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worst customer service in the world

I noted from my internet banking that one of the cheque that I bank in is stated return. So I called up customer service hotline and check the reason that this cheque being return and was told to call the respective branch that I bank in as only them will be able to tell me why. I called up the respective branch and they told me a different storey saying they wont be able to check and I have to wait till the cheque is mail to me as they also unable to tell why. Is maybank practising different procedure for different staff and they dont know their internal guidelines? This is not the first time I encounter different advise from different people at maybank. Should have improve long time ago and this matter should not be happening to such a huge bank.

  • Rm
    RMW-23-09-2014 Sep 23, 2014

    I live in Australia.
    I called Maybank & talk to International trading specialist (Trimizi Ahmed in Murabaha concept). After talking, i have emailed him with attachment. He never replied a single email to me that he has received my emaill.
    Then, i called him & he told me that he has received but he has not read it. I understand that bank officers can be busy.
    Then, i have sent him email, called several times. It has been nearly 3 weeks.
    Not a SINGLE EMAIL!!!


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black listed

I am very upset. I want to make a car loan from one of a local bank, then suddenly, i've informed that my name was already black listed in ccris. After i've made a review, i've found that i'm blacklisted coming from maybank debts, on 2006. It's been 4 years then i've never recieve any letter, or even statement for my blacklist from maybank. Then, I brought this to maybank in muar, at first, they simply said I have no debts with them. When I go to another branch, they said, I have a bad debts of rm778.00. (Why can every branch cannot detect the same data?)
They answer me "it's because every branch got their own system. So, if there is anything happen, we need to inform them manually"
But when I refer back to my payment slip, I have made a payment before.. Clear payment of rm778.00 to maybank. I brought the receipt to them, and ask them how can it end like this. And they simply said the don't know! (Eventhough i've giving them more then 1 week to troubleshoot what happened to my accounts. Now, it has been more than 2 months! They still cannot make it.. I don't really care what is their problem. The main thing is, I wan't them to clear off my name from any debts in their systems! I don't have any debts anymore!
I'm really upset with this! Now and then, maybank staff didn't want to entertain me anymore. They even sometimes being rude when they hear my voice on the phone! (i've never curse them or shout even once!)

Hurmmmmmmmmmmmmm... I never trust maybank anymore...

  • Gi
    giang89 Mar 08, 2011

    Hi, I am a student from HELP University College and currently doing my graduation project which researches on "Customer Satisfaction towards Maybank service in KL". Please help me doing survey which NOT requires your private information. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    (Would you mind helping me to forward this to your friends also? Thank you very much)

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  • Ja
    jaslim May 10, 2011

    Maybank sent me a platinum card and bill me gov. tax RM50.00. I was not aware that card was auto activated. I use maybank2u very often and did not know such outstanding charge. MBB dont remind or call. Suddenly all my loan applications got rejected, so i checked CCRIS. MBB tagged it as non performing loan (black listed). MBB is irresponsible in tagging my credit card account as NPL when i did not do any transaction. They say sorry but other banks had already rejected my loan due to this unprofessional act. Can I take legal action against MBB.

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  • Vi
    Vista Suria Sales Aug 17, 2016

    U can report them to Bank Negara

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housing loan

We had a housing loan with maybank pasir gudang johor. The loan commenced in 1991 and was fully settled in 2000. The problem is the following :-

A. The property till today has not been charged back to us.
B. Maybank lost the loan file (Do you believe that.. After fully settle they say that... )
C. The lawyer lost the file too (The banker & our lawyer was the same)
D. Cannot trace the file at high court of johor bahru.

So, who do you really trust now?? Bank, lawyers or even the court...

Anybody out there, could advise me on how to proceed. I've the maybank loan statements & all. It's been 10years now after full settlement, can I back charge the interest to them??


