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Massimo Dutti Customer Service Contacts

1800 553 426 (Ireland)
8800 333 7374 (Russia)
800 1375 6312 (South Korea)
+34 900 456 000 (Spain & International)
+1 877 550 1103 (United States)
+44 808 234 0205 (United Kingdom)
+43 800 297 664 (Austria)
+32 80 078 408 (Belgium)
+45 80 250 589 (Denmark)
+31 800 023 4183 (Netherlands)
+351 800 834 288 (Portugal)
+41 800 837 545 (Switzerland)
Avda. Virgen de Montserrat, sn, Tordera
Spain - 08490
1000 Brussels, rue du Marais 49-53

Largo Corsia Dei Servi, 3, Milano

Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, n.º49, 2.ºE, 1050-120 Lisboa

Sweden & Nordiс Countries
Klara Norra Kyrkogata 29, 111 22 Stockholm, Sweden

South Korea
33rd Fl., 511 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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Complaints & Reviews

Oct 07, 2019

Massimo Dutti — watches

I am writing today to complain about the poor quality of the watches which I bought in Massimodutti Ho Chi...

Oct 02, 2019

Massimo Dutti — exchange defective item

I have a bought a t-shirt and after washing it 2 times, I found it shrink about 2 cm length, and when i went...

Massimo Duttionline return service/customer service

I've been trying to return my recent online order to Massimo Dutti with absolutely no avail. I'm in the US market.
The website by some reason only gives you an option to return it to the physical store - which list is unavailable as well.
Even more disappointing was an attempt to contact this company customer service in the US. The phone ## shown on their website: [protected] in fact doesn't exist!
Such an awful experience with seemingly respectable retailer!

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    Massimo Duttiquality of product

    I've bought the trousers less than a year ago. After they have been cleaned once according to the directions at the label, pink tips appeared. Please check the added photos. This garment is very valuable for me, I love them since they look very good on my figure and I wore them on rare occasions this was the first time I cleaned them. I have a lot of your garments so pls. tell me what to do. I love your clothes and I do not wont to believe that this will happen again. Can I return them or fix the material somehow.
    you can email me at [protected]@gmail.com

    quality of product
    quality of product
    quality of product
    quality of product

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      Massimo Duttireturned products but never received refund.

      I returned products but never received refund weeks ago. It has been more than five days passed and the customer service in the US told me they could NOT do anything to figure out what is going on. They told me it was beyond their responsibility and was in charge of other department. Their responses are completely useless in solving the problem. Thanks to the customer service is the worst. I will never buy anything from Massimo Dutti.

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        Aug 29, 2019

        Massimo Dutti — new suit jacket damage by tailor

        Dear Massimo Dutti Customer Service Team. At the outset, I would like to thank you for your high-end...

        Massimo Duttishirt

        Dear Sirs,

        I have recently purchased a shirt in Renoma Shopping Center in Wroclaw (Poland). I live in Ireland and this was only 2 days shopping travel . I don't usually complain, but this time I feel very much disappointed. I was shopping with personal shopper and she couldn't recommend your brand any more. I was looking for a good quality clothes for work and it was extremely important to me to buy clothes which will last at least for 2-3 years. I bough a shirt which fabric tore up after second wash - please see picture attached. You will note that tear is typical for poor quality fabric, not caused by wearing. I never hooked anything and my wash is always in low temperatures. After spending nearly €60 for a one piece of clothes it is not acceptable in my opinion. I expect full refund based on attached receipt or equivalent at least. Thank you
        Joanna Kochanowska


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          Aug 23, 2019

          Massimo Dutti — trousers

          Dear Massimo Dutti Team, We bought a pair of trousers from Vilnius, Lithuania, in July and they were burst...

          Aug 08, 2019

          Massimo Dutti — sole espadrilles broken after 1 month already // your ref [protected]

          Good afternoon, On the 3rd of July 2019, I bought a pair of espadrilles in your Massimo Dutti store located...

          Aug 07, 2019

          Massimo Dutti — shoes no: 7401/322/909

          Dear End of April I was in Istabul TR for a holiday I ordered a shoes online through your website and there...

