation to refund back my money RM1000.00. I was so happy & asked him when can I meet him. said that will call me within 2 days. After 2 days he still not contacted me. So, I have called him and said that the money cannot be refundable. He said that his MD REFUSE to refund the money.

    But he advised me to lodge a report to Bank Negara.

    I have lodge a report to Bank Negara too.

    I'm still awaiting for their reply till now.

    I'm extremly dissappointed with MayBank services.

    Please advise,

    Mobile: 016-2007279

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  • Md
    Md Rizan bin Kassim Sep 09, 2008

    Saya penguna Maybank yang setia dan mengucapkan terimakasih di atas perkhidmatan yang diberikan. Walau bagaimanapun saya kesal dengan kemudahan yang disediakan di Mesin ATM, Cawangan Tawau, Sabah pada (Jumaat)5 Sep 08 lebih kurang jam 2000malam, ketika saya hendak mengeluarkan wang kepada mesin ATM, mesin berkeadaan baik, setelah memasukkan kad ATM dan menekan password, skrin memaparkan "Please wait..." . Selepas menanti 2minit skrin memaparkan [email protected]%@%@## dan kad saya disekat. Selepas menunggu 3-5 minit, Skrin kembali normal. Whyy?? Kemudian datang seorang lelaki beritahu kad dia juga disekat. Saya bertanya kepada Staf Maybank yang balik lewat pada hari tersebut tetapi jawapan nya "Encik kena ambil kad tersebut hari Isnin" (8 Sep 08). Saya terpaksa pulang Kuala Lumpur pada 7 sep 08 setelah tamat tugas di Tawau
    . Semoga pihak Maybank berusaha menyesesaikan dan mengambil tindakan yang sewajarnya...
    Kalau boleh hantar/kirim kad saya ke Maybank Cawangan Damansara Damai dan memaklumkan saya melalui HP 017 3519093 atau alamat rumah di Blok C-1-10 Apartment Indah, Jalan PJU 10/9, Prima Damansara, 47830 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. terima kasih.

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  • Za
    Zaman Oct 06, 2008

    May bank front line officers and cutomer service is really the worst i have ever faced. Listening to the stories and with my own bad experience it has been proven that our number 1 bank is doing a disaster service at customer service. Basically based on the current situations around the world, I am worried that if no body take any actions on this worst service, there would be lot of fraudulent cases can be happened due to this frontline officers and customer service.

    Actually i had bad experience with May bank 2 years ago, when my wife apply for a credit card. She has fill the forms with her correct name, then provided the pay slip, income tax form and also the photocopy of IC, but still her name is printed in the card wrongly. She called the customer service and as usual the "robot" customer service said sorry for the problem, we cannot do anything, you need to refax your photocopy of IC and we can change for you, thank you, any other issues... this is like recorded message in a robot. Then she receive the card, again the same mistake, this time she walk to the may bank centre and complaint... and got surprised you get the same messages you received from the robot customer service. And again the same mistake happened.. this time she shouted at them and we are still trying to use our number 1 bank service because we are malaysians.. finally the card name has been changed.

    Two years gone, i want to apply for a car loan, we want to try different bank, but my sales person said that we can approach may bank as she has a person who can do good job. We also want to support our malaysian bank and this time also submitted everything correctly. Application form, photocopy of IC, salary slips, income tax forms.. everything has been submitted. The loan got approved and they asked me to pay the first installment but i never received Hire & Purchase agreement. I was really fed up because i didn't get the agreement. Then i called and told them, then they said that i need to come and collect personally. But earlier they said that they will send to me. I was fed up then shouted at them, then they said they will send to me.

