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Anne Klein Complaints & Reviews

Anne Klein / anne klein purse

Sep 18, 2019

Anne KleinThis is a complaint about the very poor quality of a purse that I purchased at The Bay in Toronto, Canada and then again I purchased the same purse at their on-line site as this particular purse was no longer available in store. I returned the first purse to the Bay for a refund, but still have...

Anne Klein / ladies’ ceramic watch

Jun 15, 2019

Anne KleinI Purchased a ceramic watch for $150 in February, 2018, and wore it two or three times per week since then. The pin that attaches one side of the watchband keeps falling out because the ceramic material on the underside of the watchband is chipping away at the point at which the band...

Anne Klein / wrist watch

May 14, 2019

Anne KleinMy name is Niketa Mehta. On 30/11/2017 I bought Anne Klein wrist watch, model from Mumbai, Inorbit Mall, Malad. Immediately after purchasing of 1 month my watch stopped working, I repaired the cell thinking the cells are week, then after 2-3 months same thing happened. After sometime it stopped...

Anne Klein / anne klein shoes

Feb 03, 2019

Anne KleinI purchased these shoes from DSW. The inside has come out of one shoe completely and the black heel paint/ stain has come off one shoe. I look ridiculous if I wear these. I have complained to Anne Klein directly but have not heard back. I also put pictures and a review on DSW . The heel...

Anne Klein / broken link

Dec 12, 2018

Anne KleinI bought this Alexa Ballet flat shoe from Steinmart a month ago, Today as I write this complaint is the first time I am wearing them and they have only been on my feet for 4 hours. Upon wearing them I noticed both shoe rubbed the side of my heel, so I cut a large bandage and that have...

Anne Klein / dome purse & wallet

Dec 12, 2018

My husband bought me a large dome purse & wallet both have fallen apart the handles on the purse are cracked the zipper is bent all the way across the whole bag.. the wallet has 2 zippers one has frayed & almost completely fallen off . Ive never had an issue with any of the purses before...

Anne Klein / a purse handle falling apart

Nov 17, 2018

Anne KleinWithin a month of purchasing the purse, the trim on the handle started tearing off. I've tried gluing, I've tried cutting it off close to the base so it wouldn't tear away anymore. And it just continues to tear farther and farther down the handle. Now not only the dark colored trim...

Anne Klein / purse

Nov 16, 2018

Anne KleinHI, I am usually not big on complaints, but I felt it was necessary to write this one. I have been purchasing Anne Klein products for 15+ years. I always loved the quality, colors and style selections this brand provides over other high end brands. However, I recently purchased a beautifuk...

Anne Klein / shoes

Oct 31, 2018

Anne KleinTo whom it may concern I am a loyal customer and I love how your shoes fit me but I am having some issues. This is the second time I have purchased shoes from your company and the heel is breaking. It happen with a high pair of boots I purchased from Macys and now it's happening with these...

Anne Klein / duck boots

Oct 31, 2018

Anne KleinThis is my second winter owning this pair of AK navy blue duck boots. The right boot is beginning to peel. I really enjoy wearing these boots. I really don't want any other brand. Purchased in the Macy's store in Haywood Mall, Greenville, SC. Purchased in the year of 2017. I would love to...

Anne Klein / anne klein tote purse with side pocket

Oct 29, 2018

I want so much to go back to my favorite Anne Klein purse, as I cannot find another brand/size/style that is as perfect for me as that one was. PLEASE resolve the handle fraying/peeling issue and I will be a loyal customer once again. I went through this with 3 new purses, believing with...

Anne Klein / dress

Sep 19, 2018

Anne KleinI bought an Anne Klein dress in 2017, have worn it maybe a total of 5 times with many compliments of it. My complaint is that the fabric is polyester, and the seams on the flared skirt were only finished down the center front seam. Consequently, the seams on both sides of the skirt have...

