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I'm buy a trousers in MD shop in Belgrade 23.07.2020. Wearing only in office, 7 days. Put in washing machine, previously reverse it (inside out), on 30C temp, without a centrifuge, with a specialized washing gel for color stuff (Henkel - Persil), put a softener (Cocolino), and have a bleached stripe on my trousers.

I wonder for 50€, what I get. A garbage.


They promised me a credit on the 1 july which has not arrived

I brought a top At £79.95 and returned They credited me £49.95 at the time and therefore owe me £30 they said it would be international transfer this was a month ago and I am getting no where with the staff who are rubbish. I am also owed a refund of £49.95 for a top returned on a separate order. I have a case number MD2020245427. At one stage customer service told me to stop chasing as I was holding up them resolving my case. I have sent emails which they have not responded to and I have waited for a call back which never happens.

Delivery service

I've placed an online order to be delivered to one of massimo dutti's shops in istanbul - turkey, my order was on the 12 of june (no. [protected]). Please be informed that till know the package is not delevered and whenever I call the customer services +[protected] they register my complain with some pretended appology without any feed back or sulotion!!! I dont want an appology... I want my order or please cancel it an re-fund me.

Due refund since january 2020 not yet received

The order number is MD202033267

I have been calling and sending email since January 2020 about the refund for a returned product (black leather jacket for women). I returned it in its original form after a week from purchasing it, with the tag and everything on it as purchased.

I have not received any answer on why I have not received my money back.

I wish for this to be resolved and I receive my money back. It is not a time for greed and I need my money.


My order has not arrived, no explanation or solution

My order was supposed to come in 4 days time. It's been 12 days, the status is "in transit" and apparently it has been dispatched from the warehouse around ten days ago. I wasted my money calling HQ in SPAIN from Qatar. They said they'll call back, never heard from them. I tried tweeting and DMs, an automated reply. I would ask for a refund but I see that they're bad at that too.

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Linen top

I Just returned to Sydney from Paris . I bought the top at the Rue Royale store on 11March 2020 . It was hanging on display on the ground level entrance . I was not offered a top that had not been on display . I just unwrapped the top today to find a hole on the front and wear markings in the material

Linen top
Linen top
Linen top
Linen top


I am disgusted with Massimo Dutti. I bought a jumper for my husband as a Christmas present on 12/12/19 in a Spanish store. Soon after I had to go back to another country to look after a sick relative. On my return I had to take the jumper back because it was too big. I was 2 days over the 30 day return policy. I would have been happy with a credit note. I know I was 2 days late returning the jumper but had no option to bring it back sooner. Of course Massimo Dutti do not want to help their customers at all. I was refused point blank in store to be allowed to change it. I contacted their customer service team online & found them very rude, she even cut me off. I was hoping for a little compassion from Massimo Dutti as it being the Christmas season but they refuse to budge. I am now left with a useless garment that my husband cannot possibly wear. Other fashion stores have a longer returns policy over the Christmas period. For eg. H&M aré doing Christmas returns up to the end of January. I am not sure I would shop in Massimo Dutti again. The staff online are very rude & not at all helpful to my situation

it’s about the stuff

It was a supervisor from the store, a male black hair 20-30, I'm not sure if the name is Victorios a...

bad attitude / delay to open the store

Madam, Sir, The store was not open at 6 am on Sunday 15th dec 2019. At 6:10, the lights were opened but...

Coat “model: 2406, calidad:162, color: 801”

I purchased a coat on the 8th of Nov 2019 From Massimo Dutti branch in City Stars mall, Nasr City, Cairo...

refund not completed

Order return No [protected] was received by Massimo on the 1/12/2019 and I still don't have payment. I keep being told they have emailed head office. When I ask when this will be resolved I get, " I don't know!" Its a £180 pair of boots I ordered for my wife that she did not like. I was promised a call back yesterday and never got one. Dreadful customer service.


I have bought ancle cowboy boots which when I got home did not fit well. I have never worn them and want to get them back. I was told it was impossible.I wonder if that is your company policy or it was just bad customer service. I would really appreciate if I can exchange these boots since I do like your products and am regular shopper. Enclosed is info aon the type of boots. Thank you for taking this into consideration


poor quality shoes, torn apart after 2 months - want refund

Hi, I have bought sock-style trainers with mock croc embossing two months ago in Dublin in Dundrum shopping...

poor quality

Dear Sirs. I have just been into your massimo ditto Store in shenzhen, Guangdong, china I am so angry about...

mens double breasted herringbone wool coat

Hello, im writing you because I just had the kind of customer experience that turns me off your clothes completely. After ordering this coat to be delivered to the store, I found that the coat was missing a button. While the store had the button quickly sown on, when I tried on the coat, I immediately heard a rip and the inside liner was torn. This is not the kind of quality that anyone should expect for a $400 coat. This experience was made even more frustrating by the very poor service I received at the Ottawa Rideau Centre store where no one seems to know what to do.

As a result of this defective item, i ended up requesting a refund,

I would hope that for a company looking to grow its business that quality of both product and service provided would be priorities.

service staff. customer service. general

Dear Sirs. I have just been into your massimo ditto Store in regents street London. I am so angry about the...


I am writing today to complain about the poor quality of the watches which I bought in Massimodutti Ho Chi...

exchange defective item

I have a bought a t-shirt and after washing it 2 times, I found it shrink about 2 cm length, and when i went...

online return service/customer service

I've been trying to return my recent online order to Massimo Dutti with absolutely no avail. I'm in the US market.
The website by some reason only gives you an option to return it to the physical store - which list is unavailable as well.
Even more disappointing was an attempt to contact this company customer service in the US. The phone ## shown on their website: [protected] in fact doesn't exist!
Such an awful experience with seemingly respectable retailer!

quality of product

I've bought the trousers less than a year ago. After they have been cleaned once according to the directions at the label, pink tips appeared. Please check the added photos. This garment is very valuable for me, I love them since they look very good on my figure and I wore them on rare occasions this was the first time I cleaned them. I have a lot of your garments so pls. tell me what to do. I love your clothes and I do not wont to believe that this will happen again. Can I return them or fix the material somehow.
you can email me at [protected]@gmail.com

quality of product
quality of product
quality of product
quality of product