    I received my Hire and Purchase agreement after i paid my 2nd installment. What a wonderful service. Once I received, i got another surprise... Guess what? After my wife had bad time with them, now its my turn to have bad time.. My name is written wrongly there... Now i am wonder why they need photocopy of IC, salary slips, Income tax forms.. they are doing the basic work they need to do... which is check the names against everything.. and from that now i am worried how many loans has been approved with my IC number but with different name... I dont know how this kind of service can be provided by our pioneer bank in malaysia... this is really irritating service.. Again what to do we need to support our malaysian banking system.. so called them and informed them.. same robotic messages.. and they said i need to fax my photocopy of IC.. why should i need to do.. because they did data entry error.. what mistake i did.. i was really fed up with this kind of service.. i told them u come and collect me.. because i didn't do any mistakes.. and then no response.. then the customer service person said that he will call me.. i am still waiting for his answer.. but no response yet..

    If this kind of service continues.. there must be another bank will be closed due to fraudulent and bad customer service... Basic work is not doing by may bank means.. how they can provide hitech services.. i am really doubt with their effectivenes and efficiencies..

    If we dont improve our banking services.. there will be lot of problems will be happened.. because banking services are our backbones..

    Is any body will read this complaints or not?

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  • Je
    Jenny Dec 05, 2008

    I am here to complain about the poor service of a clerk in Penang International Airport Branch. My mother was about to deposit money to my account and she did not know how to write the deposit bill. She took a queue number and when it was her turn, she gave it to one of the staff and the staff said that it was wrong and asked my mom to move aside. My mom asked for her help as her flight was about to board. The old woman staff ignored my mom and did not even blink her eyes. To me, this attitude is worst!! How come she do not even help with this small matter. I am very dissapointed with the service and when I received a call from my mom this morning, telling about how bad day she had this morning. I hope Maybank will improve its customer service to those who do not know about banking. Poor attitude brings complaints..

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  • Ja
    Jade Mar 22, 2009

    Maybank sent my credit card bill statement to a wrong address and THEN sent me a late payment notice despite me updating my address in writing and phone calls countless times! They then send a statement to the right address but with a lump sum and with no trasaction details! WHAT BAD service!!!

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  • Tr
    Triangel Nick Jul 29, 2009

    I really so dissappointed with the service provided at Maybank Komtar. They really have a worst services among all bank at Georgetown area.
    Last week, I went to Maybank Komtar to open an amanah saham account. I waited at 9 am until they opened at 9.15 am. Then I asked the customer service whether the amanah saham still available and she said yes and gave me a form to fill in before I can get a queueing nombor. After I get the number
    and waited for my turn, the staff told me that the line is offline and unable to access. Therefore, I asked her why they gave me a number instead of just tell me is offline and save my waiting time. I didn't received any appologize from her, she just yell over the customer service, saying, "hey, you didn't let her know it is offline?". I left with anger and dissappointment.
    Today, I went again to put a FD for company and again I get a number and waited. As a results, the staff told me that they need us to fill in another form to open a FD where we normally just use a company authorized letter. She asked me to return to my company and bring all neccessary documents and come again. What the hell?? They think we as a consumer is so damn free to run back and return to the bank again just to give them business to do.

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  • Ma
    Mark Marshall Aug 26, 2009

    Your internet banking is a complete joke and complete waste of my time. I try to do a "simple" foreign telegraph transfer and over 45 minutes, this is a typical series of events:
    1. login
    2. click foreign transfer
    3. Click amount and calculate
    4. Instantly logs me out because I didn't click "currency first"
    5. Repeat steps 1-4
    6. Fill in all required info
    7. Request TAC
    8. Wait 10 minutes. No TAC. Logs me out. Repeat steps 1-4
    9. Carefully click everything because of one wrong click. Logs me out, rinse and repeat.
    10. Finally get TAC (after 15 min). Repeat all steps
    11. Put in TAC number
    12. TAC is no longer valid, logs me out, repeat
    13. Finally, get all info, enter TAC, look at clock, 6:01, all overseas transfers close.
    14. Scream in agony. Call hotline in frustration.
    15. Talk to self-service, can't hear commands. Cuts me off.
    16. Throw phone, computer and bank card out the window, cursing in frustration.