  • Gi
    giang89 Mar 08, 2011

    Hi, I am a student from HELP University College and currently doing my graduation project which researches on "Customer Satisfaction towards Maybank service in KL". Please help me doing survey which NOT requires your private information. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    (Would you mind helping me to forward this to your friends also? Thank you very much)

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faulty cash deposite machine

I was using the maybank cash deposite machine at taman daya branch (Jb). I was inserting a stack of 30 notes (100) into the machine.
The machine show "out of service" instaed of printing the resit. It was shock to me as this was the first time I encounter this kind of problem.
Without delaying, I called the number display on the machine and complaint about the incident that my rm3000 deposite was stuck in the machine. The customer service girl assure me that "the money" was safe
Authough it was not credited into my account and in 1 or 2 days time it would be credited to my account.
I called again a couple of times and wrote email to complaint about the incident but was told that it will take about 7 working days.
After 7 days I was informed by the staff from the bank that my deposite was only rm2900. This is really unacceptable.
I am still wondering the whole incident was it a daytime robery or a scam. I put money into the bank device in the bannk premises and it was closed for 7 days. After that I was informed that the money had less than what I put in.
What will you think if you encounter this? As a loyal customer for more than 2 decades. I am really dissapointed with the service provided.

  • Gi
    giang89 Mar 08, 2011

    Hi, I am a student from HELP University College and currently doing my graduation project which researches on "Customer Satisfaction towards Maybank service in KL". Please help me doing survey which NOT requires your private information. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    (Would you mind helping me to forward this to your friends also? Thank you very much)

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Several people in group were do scam. They work with fgls cargo and bank. They said the name of their Bank is May Finance Bank. They have website in several months is ok but today when I open it their website is FORGERY!!!
Oh My God... I lost my money in Big amount.
To everyone who read this.. be careful with people like this, They all come from Malaysia and hope police can find them because they do this to many people.
Person behind the scene :
1. Owen Nathan +[protected], +[protected], +[protected],
2. Siti Hass : May finance Bank : +[protected], +[protected]
She used email [protected] but now is FORGERY
3. Mr. Asumadu Sakyi Patrick : Fgls Cargo : +[protected]
4. Ms. Ania Fatima : Fgls Cargo : +[protected]
5. Andrew Morgan : Fgls Cargo
They are very BAD Person and God will punish them because GOD never Sleep

  • Du
    duwie Nov 12, 2008

    i am a victm of brian webb, he said send me a gift but the courier keep asking me to send a money

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  • Sr
    Sri Noeraini Retnowati Aug 09, 2012

    i meet some one said Mrs Siti Hass from Finance Global Security Bank Int SAB.
    so how i have knowing better she is the same with T he other as scammer artist. ?

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  • Sr
    Sri Noeraini Retnowati Aug 09, 2012

    i hope she is not the same person with Siti Hass whom using email adress Maybank

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very poor customer service

Upon Maybank customer service advice, I've wrote to their MBBCardService for terminating an Auto Debit since the Vendor has over charged my card twice continuosly. After 10 days, nobody called or even write a reply to me. I've followed with another mail still no reply. I've called their Customer Service hotline, the guy said he cannot help me to check but asked me to write again to the same email address MBBCardSerivce. I'm wondering now is there a real customer service here or just to setup for nothing?

  • ya.. i agreed with it.. their customer care really setup for nothing.. i tried 3-4 times complaint for the credit card charges... they seem like just ignore it... without giving me a proper solution

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cash stuck in cash deposit machine

I was using the maybank cash deposit machine at Bandar, OUG, Kuala Lumpur. After inserting an amount of RM18000 in the machine "out of service" was displayed on the screen. I was freaking out and ran in to make a complaint only to face staffs with no sense of urgency, empathy or any effort to appear considerate. They sent me from counter to counter and asked me to fill out a from. The worst part was that they said that it would take 5 to 7 working days to get my money back. This is a really unacceptable time frame in such an advanced era of technology and living in a city. Banks charge us interest on a daily basis for late payment but why is it okay for them to delay the costumers money when they mess up due to their faulty machines. The staffs were of no help and were very mechanical. As a loyal customer for ten years I am more than dissapointed with the service provided.

  • We
    Weird_lo May 03, 2010

    Absolutely AGREE with the above mentioned complaint especially the "Interest" part!!!

    The above situation happen to me in Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru branch too. The cash deposit machine suddenly display "Out Of Service" without issuing any receipt and the cash is stuck inside the machine. I have waited about an hour and make a call to the Customer Service as shown in the display. After finish reporting to the Customer Service Officer, she advice that I can go to the branch on any working day to get back the money else they need 7 working day to investigate.

    However, when I go to the branch 2 days later (due to Sat and Sun), another officer told me that the machine was never down on that particular day. Also, told me that today is a busy day and they can only stop the machine at the end of the day for investigation. Should the officer carry out an immediate investigation right away ?

