Maxis Communicationsvery bad customer service given

C Jul 01, 2019

I've been a 'Loyal Customer' with Maxis for so many years but never encounter with such 'Bad Customer Services' from your agent. I've called up Hotline 123 this morning telling your agent 'Nasyira' bout' my issue that I'm trying to purchase a 'Caller Ringtone' for my sub-line but my request has failed. I've told her that I've bought the 'Caller Ringtone' from '' but failed. From beginning of the conversation I've told her my problems but it seems that she's not listening what I'm complaining and instead asking me to purchase other caller ringtone songs which I don't like. What kind of 'Customer Services' Maxis is giving nowdays??? Not only that, last month 4th June, 2019 I've called spoke to the 'Home Fibre Internet Dept' regarding bout' my 'Land Line Issue' and problem haven't solved at all until now. I, as a 'Loyal Customer' to Maxis and I'm the one had to keep on calling Maxis bout' my case instead of your'Maxis Customer Services Staffs' calling the customers. This is the 'WORST & BAD CUSTOMER SERVICES' given to me and I've already send an e-mail to 'Malaysia Communications & Multimedia Commission' for the 'VERY BAD SERVICES GIVEN'.

Best Regards,
Ms. Catherine

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