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  • Ri
    rizmanyaakub Sep 14, 2009

    saya Rossli Bin Yaakub telah membuat pembayaran loans kereta. semua hutang sudah selesai sekali dengan pembayaran wang kurier untuk penghatan letter B pada 22 may 2009. sampai sekarang belum sampai lagi setelah 3 bulan lebih. selepas itu saya menghubungi maybank cawangan ipoh Dia cakap dah submit ke taiping. Manybank taiping cakap dia orang tak dapat information dari ipoh. saya call cawangan taiping tetapi sehingga sekarang belum terima apa-apa pun. sussah sangat nak selesaikan kes itu atau service anda terlalu lembap.

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  • Th
    Thung Pik Kian Sep 28, 2009

    I never came across any other banks than Mayban Jalan Tun H S Lee with such a stingy in providing Fast Cheque Deposit Envelope.

    Although they have ONE scan cheque deposit machine, most of the time "OUT OF ORDER"

    When I request a Fast Cheque Deposit Envelope from the reception, always there are 2 malay girls showed their sour face by giving off the Fast Cheque Deposit Envelope.

    WHAT A SERVICE??????

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  • Sr

    Self sent INR 49, 738 (RM 3800) by Teligraphic Transfer on 23rd December 2009 from Maybank at MALURI, 55100-Kuala Lumpur to my SB A/C No: 5980101000332339 of
    AXIS Bank at "Divine Mercy Mansion"
    No: 7/A-42, Karthikeyan Salai,
    Periyar Nagar,
    Chennai-82, India.
    But so far not got creditted in my SB Account.
    Telegraphic Transfer (TT) Referance No: TMAT2312218727.
    Request to take necessary actions for early creditting please.
    Thank you,
    With regards,
    H/P No: 017-3724521.

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  • Ki
    Kinara Resident Jan 08, 2010

    I agree totally with all those with valid complaint.
    I actually face a very serious Customer Service problem at Maybank Giant Kinrara's branch.I took my daughter to Maybank branch to open a savings account. To my dismay i found the security guard taking care of customer service.I inquired on the procedure of opening a saving account for my daughter and the answer i got was " machine rosak" what a joke, what do you expect from a security guard. As i repeat my question the guard directed me to the counter for inquiry. I ask one of the over the counter girl, but she gave me a deft ear.Then I proceed to another counter maned by a man, as expected even worst.
    What can you expect from a third Grade Bank!!.If MAYBANK branches hire these type of staffs then you can surely expect Maybank to loose many of their good customers.
    Wake up and do a check on all your branches before you loose all your customer.
    3rd GRADE SERVICE from Maybank Giant Kinrara Branch.
    I proceed to CIMB to open my daughter's account.
    I definitely will not recommend " MAYBANK GIANT Bandar Kinrara Branch"

    Just be care full with your money.

    Disappointed Customer and Daughter.

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  • Js
    Js1979 Jan 30, 2010

    Maybank is bad. I purchased a LCD tv from Seng Heng Taipan and used my Maybank credit card, but the card kept getting error, so i used another card ( citibank ) to purchase the tv. Later i called maybank to inquiry why my card shows error, they said i have been billed for the LCD tv on maybank also... i asked them to remove the charges and they said i have to go back to Taipan and get the merchants to remove the charges . How do you remove the charges if the card was rejected, and how can they charge if there wasn't a slip to be signed ?
    Now after going back to Taipan, and asking the merchants to remove the charges, i called maybank cust care again, but they said call back in 3 days as its slow to update ... So now i have to wait 3 days to know if i am being billed 2 times or not !
    All those with Maybank card, please be cautious!
    What kinda service is this ??

