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Anthropologie Customer Service Contacts

800 0026 8476 (European Countries)
+1 800 309 2500 (General Inquiries)
+1 844 599 2557 (Furniture)
+1 800 362 4073 (Gift Registry)
4010 Rose Lane
Augusta, Georgia
United States - 30907
Postal Address
766 Brackbill Rd, Gap, PA 17527, USA

United Kingdom
1-3 Spire Road, Rushden, Northamptonshire, NN10 0FN, UK

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Complaints & Reviews

Jul 30, 2020

Anthropologie — Horrible - shop somewhere else

Do Yourself a Favor... Avoid ANTHRO Shop Somewhere Else! I ordered 5 items for my Wife's Birthday that I had...

Mar 10, 2020

Anthropologie — In Store Behaviour

Hi, I was at your Valley Fair location this last weekend. I am a devoted cusomer that spends $$$$ at your...

AnthropologieDishonest or inept employees

Do not order from them online because if you return an item, they will probably not give you a refund. There is no point talking to the robots in customer service. You would think that a company on the NY stock exchange would have their act together. Think again! I returned something I bought online and they claimed they hadn't received it for several months. Finally after calling them numerous times, I spoke to a capable person from their Augusta call center who was able to find the item I returned and give me a credit. She didn't sound surprised when I told her of all my attempts to resolve this issue and ended up giving me a gift card for the bad service I had received. Well, a few weeks later I was recharged for the item and it started all over again! They're the worst!!

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    Anthropologiereturn notification policy

    I returned a birthday gift to the store because the item didn't fit. Because I didn't have a gift receipt, the sales clerk looked up the purchaser to verify the purchase and then issued me a merchandise card. Upon my return, I received a text message from the person who bought me the gift asking why I had returned it. I was upset that notification was even sent to the person who had purchased the gift. This is one policy that needs to be corrected. There should be no reason to notify that person!
    I hope you can take care of this situation so it doesn't happen to someone else!
    I look forward to your response.

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      Anthropologieshipping/returns and customer service

      In late May of 2019 I placed an order of a king quilt and shams and queen quilt and shams. I received the quilts in a timely manner but ended up needing to contact Anthropologie to find the king and queen shams. They told me to wait and see if they turn up. I waited another week or so and called again. Someone then informed me that they were lost in transit and needed to be canceled and reordered. I was surprised I not been contacted but I complied and reordered the items and Anthropologie shipped them overnight. The next day I received a very small package with my correct name and address and receipt indicating shams but the order contained a romper and what I assumed was a shirt (I did not bother opening). I then contacted Anthropologie again to explain what had happened. They informed me that I needed to go to ups or store and return the items they sent me by mistake which prompted me to ask for a return label. The return label was not supplied within a week so I then called customer service to make sure I could return the items to the store and still get my shams. They said yes, that even though I didn't have the items indicated in my invoice (shams) that the return would still be recorded and I would get my shams. The shams were finally sent out and received by me and I returned the items to my local store in Westport and was told all would be well. Months later in September I received an e-mail from Anthropologie indicating that they would be charging me for not returning my shams (which was my worry when I had actually be instructed to return the wrong order I received) and I was charged $168.25. I of course contacted Anthropologie again. The customer service rep then assured me I would get the refund. Weeks passed and I did not get my refund and called again. I was told there was no record of my returning the items they sent me by mistake and the charge would remain. I found this very upsetting because I have been a loyal customer for years. I felt I was treated poorly by the supervisor on top of all the agonizing phone calls and efforts to correct my situation. I contacted my credit card company to see if there was something I could do. They refunded my charge and I felt slightly better about the situation until I received a retaliatory email from Anthropologie explaining that unless I paid them back the $168.25 that the bank reclaimed I would not be allowed to shop in any of their stores. This really hurt. As a customer you expect to be treated with understanding and not like the enemy. So after doing some research I found that this scenario had happened to other Anthropologie customers, where shipping mistakes and wrong orders received turned into false charges and missing returns. How disheartening. So that's what I am at. I either pay up to Anthropologie so I can shop at their stores or I must stop going to my favorite stores and cafes owned by them. I feel so devalued as a customer and like after all of this work to make things right, I am being threatened and punished. I hope they reevaluate their policies and procedures, but perhaps I am expecting too much from companies these days.