Anne Klein / handbag problem

Jun 10, 2018

The straps on my handbag are breaking and fraying and also cracking. Love this item and would like to get the straps fixed or replaced. I have not abused the handbag by overloading it. I tried to get a replacement from the store where I purchased it but they said they couldn't do that. Any...

Anne Klein / First impression mission Viejo mall...Anne Klein

Jun 01, 2018

I walked in to buy my wife a blue blazer and 10' into the store young lady was working on cloths and I said Hi can you help me and she said ... as if I was interrupting her ... "yeah?" It was as if I was interrupting her when I complain to the manager at the front desk to women turned...

Anne Klein / purse.. what is going on?

Apr 11, 2018

History: ##- Please type your reply above this line -## To add additional comments, reply to this email. Christophe Christopher Daniel (Anne Klein) Apr 11, 4:37 PM EDT Dear My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Our company has recently declared bankruptcy which has delayed all...

Anne Klein / turtle pin

Apr 08, 2018

Anne KleinI purchased an Anne Klein turtle pin from The Bay, St. Albert, January 17, 2018. On March 19 the pin broke off. I had this pin on a coat that I didn't even wear every day. I took it to a jeweler however they said they can't fix it as it's not gold. The Bay won't do anything about it. I...

Anne Klein / ladies watch

Apr 01, 2018

Anne KleinI have an Anne Klein ladies 2 tone silver and gold watch that was purchased at The Hudson Bay in Toronto Canada. I have had the watch for two years. This week I noticed that a few of the numbers had come off and were floating around inside the watch. By the end of the week all but the...

Anne Klein / watch

Feb 21, 2018

Purchased my watch at Macy's in the fall. It would seem they talked me into a warrant for a small charge. Within one month the pin in the band came off. I returned the watch to Macy's for repair. I have been informed the repair will be $48.00. I believe I paid approximately $100.00 for the...

Anne Klein / winter coat - unethical behavior and scam.

Jan 10, 2018

I, Bessie Liang, had a brown Anne Klein winter coat, which I purchased from Lord & Taylor, which I lived very much especially this winter when it has been so cold, worth the money I paid for, for $300.00. The zipper broke on the bottom, coming off the track at the stopper at the bottom. I...

Anne Klein / anee klein shoes

Dec 29, 2017

Anne KleinI purchased a pair of Anne Klein loafers about 4 months ago and today while walking into work, I noticed the shoes felt different. When I got into work, the heals of both shoes are torn from the sole and look like they are dry rotted. I haven't even worn the shoes enough to wear down the...

Anne Klein / flaking & cracking purse straps like everyone else

Dec 02, 2017

Anne KleinAbout 10 months ago I purchased a gray (I call it taupe) small perfect tote. It is the "perfect" size for me so I now have it in red, stone & navy, plus I have rose gold and vanilla on order. I am hoping the rest hold up better than the gray. Unfortunately, the coloring on the straps i...

Anne Klein / anne klein women's langstyn suede snow boot

Nov 14, 2017

Hello, I bought these boots last winter and wore them only a handful of times. I took them out again this winter and the heels broke off from the shoe while I was walking. This caused me to roll my ankle. I love the shoes style, comfort, however, they only lasted me half of a winter. Is there anyway to get these replaced or repaired? Thanks, Rachel

Anne Klein / watch stopped working

Oct 07, 2017

I have purchased a ladies watch model no AK1018RGBKJ worth Rs. 10499/- on 26 April 2017 from Shoppers Stop, Elante Mall, Chandigarh but after 3 months it stopped working. On 4 september 2017 i submitted the watch to Shoppers Stop, Pavlion Mall, ludhiana for repair. They gave me 20 day...

Anne Klein / shoes ripped

Sep 28, 2017

Anne KleinI purchased a pair of Anne Klein black iflex shoes. They didn't even last a month before the stiches on one of them ripped where the elastics is located. The other side just ripped last week. I love these shoes and would like them replaced or offered a refund. These are every day shoe...