          Jul 27, 2019

          Massimo Dutti — shoes

          I am not chines I travel her and my all cloth formal or casual from Massimo so I go to buy shoes using my...

          Massimo Dutticustomer service/gift card

          I have an ongoing issue with the customer service /gift card . I was given a gift card 3 weeks ago and for the last 2 weeks I have been unable to purchase anything using the gift card . The card is registered and every time I attempt to use it, it comes up unexpected error . Customer Service have been on this case for 2 weeks now and have marked it urgent with the head office but still no response or resolution to the issue . This service is terrible . The issue isnt with the cookies on my computer as I have tried to use it on different devices with the same result, the issue is with the £75 poubd gift card . I have now missed being able to take new items on holiday with me due tot this terrible service . The case number is md2019216395

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            Massimo DuttiI made a purchase and now it's all on sale

            The order # is [protected] and totalled over $500.00.
            I called your customer service department and Elizabeth was very rude, refusing to connect me with a manager, and stating I had to go into a store and return the goods, wait 24-48 hours and then trying to rebuy the product. This makes absolutely no sense, as the product is already available online.
            with this type of reply, i am quite sure I will never purchase from you again, so I would like a response that is over a more reasonable nature.

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              Massimo Duttiexchange of midrise denim

              Good morning, on the May 30 2019 my friend purchased a Woman denim midrise jean from your store in United Arab Emirates. However all good with the denim till I tried it on, it didn't fit properly. I have Massimo dutti denim that I have used before and had asked my friend to buy me the same size, but to my disappointment they don't fit properly. I am very disappointed and I can't go back to change because I live in Chennai, India. I have the bill of the item purchased with the tag. What I really want is to have possibility to exchange the Massimo Dutti to a jean that fit me properly. I tried searching for the Massimo dutti Indian customer care number but to my vain couldn't find any. Is there any way I can order a new one online and get my denim exchanged? i have attached the bill and the price tag.
              Thanks you.

              exchange of midrise denim
              exchange of midrise denim

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                Massimo Duttireemburso de impuesto

                During this visit to Portugal abd Spain, I have bought at three difference cities. The first was at Salamanca, where I was told that there was no tax refund system. The next was Lisboa, where I bought quite a lot and was told that tax refund was applicable, but subject to presentation of original or copy of the passport. From the response of your store in Salamanca, I did not carry my passport, but I told your staff that I had the passport number; your staff said the original was needed abd just a number would not work, so I could not apply for rembursement. Lastly, when I bought some at your Porto store, the kind lady said that as long as I had the passport number, there would be no problem in applying for refund. The advice by your staff in Salamanca was not precise enough and the way I was treated by your staff in Lisboa was inappropriate in my opinion. Why does the your store in Lisboa do differently in this sort of very important matter? Is there anyway to fux this problem?

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                  Massimo Dutticredit complaint

                  I always purchase from Massimo Dutty all over your stores. This time specifically
                  I visited Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and purchase a pair of shoes. I do not
                  live inSanto Domingo, I was on a business trip. The shoes were damaged, so I returned and
                  got a credit, but left the country. I reside in Puerto Rico. I returned to Santo Domingo at the beginning of this month and the credit was unacceptable because the date of the credit was 2/1/18, I will try to to include it with this complaint. The reason is, I don't live there and was unable to purchase anything before. The credit is for around
                  $124.00 more or less. I am writing to you so you can make this exception and extend the credit for at least a couple of months, since I was assigned this territory in my business trips again. Credit #[protected] - $6, 290.00
                  Massimo Dutty - Blue Mall Sto. Domingo Store 926 - Transaction 206899 2/1/18
                  Hoping to hear from you. Thank you - Luz Oronoz

                  credit complaint

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                    Massimo Duttimissing shipment and refund has not yet been applied!!!

                    I have never received such terrible customer service!!! 10 days ago I submit an online order to arrive in store at First Canadian Place. It has not arrived in store and customer service cannot locate the package. As upset as I am that my top has not arrived in time for my vacation, I asked both the store and customer service to simply refund the money to me. Neither will refund it until they understand what has happened to the package!!! The location of the package is irrelevant to me. I simply want to be refunded the amount I paid for a package that has not arrived in the time promised. I will await my refund receipt for order [protected].