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        Anthropologiereturn with receipt

        I have a receipt for a return but the merchant still won't refund my account because it's lost in the system. Customer service was very nice but can't help refund a $198 charge in over 2 months. I'm holding my return receipt so I think this is unacceptable and they should pay interest at this point. Make sure you keep all your receipts or better yet only pay cash.

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          • Updated by Melnyc1234 · Sep 29, 2019

            I have a receipt for a return but the merchant still won’t refund my account because it’s lost in the system. Customer service was very nice but can’t help refund a $198 charge in over 2 months. I’m holding my return receipt so I think this is unacceptable and they should pay interest at this point. Make sure you keep all your receipts or better yet only pay cash.

          Anthropologieworst customer service ever

          I placed an order on Anthropologie website that was supposed to be delivered by Aug 2, and it wasn't. On Aug 3 I get in contact with them via chat and and the delivered date had changed to Aug 6, since I'm going to travel for 2 weeks and the package would be sitting on my front door, I asked it to be redirected to the closest store so I could pick it up once I was back, which they say it's impossible. Then the customer service rep tells me that my only option is to have the delivery cancelled and a refund, to which I agree and go travel thinking everything is ok. On Aug 19 I get back and see that I have an e-mail saying the package was delivered, but of course nothing was on my front door since I was out for 2 whole weeks. Then I contact them again asking why the package was delivered when they said they were cancelling my order and issuing me a refund and basically the very unfriendly person that I spoke to on the phone said that it was my problem, that the package was delivered and they can't do anything and that if I wanted I could go and dispute the transaction with my bank - that of course has nothing to do with that. Terrible customer service, never buying there again.

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            Aug 19, 2019

            Anthropologie — fragranced candle

            I purchased the Fragranced Candle Bougie Parfumee' from Las Vegas Nordstrom and paid 33.00 dollars for it. It...

            Aug 05, 2019

            Anthropologie — eldyn king bed order #m005390036335 delivery of wrong bed slats

            I am sending again my request for replacement of the wrong Queen size bed slats to be replaced with King size...

            Anthropologiedelivery of rug

            I ordered a rug and the delivery company Metro gave me a window of 9-12 for the delivery. Since I do not currently live at the house it was being delivered to, I arranged to take the morning off work and drove the hour to the new house. While on the road Metro called to tell me that they were there already. It was 8:05 AM. I explained that I was given a window from 9-12. They said the driver couldn't wait. I was extremely frustrated but arranged to have it delivered the next morning. I told the woman that the earliest I could be at the house was 8:30 and that I needed to leave by 9:45 AM. She said no problem that they would be there between 8:30-9:45 AM.

            The driver just called and said he was there and could only wait unt 8:15 AM. I called Anthropology customer service who told me to call their furniture department. I spoke to Kamiko who after hearing the whole story agreed to cancel the order. She told me I would receive a full refund and an email confirmation within 48-72 hours. I asked for a confirmation number but was told the email would be the confirmation.

            I then called back customer service just to double check that everything was taken care of. They told me that there was no way to cancel the order once it was shipped out for delivery. I am beyond frustrated. I find this entire experience to be unacceptable. I am shocked at the incredibly poor customer service provided by anthropology and expect the refund I was promised.