    Personally, I think Maybank do not deserve to own/get ISO Certified based on the action and responses recieved.

    Is all this fair to the customer? If the customer needed this money to pay for an operation fees or any urgent matters (live and death), how?

    For any Maybank management level staff that is viewing these comments, PLEASE PURCHASE A MORE RELIABLE CASH DEPOSIT MACHINES!!!

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Tried to buy banker's cheque for maxis ipo applications (Under maxis existing customer allocation - using blue form). Been to 4 maybank branches in pj (Jln 222, sea park, yong shook lin & pj main). All replied that the forms to purchase banker's cheque for ipo ran out stock! Claimed that for share ipo application, using a 'special' form, is out of stock.

So friend, pls get the message here.

"it is not the bank officers cannot do banker's cheque for you, but their problem is the bloody form is out-of-stock. So no form, no banker's cheque".

Getting completely fed-up, so I finally decided to withdraw cash from maybank, walk opposite to cimb. Immediately got the form (Just the standard form, fill it up, wait for my turn, give the cashier the cash, and got the banker's cheque in 10 mins.

Maybank services are really getting very lousy. I m now thinking of opening another accounts with other banks and park my $$$ there. I dun really need maybank!

  • So
    some2body Sep 22, 2010

    i want to complaint about the e-statement which they seldom update since it already Sept 2010.

    Hope maybank can look at it and take prompt action in this issue.

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kawanku phone banking

I've come here to complain about maybank's customer service and their ivr system. I have tried contacting them via the online customer service page, but, every time I press submit, i'm taken to a blank page. We've never had a response to our messages so i'm pretty sure they are not getting through. Ringing them is very frustrating as they have a hard time understanding australian english and i'm having an equally hard time understanding malaysian english.

The problem we are having is with calling kawanku phone banking from overseas. Here is the message i'm trying to convey to them:

"this email is for your technical department:

Calling from overseas, we are still experiencing no end of problems trying to get a tac via kawanku phone banking. The problem is that, most of the time, the ivr system does not respond to the digits dialled. We keep getting the message "i'm sorry, I did not get any response".

Then, after trying a number of times and wasting money in call costs, all of a sudden it will work as expected. I have tried a number of different phones and different dtmf methods (Rfc2833, info, avt, auto) to find one that works reliably, but to no avail.

Would you please ask your engineers to have a look at which dtmf methods the ivr responds to and maybe make a wider selection available so that the ivr will respond to more phones. The most common is rfc2833 so they should make sure it works with that. A lot of people call via voip these days, especially from overseas, to save money. It would be nice if the ivr worked reliably with a number of codecs, the most common ones being g711a, g711u and g729.

Although the system may work well from within malaysia, please ask them to also consider their overseas customers.

Thank you for your help. "


Dear sir / madam,

Insurance policy number : ba60100077623.
Company : mayban life assurance berhad.

I was having the insurance policy since 14/03/2008. Every month the payment for this insurance will be deduct from my saving acc, acc num : [protected]. After few months, if I not mistaken in october or november, I received a reminder letter that stated my acc is insufficient amount. I went personally to desa sri hartamas maybank branch and spoken to miss shamini and inform that the current saving acc num : [protected] is no more in use. I gave miss shamini my new acc num : [protected] and inform that make sure for the next payment onwards to deduct from the new acc which I stated above. After few months, if I not mistaken in january or february, I received another letter stated my acc was not insufficient amount, in that my insurance was no more active. I went back to meet miss shamini, miss shamini told me that she alredy send the document but the company didn’t process the document due to lankness in their side, because of that in order to activate back the insurance policy they request me to pay the 3 month pending money. I call to the cust care depart and spoken to so many people and I have tell them the issued, I also to them maybe I can’t pay the 3 months money in 1 payment but I cant pay extra rm 100.00 for 3 months. They refuse the suggestions and instruct me to pay 1 payment in order to active back the insurance.
In this case I was so upset with the service, I alredy told them mistake is not done in my side… in this case I have told them to pay back whatever amount which I pay before this (the answer they given to me, well get back to me once the management approved). I hv already waited 4 months, no answer from them.