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  • Mo
    Mohd Hood bin Abdullah Feb 25, 2010

    I work in South Africa and recently Maybank has blocked my ATM card when I did not specifically ask them to.
    I've wasted hundreds of ringgit calling and talking to their customer care "executives" since Sunday 21-Feb-10 and numerous e-mails (to which I always get a reply that says "Thank you for your e-mail, we'll revert to you in 3 working days") and until today (Thursday 25-Feb-10) my problem is not fixed!
    I chose Maybank to wire my USD salary as an "off-shore" account in the belief that they are the best in customer service, but I was wrong! The next time I'm going back to Malaysia I intend to close my account and take my money to HSBC (as advised by friends, which I never listened to before but I will now).
    I'm truly disappointed with Maybank customer service, I'm thousands of miles away from home and I can't get cash out of any ATM here. I am losing my integrity amongst friends for borrowing cash from them and not knowing exactly WHEN I'll pay them back.
    Now it's the end of the month & I'll have to pay my rent, I'll probably be thrown out of my apartment by the weekend while the Maybank customer care "executives" enjoy their long weekend!

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  • Li
    livlorraing Apr 05, 2010

    agree with their poor service, those staff attitude have to change by this century!!!
    I really so disappointed with the maybank Kulai~~
    can't make it...i can't accept to see their impolite face when i wanna asking somethings from them!!!

    MAYBANK IS BAD..because they didn't training their staffs properly and didn't educated them about what is the meaning of the service!!!

    I was going to open a saving account, but in the end i go away ...when i take the number, i was finding where is the counter to show up the number, but in the end, they just call us by using their mouth!!!
    very low standard~~

    the customer service staffs all looked lazy and do not feel like want working!!
    they open a saving account can used around 1 hour ...then doing half see other people doing what thing else..
    very busybody!!!

    their attitudes was horrible bad!!!
    i can't even accept their attitude!!!

    I want to complaint them !!!
    really, other bank also will not let customer feel angry as this!!!
    because they know how to change their attitude and how to improve their service..
    but this branch in kulai's maybank really did not know!!!
    they just thinking they are very proud work as a small staff at there!!
    when saw those rich boss, they'll faster say hello and ask them for anything need to help!!

    Those working in 1st floor staffs, all face looked blackist,
    even they free, they still do not want to work, go to other staff's table and chat there!!!

    REally baD...they never treat us as a customer!!!

    It was so shameful, if let other country people know that Maybank in Malaysia is like that!!!
    I think they also will laugh at us!!!


    Do not always step in the same place, has to improve!!!

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  • Is
    Ismail Mansor May 24, 2010

    Maybank really has a low standard of service and their staff was not trained well. You will receive diff version of instruction or info pertaining to 1 case or problem.

    Like my case, more than 3 weeks back somewhere in early April 2010, I discover additional account (AMEX) has been open when I view my Maybank2U, I feel surprise because I had never apply it and immediately I called the customer service and report this matter and at the same time request it to be cancel. The phone customer service officer agreed to take action within 2 weeks. Almost 3 weeks pass and I get a shock when received a phone call from I-Avenue branch and inform me that they received my AMEX card, which has been handed by my neighbor. The card has been sent to 2-5-6 while my address was 2-3-6.

    Luckily the card was at someone who is responsible enough and returns it to the bank. The I-Avenue staff informs me that I can go to any Maybank branch for cancellation since I got no time to go to I-Avenue since it was about 25km away from my office. During the weekend I drop by QueensbayMall branch since my saving acc was open there.

    I received a 2nd shock when the staff told me I couldn’t cancel without surrender the card together. What is this!!!??? Totally diff info again. On the same night I go up to level 5 of my apartment and look for the neighbor to re-confirm which branch had he handed my card to and he confirm he had handed to I-Avenue Branch.

    On the next day I got to take at least additional 1 hour off to go down to I-Avenue to process the cancellation of my AMEX charge card. Again I received another shock!!! The staff at I-Avenue claimed that the card was not with them!!! With whom then??!!??!! I feel really sucks that time...

    So irresponsible... Now I can't cancel the card simply because the card was not with me.
    So who hold my card???? They can't answer me!!!

    I post another question; can they proof me that I had made such AMEX Charge Card application?? Also they can't answer me... So where do they have all my information from???