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              Anthropologiejacinta dress/customer service

              I ordered the Jacinta dress on Thursday 20th June 2019, on Saturday 22nd June 2019 it arrived, not only was the zip damaged but two thirds of it was sewn into the dress so that it wouldn't open! I notified customer service who forwarded a returns label to print off and the parcel was taken back to Royal Mail later that day, it should be with yourselves now. Customer service notified me that they had sent out another dress by express delivery, on tracking I found it would be delivered between 10.20am and 1.20pm today. However I chose to check again sometime later and was informed that the parcel could not be delivered since the address was unknown. On checking the shipping order they had not put on my house number, unbelievable, I again contacted customer service (since that's what they are meant to be)! I did not receive an apology just a message stating if the courier couldn't rectify the problem, the parcel would be returned and I would be refunded. If I wanted to reorder to telephone, which from a conversation with my mobile contractor would cost me a small fortune. Since the unemployment rate worldwide is rocketing, maybe you should choose a little more carefully who you employ, maybe someone with a little empathy might not go amiss! However after reading the ratings for this company I can't say that I am shocked, just stupid enough to make the order. I would appreciate it if my money is reimbursed ASAP.
              Lesley Beanland

              jacinta dress/customer service
              jacinta dress/customer service

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                Anthropologielie to you and give you the runaround

                I will never shop Anthropologie again. They showed wrong colors of an item online and I called ahead of ordering and was given the wrong information. Twelve contacts later, all I've gotten is NOT what I ordered and paid for but lies, different answers, I have to repeat order numbers 8 times to them, snickering and sarcasm. It was THEIR mistake in the first place and they have treated me like trash. What is this a joke to them? They are beyond rude and nasty. You won't get your money back either when you return something. This was just another horrible experience with them. I sincerely hope they are put out of business because that's what they deserve. My advice to anyone is Do Not Shop With Anthropologie!!

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                  Anthropologiecustomer service

                  On April 15 I reached out to customer service regarding a return that was delivered to them on April 11. When tracking the status of the return there was a message stating "Within 2-3 days of arrival, we will process your return and send you an email confirmation. Please allow up to 10 additional business days for your credit card refund to reflect on your statement." On their website they state something different. After being informed that They are processing returns received on the 9th and mine should be processed by the end of the week, I asked the "supervisor" why is there conflicting information. She said very rudely that it was to give them cushion. Why give conflicting misleading information? Then act rudely on top of it. I'm so annoyed and disgusted by how rude their reps are. I wish I can return everything I ever purchased including my recent wedding dresses because these ppl are unprofessional, rude and don't care about their customers. It's all about what's convenient for them.

                  customer service
                  customer service

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                    Anthropologieonline order

                    I ordered online, March 4, 2019, received confirmation. When I checked shipping, one of the 2 items had the item number changed. I called to see what the problem was, the woman (very hard to understand her) told me that was I was seeing on my end was not what see was seeing on her end, and they couldn't help me until I actually received the order. Another phone call to another agent was better, said the correct items were shipped. When the items finally arrived, late, the wrong items were in fact, shipped. A third phone call, I was to ld to ship them back, was emailed a shipping label, and a 30% off coupon for my trouble, was told an expediated order would be sent out. I received no email confirmation of this, however. When I called back 2 days later to find out about this expediated order, not only was I told there was no expediated order, but I did in fact recieve the correct items. Emails followed harassing me about what I did order, wanting photos of what arrived (which had already been shipped back), What did I actually order, and could I prove it. This morning, I called to ask if there were, in fact, any orders in que for me. She said she needed an order number. Then she got snippy and said she could use a phone number or an email address. Then she told me there was no order in the system for me. Then she told me it would take 24-48 hours to be refunded for what I already sent back. As of yet I have not been refunded. On Tuesday, I will be calling my state's Attourny General office.

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                      Anthropologiecustomer service on the phone

                      I was talking with a LaQuisha on the phone to place an order and she was very rude and abrupt with her help with me placing an order and inquiring about two items. I find most of the representatives who answer the phone extremely rude. I shop online a lot from this store and JCrew and many department stores. Anthropologie's customer service is the rudest! There wasn't a survey for me to take afterward or I would have given my opinion of how extremely rude LaQuisha was to me. I don't think anyone cares at Anthropologie as long as they make money their customer service can be horrible and it doesn't bother corporate in the least.