Anne Klein / broken seams in ballet shoe

Sep 26, 2017

Anne KleinI've only had these shoes for a short period. I wear them maybe two to three times a week to the office. Imagine my surprise as I notice the seams were coming undone in just one shoe. This occurred at an inconvenient time while at work. I was in a business meeting and became embarrassed. I...

Anne Klein / purse straps

Jul 28, 2017

Anne KleinI have enclosed 3 photos of the straps which have broken on my new Anne Klein purse. These broke after only normal wear and tear using the purse every day. I purchased the purse at the very end of May of this year. I do love the purse for size and color. Can you either repair the strap...

Anne Klein / defective straps on purse

Jul 11, 2017

I submitted a complaint on this site regarding defective straps on a purse which I received as a gift. After receiving no response I called Anne Klein customer service only to be told that the company does not assist customers with purchases made through retail stores! So obviously thi...

Anne Klein / purse

Jun 20, 2017

Anne KleinI purchased an Ann Klein tote/ purse about 3 weeks ago. It cost $ 50.00 and is made of vinyl/faux leather. It is light gray in color and I recently noticed some significant discoloration...the gray has turned a bluish color. The texture has also changed. It has not been in the sun nor ha...

Anne Klein / shoe

Jun 08, 2017

Anne KleinI bought this fen ballet flat shoe from dsw, I have wore them in the office for a month. Noticed the sole is very thin, there's hard dots under neath the sole which is not good and very rough on the feet. The print has faded, and the sole is coming out. Overall very cheap quality by anne...

Anne Klein / defective straps on purse

May 29, 2017

Last year in March 2016 I received your New Recruits Large Dome Satchel Handbag (black and cream) as a gift. I love the handbag and have had so many compliments on it each time I carry it; however about 6 months after receiving it the handles (light brown) began to crack (8 cracks on one...

Anne Klein / defective purse

May 22, 2017

I bought an Anne Klein purse, white with navy blue trim and pink handles about a year ago. About 8 months after I had it the handles started splitting across the leather. Both handles are now split in several places along the handle. I do not have the receipt. I do have pictures which I...

Anne Klein / Claim about the quality of the Anne Klein watch

Feb 21, 2017

Anne KleinI have bought a lot of Anne Klein watches. However, recently some of the anne klein watches have really bad quality. In particular, I bought 4 watches as gifts to my friends, but after 2-3 months, the watch turned to ruin INSIDE the case, where nothing of the watch holder can touch. I...

Anne Klein / Fashion fit watch (Ak/2010bfit)

Jan 31, 2017

I purchased the watch on a cruise ship(5/19/16).The watch battery would not charge in the charging outlet. When placed inside either watch band the item would not work. I contacted the company and spoke with Mr. Ray Lugo; who informed me to mail the watch to customere service center. The...

Anne Klein / Charm bracelet

Jan 02, 2017

Hello, I wrote in to Anne Klein on December 20 2016 to complain about an Anne Klein charm bracelet that I bought from Duty Free on an El Al flight to Venice in June 2016. I said that the charms keep on falling off and I want Anne Klein to repair it in Israel. The ticket number I was given i...

Anne Klein / Watch stainless steel bracelet watch 30mm ak-215svsv

Dec 01, 2016

About a year ago I received a bracelet for Christmas. It was bought at the Macys in New York. Shortly after receiving it I noticed it wasn't keeping up with the time. I noticed that the device you use to set the time was a little loose and it has pulled out on a few occasion maybe getting...

Anne Kline / Disappointed purchase

Oct 03, 2016

Dear Ms. Kline, I bought an Anne Kline handbag for over $80.00 in April 2016 for my 62nd birthday . This has been used just a few times. Unfortunately the bag has started to open along the stitching on both side panels. I am very disappointed in this product since I always desired an Anne...

Anne Klein Jewelry / Billed for something never ordered


I had ordered their offer for a bracelet for $3.95 and I received the prodict ok. but a short time later they took $95.00 out of my account and I did not order anything. No wonder the bracelet was so cheap, seems after they have your bank account number they can take any amount they want...