    Guys!!! Our personal information is P&C, how can they simply use it for their own business matter to meet their sales target on the AMEX!!!

    My journey to I-Avenue from Georgetown and back was almost 50KM and yet this matter has not being resolve. I make another call to Phone banking officer and spoke to AMEX support and this time I really can't control my temper!!! It’s really test me...

    I worn them, I want to see this matter to resolve within 7 banking days as the phone office promise to me to do so. Otherwise I will make a serious complain to their board or director.

    This is really serious in miss handling of the customer information and it was against a bank secrecy act.

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  • Ta
    takutBank Aug 03, 2010

    Maybebank customer service still the same ten years ago...You cannot get a definate answer or a NATO situation and I always have a feeling that it is dangerous to offend them. But we are force to use MaybeBank because of the company we worked for...
    Hopefully they wake up soon because it is very inconvenient and expensive to do a transfer fund frequently. Anyway Maybank 2u is good but smeared by the pyhsical bad attitude of its workforce.

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  • Gi
    giang89 Mar 08, 2011

    Hi, I am a student from HELP University College and currently doing my graduation project which researches on "Customer Satisfaction towards Maybank service in KL". Please help me doing this survey which NOT requires your private information. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

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  • 88
    881177 Jul 29, 2011

    The worst ever service... Called them so many times just to know who deducted my money from the bank.. They transfered me to abt 7 to 8 ppl for this query..what r stupid bank.. I just wanna noe whi deducted... but they ask me to register for few things... and than say the line will connect back to them... it takes so long to connect back to them...They can even speak proper english.. Don noe what time of service n ppl are they...

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  • Ha
    haaa Sep 02, 2011

    They block my card, and its was holiday, customer service unable to proide any answer..Maybank just suck blood and no integrity! i close the account and moved on.

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  • Le
    Lee.H.F Sep 20, 2011

    Maybank staff was not trained well.

    I apply maybank credit card at Jalan Maarof recently. The staff even dont have information and knowledge about their own companys credit card. when im asking the services which customer can get cc within 60 min at KLCC still available or not? The staff tell me this services not available now, that was long time ago. I confirm with the staff once more time, but he give me the same answer too ...abit rude.

    Luckyly after this im calling maybank hotline for credit card inqueries and they telling me i can apply and get my cc within 60 min at KLCC and 1 Utama.

    im waiting more than 30 min just for apply maybank 2u online acc online password and pin no at Jalan Maarof...sweat...30 min per customer? so, how many customers can service by only a mbb staff???

    Hopefully Maybank can improve their staff quality.

    This is really serious in miss handling of the customer inquiries and information .

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  • Fr
    Frustrated girl1 Sep 24, 2011

    Their changes of transfer limit via Maybank2u is always under maintenance. This caused inconvenience to others who have changed their limit before as we can't transfer the money out during emergency. If they are not satisfied with their website, they shouldn't have put it in place at the first place. I have tried a few times during the past month and it is still under maintenance. Maybe MBB should speed up their work and provide better service. Shame on you!!!

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  • Js
    Jscheng Oct 07, 2011

    I want to use MAYBANK MONEY EXPRESS, Waited for 30min at the counter and at 3:50pm.
    The counter person after spending all his effort typing and printing tells me that the service close at 3:30pm.
    Why Can't they tell you earlier, I could have gone to other bank who provide better service and in 10min I am done.

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  • Ij
    ijeon Nov 15, 2011

    Lousy service at Dataran Maybank!! Called them to ask for a statement transaction error but they keep me waiting for 1 hours more to get the right person to answer my call. I keep calling few times and nobody response amd i try to call their manager since there have manager line in website . What a useless manager ! Just pick up my phone and said same things like his staff and pass by thru another line! 30 mins waiting and no response the manager refuse to pick up my line and cut off my line !!! What a Manager ?! Is this a manager responsible to take care of his customer like this way? At the end, i have nobody to solve my little problem .