Thanasekaran. K

  • Selamat sejahtera kpd warga maybank. Untuk pgetahuan pihak maybank, saya telah tertipu dengan pembukaan akaun maybank saya. Selepas akaun maybank dibuka, duit saya dipotong rm19.00 tiap-tiap bulan.selepas 3kali potongan iaitu selama 3 bulan, saya ke maybank kota bharu untuk kemukakan masalah ini. Pihak maybank berkata saya telah menyertai insuran ‘etiqa’ padahal saya tidak tahu menahu akan hal itu. Pihak maybank berkata bahawa saya telah memasuki insuran ini sejak akaun saya dibuka, dan mereka berkata itu adalah perkara biasa apabila membuka akaun baru di maybank, padahal kawan-kawan saya takde plak macam tu, jadi saya ingin batalkan polisi insuran tersebut dan pihak maybank suruh mengisi boring pembatalan dan fakskan ke kuala lumpur dan berkata polisi telah dibatalkan.
    Setelah beberapa bulan saya mendapati bahawa duit saya masih lagi dipotong, saya ke maybank kota bharu semula untuk bertanya, tetapi mereka menjawab saya tak pernah batalkan polisi insuran tersebut, dan mungkin ada masalah di maybank kuala lumpur memandangkan kota bharu adalah bank cawangan sahaja, padahal saya telah membatalkanya beberapa bulan dulu, dan saya juga tidak boleh mengambil kembali duit insuran yang telah dipotong oleh insuran etiqa kerana mereka berkata itu adalah duit HANGUS! Tetapi dari aduan yang saya baca dari laman web, pihak maybank akan membayar balik duit tersebut, , , , mane satu yg betul ni? Selepas itu saya ingin membatalkan poplisi insuran sekali lagi tetapi tetapi mereka tidak membenarkannya kerana saya akan rugi jikalau saya cedera, jesteru itu saya bertanya adakah saya dapat bayaran pampasan sekiranya saya ingin membuat tuntutan diatas kecederaan yang saya alami kerana polisi insuran saya masih aktif. Mereka berkata YA dapat! Saya menyatakan saya cedera sudah capai 5bulan, adakah saya masih boleh membuat tuntutan insuran? Mereka kata ya! Kamu dapat!asalkan tak lebih dari SETAHUN!
    Setelah saya siapkan semua dokumen yang dikehendaki, saya fakskan ke maybank kuala lumpur sendiri supaya saya tidak lagi ditipu oleh pihak maybank kota bharu. Selepas menfakskan kesemua dokumen yang diperlukan untuk membuat tuntutan, pihak maybank kuala lumpur berkata saya sudah tidak dapat membuat tuntutan insuran kerana SUDAH MELEBIHI 2 BULAN, , , , , , MANE SATU YANG BETUL NI???? Saya cukup-cukup buntu dengan permainan pihak maybank ni! Sampai sekarang duit saya masih lagi dipotong.
    Dengan bantuan orang ramai, saya sudah tahu akan permainan pihak maybank ni. Saya akan bawa perkara ini ke tengah sekiranya tiada tindakan yang diambil dan akan cuba sebanyak mungkin jalan lain sehingga ke penyelesaian,
    Hubungi saya di = [email protected] / 019-4489946

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  • Ja
    jamros Jul 23, 2010

    Hi, my husband has accidental insurance in which the bank deducting rm37.00 monthly on his atm account. I just want to ask if that insurance can cover my husbands operation due to his illnes? thank you.

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  • Ha
    hafsah kassim Jun 14, 2011