                    Lara Ariganello

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                      Massimo Duttiservice, unethical behaviour - refusal to refund purchased items

                      April 30, 2019 - massimo dutti marina sqaure store.
                      I sent my sister to refund the items I recently bought for her to your store in marina square, the cashier who talked to us fiza and manager gigi refused to refund the items because they said they said they didn't have enough money in the register. They were very insistent and pressing that I go back to the store where I bought my items from which is in ion mall. I explained that going back to orchard is inconvenient for me as i'm on a tight schedule before flying off again, that's why I sent my sister to refund the items I bought for her because it's near her work. It was really embarrassing that my sister and I had to go through all this fit just because you don't have 1000k cash in your sales? Is that even possible considering the prices of your clothes? And to be honest, why does that have to be my problem?
                      Items I bought is eligible for a refund according to singapore law.
                      I find it very rude how they treated my sister in such manner simply because she was doing a refund and not a purchase? My family and I are returning customers of your brand for years here and in spain, regulars if you can consider that but this customer service is unacceptable. Please take action. I still haven't refunded my items.



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                        Massimo Duttigift card

                        Hi ill try and keep this simple. A friend of mine has just paid £2000 on nyc tickets for my 40th. It was his 50th on feb 16th and all I had to do was get him a gift card for massimo dutti...

                        Feb 2nd I purchased on line a £50gc with gift box message etc £53.00 to be delivered to a collect + retailer near by in durham (he lives in london so I will need to forward on)

                        Feb 14th still nothing... After calling the can't be bothered to speak to you customer services they informed me they were out of cards... No call email nothing!!!
                        After argument you agreed to refund me the £53.

                        March 11th I purchased again advised delivery to glasgow store would be fri 15th (now I live 3 hours away but have a friend in glasgow whom I was meeting in dublin that very weekend.. Again no delivery but did get a notification of monday 18th.. No problem im not going to london tillapril 13th she can get it later.

                        I can't remember exactly but think it was april 5th friend went to collect in the glasgow store..
                        Staff said they don't do such a thing and the manager refused to leave her office and speak to them.

                        I spoke to the manager on the mon who confirmed the gift card was there. I was travelling to london on the friday so I needed it posting. She refused initially but eventually said she would speak to head office and call me back.. This call never was returned!

                        I again failed to show up with a gift for my friends birthday that weekend.

                        I drove 3 hours to glasgow with my twins 13months old and a 4year old to collect the card personally this easter weekend. The only thing the manageress said was "well I did ring and leave a message" when I explained no message was left she replied "well I did leave one" I asked why she didn't try me again as I had already been through enough and she just said 'i'd left you a message"

                        Now one thing I do know is that alex my friend only likes the best and as a very wealthy guy probably spends tens of thousands year in your stores all over the world... One other thing I know is that he will probably think agin after the way I have been treated..
                        The personalised message you charged me for as well reads...
                        'ppy birthday doll' there has been a printing error as there's a 10mm slip of overlapped ink down the left side...

                        Many thanks cerise stewart-samson

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                          Massimo Duttidenim women dress

                          ---------- Forwarded message ---------
                          From: Gina Bryant
                          Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2019 at 09:20
                          Subject: Denim dress

                          Good morning, on the 12/05 I traveled to Romania/ Iasi from were I purchased a Woman denim dress from your store. I bought it with the thought of wearing it yesterday, at the Easter lunch. However all good with the dress still I tried to put my tights, when the dress started opening button by button being impossible of wearing it. I was and I am very disappointed and I can't go back to change because I live in Uk. I don't have the bill but I can take from the bank a statement from my credit card being the only item purchased. What I really want is to have possibility to exchange in Massimo Dutti Bluewater store and to try a different item or maybe the same dress but not faulty. I will attach the dress picture.
                          thank you Gina
                          And I am very disappointed because at the Uk number nobody answered.

                          denim women dress

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