Mathis Brothers Furnitureprior repairs done to table order # [protected]


On October 12, 2016 purchased a dining table set from Mathis Brothers. Shortly after purchase, I discovered that the table top was separated from the supporting section of the table. We contacted Mathis Brothers and the table was picked up for repair and returned approximately one month later, January 2017. On November 23, 2017, I attempted to open the table to insert the extension leafs. It was at this time, I noted that the table would not open. I checked the table and noted that the gears allowing the table to open were pinched, which kept the table from opening. This was the first time that I had attempted to open the table since its repair. It appeared that since the top had been removed and repaired, that when reinstalled it may have been over tightened or possibly some type of spacer was missing. I called the Ontario office and spoke to Michelle regarding my problem. I was told that it had been over one year from purchase and my warranty had expired. I attempted to explain to her that my purchase was only one month over the date and it had been less than a year from the repair time, which appears to have caused the opening issue. Michelle insinuated that my use was the direct result of the issue. I explained that, due to the holidays, this was the first time I had attempted to extend the table. When asked to speak to a corporate office or supervisor, she initially refused and stated she was the one who would make such decisions. After a period of time explaining to her that I was certain that there was a supervisor I could talk to and I was sure there was a corporate office, she stated that each office was independently owned and she did work for someone. After an extended period of time she provided me with a supervisors name and number adding that nothing would change. I called the number and left a message. This is not my first purchase from Mathis Brothers and this purchase was for over $3, 000. I find it hard to believe that Mathis Brothers would take such a line on a purchase that was one month over purchase date and less that one year from a structure repair. As to Michelle, she assured me that she was the only person I could deal with and showed no understanding as to my situation. As with the first issue even with a structure problem with the table all I ever asked for was a fair resolution to the problem. If this recent issue was a cause of my use I would have asked for technician and paid for the repair. Because of the circumstances involving the opening I asked that the repair be covered under warranty.

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