    assalamualaikum... Saya seorang kakitangan kerajaan yang gaji pun tak besar... Baru- baru ni, semasa membuat semakan penyata gaji, saya mendapati gaji saya telah dipotong sebanyak RM 139.98 setiap bulan untuk membiayai insurans ETIQA (MNI) dan ini telahpun berlaku selama beberapa bulan. saya sangat terkejut kerana saya tidak pernah melanggan insurans dari pihak ETIQA. saya tidak pernah mengisi mana -mana borang atau menerima sebarang surat dari mereka. Bagaimana pula saya boleh jadi pelanggan mereka? jumlah wang yang telah diambil oleh pihak ETIQA pula bukannya sedikit.
    oleh itu, saya ke pejabat ETIQA di Kuching untuk meminta penjelasan mengenai perkara itu. saya sangat terkejut kerana mereka menunjukkan borang yang yang telah siap diisi dengan butiran peribadi saya dan telah ditandatangani. alamat yang digunakan cuma alamat kolej saya dan tandatangan itu memang langsung tidak serupa dengan tandatangan saya. Nama ejen yang tertera iaitu STEPHEN N CHARLES pula langsung saya tidak pernah kenal .kakitangan ETIQA memberitahu saya akaun ETIQA atas nama saya telahpun dibuka sejak beberapa bulan yang lalu. saya merasakan ejen ETIQA tersebut telah mencuri maklumat peribadi saya dan memalsukan tandatangan saya. setelah menjelaskan bahawa saya tidak pernah melanggan sebarang insuran.
    tidak berpuas hati dengan tindakan kakitangan tersebut, saya melaporkan perkara ini kepada polis untuk siasatan lanjut. setelah menceritakan kepada kawan-kawan, barulah saya tahu ramai lagi kakitangan yang menerima nasib yang sama. mereka telah awal membuat tuntutan tetapi masih tidak pernah menerima wang ganti rugi. malah, ada di kalangan staf senior yang langsung tidak mendapat walau satu sen pun ganti rugi. ada yang bernasib baik pun, cuma mendapat bayaran untuk dua bulan pertama sahaja. kenapa begini? siapa yang bersalah? mangsa atau ejen ETIQA yang penipu tu? terdesak sangat ke sampai terpaksa menipu? atau memang dah terbiasa menipu?
    hari demi hari, saya semakin risau kerana jumlah wang yang telahpun diambil bukannya sedikit dan saya mahukan kesemua wang tersebut kembali walau dengan cara apa sekalipun. saya yang berpenat lelah bekerja siang malam untuk mendapatkan wang... bukannya dengan menipu orang lain. walaupun gaji tak besar, saya bersyukur sebab ianya wang yang halal.. harap pihak ETIQA boleh hubungi saya, ...
    Hafsah_kassim @yahoo .com

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  • Cw
    cwkj Mar 21, 2016

    I hv apply debit card for online banking at aeon, bukit tinggi, klang branch. so it came together with ETIQA INSURANCE..they jz deducted the money without my permission. I asked for cancellation.
    now the biggest problem is they deducted for 4months.but they refund me only 1 and half guys, pls be aware.for my case only a little amount plus I am a student.student also they wanted to cheat pls be aware.
    maybank is the worst service ever.

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customer service

There's a day that I went to the maybank with my mother. We want to open new account for men my mother. But the problem is they don't use book account anymore, they are starting to use card for all installment. The problem is young people know how to use card service but unfortunately for older people, they seem don't quite understand how to use it and always faces the problems of forgetting their own password. For example, when I in the maybank, there is an old lady complaint that she has forget her password even though she has change her password after facing the same problems a week before that in my opinion, I still prefer using the book account cause I can know the balance of my saving, the transfer out money that I have made and so on. Beside that, I don't have internet at my house which make is difficult to check my account through the online website service and I think they are many people facing the same situation like me. What I want to say is they should not have stop using the book account service instead of using the card alone, they should provide it together in order to satisfied the needs of their customer.

  • Le
    Lee Qing Siang Sep 11, 2009

    i am very very angry!!! why got a such staff like that?!!
    the location in BINTULU, Medan Raya..Sarawak's branch..
    The staff name is Connie Chung..a chinese girl..
    why she can divulge any information or materials relating to personal privacy..i mean she divulge my account privacy to my friends..such a staff who is dont have any Work ethic!!!
    i hope Maybank can resolve the problem soon..thanks..

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  • Le
    Lee Qing Siang Sep 11, 2009

    ok..another things..i wan to ask about..could that staff can online to do their things in working times? i mean Connie Chung (Medan Raya, Bintulu Branch) is online during working times..Ex: sign in in facebook and msn..
    How she can be concentrate in office at the same time she do her own job when online??? i hope this poor service wont appear again in Maybank, Bintulu..Thanks...

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  • Qu
    Queenie Chan Jul 30, 2013

    nobody answer the phone call.i already call more than 10times. really bad service

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failure to get policy

Ref: a00019262

Dear sir,
Failure to get policy

I paid cash for a home insurance—etiqua home insurance on 4/5/09 to a issuing bank— maybank, jln. Sulaiman, muar, johor, w. M'sia. Till today I ave not received my policy yet. I would very grateful if you could look into this predicament. Although I have email to the bank concerned earlier, I haven't receive any decent reply. If it is possible, I would like to discontinue insuring with that sloppy company. Can I get back the premium that i've paid?