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                        Anthropologieonline ordering

                        I have been shopping with this company firstly in the US when there on business. I was delighted when they came to the UK and spent a lot of money with the online facility.
                        I was not aware of any issues, not received any communication about any problems but when I tried to order blouse in May this year, I found that my account was blocked, and apparently had been for two years!!! News to me.
                        There have now been nearly forty emails going back and forth. I ask for the details of the debt that they say I have so that I can investigate. They say they will send it - never arrives.
                        The phone numbers either don't connect or you get cut off and the staff at the other end are rude. They don't seem to have the details of this debt, I have never been informed of it but they will not resolve it. I have tried Trading Standards and Resolver and all they get are the standard emails that I have received. I have pointed out UK law to them on several occasions but they seem to think they are above the law and do not need to comply.
                        As I spent upwards of £1000.00 a year with Anthropologie, I am stunned as to the standard of the Customer Service or should I say the lack of it.

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                          Anthropologie — unethical business

                          They did not process the item I returned, and after four weeks, I made several phone calls and sent multiple...

                          Anthropologieawful company where everyone from customer service gives contradicting information

                          I purchased a skirt with expedited shipping after a dress I initially purchased from Anthropologie did not fit right (even after I brought it to a seamstress for alterations). By the time I realized i needed the skirt, it was about 5 days prior to the event I needed it for so I paid for the expedited shipping as a last resort after calling all my local anthropologists to see if I could pick up in store. Two days before the item was supposed to arrive, I received an email saying the item had shipped and would arrive 1 day later than I paid for. I called customer service and was assured that that Email was a mistake, and that I would be receiving the item on the originally scheduled date. The customer service rep even scoffed at my reference to the email saying the later date saying "well ma'am, that was an ESTIMATED date. If you paid to have the item arrive on April 30th, it will arrive on April 30th". I hung up calmly, assured my item would arrive as paid for. I awoke today, April 30th, to another email saying that Anthropologie is very sorry but the item is delayed and will arrive May 1. I then spent the next hour and a half on the phone with 4-5 differentcustomer service representatives, each of which gave me alternating information. I finally got on the phone with a supervisor who told me more differing information. And when I asked why I heard different responses from every rep, I was told basically that the word of reps cannot be trusted as they do not know proper protocol or information. At the end of the day, I still do not have an item. I asked them if they could process the refund(would take at least 3 business days). Since I needed this item so desperately by today, I asked if they could instead process me an immediate gift card for the amount of the item so I could go shop at a store as soon as they opened and buy something today. The supervisor told me yes that's fine. She promised me they would process the return to a gift card and I would receive an email shortly with the code. I hung up, stressed still that I needed to shop again, but at least hopeful that I could find a way to fix this mess and end up with something to wear. About five minutes later, I received an email from Anthropologie that hey processed a refund for my shipping to my credit card. I was confused, because I was supposed to get the amount IMMEDIATELY and on a gift card. I called back AGAIN to double check why they did something different and I was told that I would be receiving a gift card in TWO BUSINESS DAYS. At that point, there was no reason to get a gift card in the first place because the whole point was I needed something BY TODAY. I asked to switch the refund back to my credit card and was then told that was impossible because the refund was already processed. The supervisor said "on a recorded line, you requested a gift card. So that's what you're getting." When I asked why everytime I called I got a different response than the previous time, and these were all also on recorded lines, she basically said she didn't know or care and if I didn't have any questions she could answer, she'd hang up. I'm out $200 on a skirt that was supposed to arrive today and don't have anything to wear today. I used to love Anthropologie but I cannot believe the horror I experienced on the phone with customer service. I guess I figured a company who charges so much for their clothes, would be a tiny bit accommodating. But it cost me a lot of money and stress to realize that Anthropologie is no better than a [censored] Instagram company based out of China. Super disappointing.

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                            Anthropologie — metropolitan delivery service

                            I had purchased an Inlay Blue Dresser and I had nothing but problems with the delivery company Metropolitan...


                            Anthropologie — be careful before you buy here

                            I don't understand people who can't use other websites to order clothes. just like my wife. She decided that...

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