CB Furniture Stores Mathis Brothers Furniture Not repairing my sofa under my warranty or ever calling or returning my calls. Terrible customer service.
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Mathis Brothers Furniture review: Not repairing my sofa under my warranty or ever calling or returning my calls. Terrible customer service.

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 12/20/2023: I called the customer service line for furniture protection with Mathis Brothers to file a claim on my couch as I have also called back in June and never received a call back to schedule a tech to come look at my couch. The lady was very rude and said I was about 30 days past my 7 years of my warranty. I told her I wanted to speak to a manger as I called before, about 4 months prior, with no return call back. She stated the manger was not available and that they would call me back. I stated my concern about this because no one has ever called me back and now I am in this situation. But she assured someone would. So, I waited about 3 weeks (with it being during the holidays) but DID NOT get a call back. I spoke with another customer service person, and they scheduled someone to come look at my couch. They came out and stated someone would call and schedule a time to come pick up my couch and if not by Wednesday to call. Which, of course, NO ONE CALLED. I called back and the customer service person tried to connect me with a 3d party source stating that they don’t have any of the parts and the tech said it was the cushion. It is NOT the cushion. There are about 3 springs popped up on 1 part of the sectional and 1 on the 2 parts of the sectional. You guys, Mathis Brothers, repaired my other 3 sectional parts back in 2020 under warranty and it was the same problem, the springs with broke (popped up). This is the same thing on the other part of the couch! I asked to speak to a manager and Brenda got on the phone. She was rude and stated that Mathis Brothers does not pick up stuff anymore and hasn’t for years. I asked, then why did you guys pick up my stuff back in 2020. She stated that must have been a curtesy (because I had horrible customer service that time as well and never got a call back) but I also asked why the tech would tell me that someone would call and schedule a time to come pick of the furniture pieces……She stated the tech said it was the cushion and that is a 1 yr. warranty. I told her it is absolutely not the cushion and is the spring, just like the other pieces and needs to be repaired under my 7-year warranty. She said she would talk to the tech and call me back. I have yet to receive a call back! I have never received a call back from any of the times promised. Even from 2020 with my previous service order. I need this complaint to be filed with corporate and I need something to be done about it and my couch fixed! Please help me as no one else is and I paid for my protection plan. And this is the worse customer service ever. I will file a complaint with BBB, go to the news, whatever I need to do. ASAP

Alison and Josh Grubbs

Desired outcome: Repair of the 2 parts of my sectional sofa under my warranty

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