I look forward to a favourable reply from you.
Thank you.

[protected]@yahoo.Co. Uk

poor customer service

i was call maybank customer service to reg my mobile number to get tac. so i call 03 [protected] (15/5/2009 11.22 pm) and the person who ans is shal, nina and ram three of thm keep on transfer my line among thm and at the endd they cancel my call without giv me a good ans. i was waiting for 15 min. its show the service out and make me tens up. plz try to improve. and teach ur staff how to handle.

  • Te
    tengteng Nov 02, 2009

    diorang neh mmg bdoh sial service..

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  • Fe
    ferozkumar Feb 08, 2010

    This letter is to complain about service I recently received from MAYBANK customer service in pahang TRIANG BRANCH

    I went to MAYBANK on 08/02/2010 to find out how to deal with a problem I’ve had with MAYBANK CREDIT CARD. I had to explain my problem to him who is worked at counter eight(8) thats day, several times because he did not seem to be listening and therefore asked me to go to other counter to solve my problem and i do so. then i met the other staff to solve my problem and she was even worst than others and i notice that women working like "slumber snail in the hell" . I was quite frustrated . is this your customer service.

    I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed of your pathetic staff. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I will be informing my friends and family about this experience.

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  • Pu
    Publicopinion May 07, 2011

    Maybank is too proud. They thought that as a major bank in malaysia people have to come to them. If people choose to bring them down will only take one working day. Public Bank recommended . Good bank and very profesional. Maybank like standard equals to ah seng sell fish in market.

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  • Yu
    yusof bin ismail Jun 18, 2011

    Because they didn train their staff properly and choosing the wrong person to be their staff (who have really bad attitude and do not wish to learn and just solve problem not seriously.)

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customer service gave wrong info!!!

I have been a loyal customer of maybank as specially the credit card service.
I'm very unhappy with the service rendered to me today (14th january 2009) , after so many years of good service to me.
I call the credit card line, 1300-xxx with regards to an inquiry at about 1.30pm-2.00pm. The person who answered my call told me her name was rohaizmah (Not too sure about the spelling). I called because I had an inquiry regarding maybank ezypay. The dialog is as below:

Me::hi, mr wong here. I will be doing a transaction later amounting to rmxxxxx, but it’s not from your merchant offering ezypayment. I’m not too sure if ezypayment offered by maybank cc works for me in this case?
Rohaizmah::yes, you can charge the full amount and we will do an ezypayment of 6 months interest free for you.
Me::the merchant is not listed ya, but am I applicable to the 6 months interest free ezypay?
Rohaizmah::yes, all you need is to call us again after charging the amount. Best is to call tomorrow as thetransaction will be recorded in our systems then.
Me::ok then. Thanks. Will call you again after I have done the transaction.

Again at about 7.00pm, I called the 1300-xxx line again. This time halim (Cant really remember) answered. I told him that what I wanted to do, since the lady earlier told me it can be done. He coldly replied it cant be done, even though I explained to him a few times with regards to my earlier conversation with the lady. He wasn't any help either.

I felt so angry as I was provided with wrong information and have committed to a large amount money due to this error by their customer service personnel. Thinking to pay using my maybank credit card for the transaction even though I was charged 3% by the merchant for bank charges, was due to the information provided to me. If I know this would happen, I would not pay the full amount, just a nominal fee for booking purposes. And I cant even cancel the transaction as the ticket was issued.
Wont you would like to charge to your credit card if after confirming with the customer service of availability of 6 months ezypay?

This mistake is going to cost me dearly, as their customer. I'm very very unhappy with this.

  • Gi
    giang89 Mar 08, 2011

    Hi, I am a student from HELP University College and currently doing my graduation project which researches on "Customer Satisfaction towards Maybank service in KL". Please help me doing survey which NOT requires your private information. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    (Would you mind helping me to forward this to your friends also? Thank you very much)

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  • Ls
    L Sara Mar 09, 2011

    This kind of wrong info from customer service also happen to me in few occassions. It seems that different staff got different guide. Furthermore they will not take innitiative to help customer find solution or solve customer problem even though customer is misguide by other staff. I wonder if their training centre in Bangi is providing them is sufficient training and knowledge.

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maybank's poor customer service

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