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  • Al
    Allen Tan BS Sep 25, 2013

    Has been upset and frustrated to contact Maybank Hotline whether day or night...the line is always experiencing high volume...Really Bad Customers Service and Experience...CEO, Maybank, Ms Pollie Sim, please look into the internal processes...Maybank customer like me find it very hopeless and helpless when needed someone (staff) to attend to my concern on the wrong billing of credit card transactions. Please do something for your customers sake!

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  • Ta
    Tay Kim Hai Oct 16, 2013

    Hi Sir, i have out-standing payment to Maybank credit card.
    No payment was may for the past 6 months.
    I have receive call from the lawyer office. 03-76288000.
    I have agree to start make payment on November 2013. Every 6th of the month.
    But the lawyer office was dis-agree. Ask me to borrow what-ever.
    I need help from Maybank for the installment plan in order for me to pay back in 6 months time.
    My card no : 4966 2303 6001 1321
    I just receive the call again, they force me to pay by this 18th of end of the month.
    If i refuce, they will fresh all my bank account in Malaysia.
    I need help on this... kindly contact me as well...
    Thanks & Regards
    KH Tay --- 0147458747 / 01112405015

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  • Ez
    Ezed Apr 30, 2014

    Maybank customer service
    CC. Bank Negara Malaysia

    To whom it may concern,

    First of all, I called to cancel my Amex credit card, ATM card and check book around 5pm on 28 april 2014 due to snatched thief and my hand phone battery was running LOW .
    A guy assisted me and the phone line was really bad as it was heavy rain.
    Therefore, the line kept cutting off.
    Nevertheless, he told me that my Amex credit card was blocked.
    However, there was a rm50 charge on my Amex replacement. I don't agree and I Asked him to hold and dont replace my card first until I give further notice.

    Yesterday I called to Mbb Careline to make sure there was no illegal transactions during that period until just now. But I found out that:


    1) I only asked to cancel Amex card but the officer mistakenly cancelled both Amex and platinum visa.

    2) I am totally disagreed that I need to pay rm50 each credit card. So in this case am i going to pay rm100 to get my Amex n platinum visa?
    Replacement of ATM is rm12.

    If the customer officer who made the mistake and blocked my platinum Visa card, he is responsible to replace and pay for the fee.

    3) Maybank the most branches in malaysia can't even waive the rm50 While OCBC service was fast and within 3 working days and replace and sent the credit card to me without any fee.

    4) If Maybank unable to waive the charges, please write and sent me how many Amex points I have, I would like to convert the points to cash.
    Later I would l like to cancel all the current account, credit cards and ATM

    5) Last but not least, Maybank is TOTALLY NOT sensible at all when it comes to emergency like cancellation of lost card. When i called the maybank hotline for emergency, first whether you like or not, we ve to listen to all the irrelevant commercial sales for god knows how many seconds or minutes, then I ve to go thru about few options only to come to REPORT OF LOSS CARD!!!
    When it comes to emergency one(1) second can save life! And the customer service was damn slow. I know it bcos I called a few banks to do the same. The rest was efficient.
    Maybank sucks!!!
    But later I found out, I need to call ANOTHER option to cancel my ATM. And then I ve make ANOTHER call and to find out i need YET ANOTHER call to my home branch to cancel my check book.
    It's VERY VERY VERY INEFFICIENT in handling emergency case as my hand phone was going to flat. I kept telling there Tele officer but he just can't help me to cancel all at once.

    Even I want to pay home loan, I asked to call home branch and home branch asked to call hotline. This happened for 4 times!!! Can Maybank got everything together????
    I'm really really UNSATISFIED and totally upset with the system and customer service.

    The WORST customer service and the crap system is beyond comprehensive.
    I think it's good idea to cancel all my services in maybank and move forward to another bank.

    This bank is moving backward, I'm sorry to say that.

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  • Ez
    Ezed Apr 30, 2014

    Anyone knows which BANK NEGARA complaint email to sent to?

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  • Le
    leviathan02 Jun 19, 2014

    MAYBANK PHILIPPINES WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AMONG ALL BANKS! I simply asked them update my billing address. AS SIMPLE AS THAT. They asked for a couple of documents to be sent via email. Sure I sent everything they asked of me. Suddenly my card wasn't usable at all. All transactions got rejected. I emailed them a lot of times and they told me since my request was under process, my card won't be usable. Kept on following up thru email & call for SIX MONTHS. NO PROGRESS AT ALL!!! IT'S SO ###!!! When I called the last time to follow up, MY ACCOUNT WAS CLOSED! F*CK THEM

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  • Mi
    Mie Mohd May 29, 2015

    Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi.

    Saya Muhammad Wira Bin Latip, 931121-13-6189 ingin membuat rayuan atas kesalahan saya iaitu tersalah masukkan duit dalam akaun Maybank yang bernombor (1020-6402-4398) melalui mesin cash deposit Maybank cawangan subang perdana bertarikh 27/5/2015 pada jam 02:03 pm sebanyak RM3260. Saya sepatutnya memasukkan duit tersebut ke dalam akaun saudara saya yang bernombor (1020-6405-4398) atas nama MEGAT HANAFI BIN MEGAT HASHIM.

    Saya merayu agar pihak tuan dapat menyelesaikan masalah saya dengan cepat. Saya buntu memikirkan masalah ini. Saya dah buntu memikirkan bagaimana saya harus mendapatkan kembali duit tersebut. Jika pihak tuan dapat menghubungi orang tersebut dengan segera, saya amat berbesar hati. Saya sudah tiada cara lain.

    Saya sudah membuat laporan kepada pihak Maybank cawangan Subang Perdana tetapi tidak mendapat apa-apa respon dari mereka. Pada tarikh 28/5/2015, saya sudah membuat laporan polis.

    Saya harap pihak tuan dapat menghubungi orang tersebut dengan segera. Sekiranya pihak tuan dapat membantu saya, jutaan terima kasih saya ucapkan kepada pihak tuan dan sekaligus dapat meringankan bebanan yang saya tanggung sekarang ini. Sekian, terima kasih.

    Muhammad Wira

    1 Votes
  • Mi
    Michaelwong12345 Mar 07, 2016

    This bank has the worst customer service ever. Piss off! I called maybank customer service for 5 times a day to look for the same f***ing Ms xxx and they will just say she's not around and she will call you back later. What bull s**t is this? And then I called the second time the other person will say she tried to reach me but I am not picking up. And again, f*** off!! I didn't received any call back. My issue has not been solved and the maybank customer service keep on delaying one day by one day. Wasted my f***ing time.

    0 Votes
  • En
    enl Jul 11, 2016

    I think maybank is getting hopeless lately and heading towards a MAS style sleeping management practice. I have been trying to call the customer service for a week more than 20 times without response everytime, except the recorded digital reply " ...high volume... line busy..." What is going on ???

    1 Votes
  • Sh
    Shenbakavalli Ranjan Sep 02, 2016

    Attention to whom this concern, action should get taken against this staff.I supposed to open maybank account for work purpose.As usual there were a lot people queing.Then I was directed to one counter (counter 9). I waited quite long and this was so called express counter. Next came my turn, then i asked the staff why I was directed this counter not the inside one.She replied to me rudely that if you want, I send you inside andopen the account with RM250.I merely asked one question and she's getting angry unreasonbly. The staff name is FARADILLA (Sales Advisor)

    0 Votes
  • Ep
    EPK195 Oct 20, 2016

    Their customer service is indeed poor and slow.
    To add more, i am frequent user of M2U visa debit.
    Sending currency to India only at specific card.
    June i used such service. But they held my money for two days. Upon calling, asking stupid question, card number, bank name and etc, ends up released silently.
    Recently I want to use service again, now new problem, the option "Amount in foreign currency" is not appeared. Prior belief they have blocked.
    Since three days, 10 calls and repeating same e-mails with screenshots, the receiver and IT guys are duffer. Took them days to say that next response in three days.
    I printed screen in PDF version, all the text appeared in hidden table, and got that last row is not chipped in. Also their page framework size is only limited to appeared text. Even they told our side has no issue. Then its clear cut blocked.

    I certainly disappointed with untrained staff and beating about the bush.
    Willing to make higher complaint, if someone know, kindly lighten me.


    1 Votes
  • Sl
    slenderman Jan 07, 2017

    Calling up the Customer service from overseas is a big waste of time as the Caller is forced to listen to 2 minutes of useless, mind numbing ads. An emergency call is especially THAT, an emergency. I hate that Maybank calling center executive has basically no authority to take any action especially over a weekend and if it coincides with a public holiday the next day. What exactly does Maybank thinks the client is supposed to do over the next 48 hrs while waiting for any action from their supposedly higher up in management? Apparently this is not an isolated case and there is absolutely no improvement.

    0 Votes
  • Mo
    morganmiller May 10, 2017

    Hi, i use maybank credit card for more than 10 years. during that time i always make payment on time. i am a heavy user. this few month i unable to make full payment. i make half of minimum payment amount. this is due to the bad economy right now. the company i work for have problem to pay salary. after 2 month maybank start to block my saving account. all the money in there is for my daily expenses. Then maybank pass my case to debt collection agency. this people is very unprofessional and chasing me like Along. they tell lie to make me scare by doing so they hope i will find money to pay all the debt. so they can get commision. they tell me that maybank staff will go to my house and take whatever they can take if i not make any payment on that day. also they tell me i need to go to court within few day and then the court declared me bankrupt.they also tell me maybank staff will go to my office and let my boss know about my debt and suggest my boss to fired me. i know there are lair. they just want the commission. My bos advice me to go to akpk for restructure my debt. than everything is fine now... The Lesson is after 10 years being a good customer when you have a thought time for 2 mounth maybank start maker it harder to you by blocking your saving account. them they make it harder by send Along type debt collector that will hunt you. This is not a complain just sharing my lesson.

    1 Votes
  • Ma
    Mahaliana May 21, 2018

    Pelayanan CS MAYBANK JATINEGARA jelek banget CS-nya jutek, khususnya yg rambut pendek ga tau namanya siapa, lina linu lini ga jelas namanya jutek banget sama nasabah sudah tunggu lama± 2 jam baru dilayanin kapok mau tarik saldo aja sumpah jelek banget nih CS pelayanan CS paling jelek Maybank jatinegara

    1 Votes
  • Ma
    Mahaliana May 21, 2018

    Pelayanan CS MAYBANK JATINEGARA - Jakarya, Indonesia..pelayanan sungguh sangat jelek, CS-nya jutek, khususnya yg rambut pendek ga tau namanya siapa, lina linu lini ga jelas namanya jutek banget sama nasabah sudah tunggu lama± 2 jam baru dilayanin kapok mau tarik saldo aja sumpah jelek banget nih CS pelayanan Customer Service paling jelek Maybank jatinegara Jakarta Indonesia

    1 Votes
  • Ch
    Chintahati Mikhail Balqis Aug 20, 2018

    minta tolong cepat update statement bank personal, takkan nak update pun sampai 3 bulan, sangat x puas hati tentang hal ini.

    bila call maybank suruh print dari transaction pulak, ingat laku ke? takkan nak tggu 3 bulan semata mata nak 1 statement.

    Minta maybank update secepat mungkin ye, sbb akan menyusah kan pihak pelanggan.

    terima kaseh.

    0 Votes
  • Ja
    Jamie M-loo Aug 20, 2018

    I didn't receive my Credit Card statement. Hence, i called to customer service to ask. There's a lady - Annize started to raise her voice to me after i ask her how much is the total bill amount. I had a very unpleasant customer service with her. she just couldn't handle for such a simple question. Please kindly look into it.

    0 Votes

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