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Anthropologie Complaints & Reviews

Anthropologie / Shipping/returns and customer service

Oct 09, 2019

In late May of 2019 I placed an order of a king quilt and shams and queen quilt and shams. I received the quilts in a timely manner but ended up needing to contact Anthropologie to find the king and queen shams. They told me to wait and see if they turn up. I waited another week or so and...

Anthropologie / return with receipt

Sep 29, 2019

I have a receipt for a return but the merchant still won't refund my account because it's lost in the system. Customer service was very nice but can't help refund a $198 charge in over 2 months. I'm holding my return receipt so I think this is unacceptable and they should pay interest at...

Anthropologie / worst customer service ever

Aug 20, 2019

I placed an order on Anthropologie website that was supposed to be delivered by Aug 2, and it wasn't. On Aug 3 I get in contact with them via chat and and the delivered date had changed to Aug 6, since I'm going to travel for 2 weeks and the package would be sitting on my front door, I...

Anthropologie / fragranced candle

Aug 19, 2019

I purchased the Fragranced Candle Bougie Parfumee' from Las Vegas Nordstrom and paid 33.00 dollars for it. It has NO smell at all while burning, it won't burn right! I burned it for 2days straight and it wouldn't burn evenly! I'm a big candle lover. I buy them every week from bath and...

Anthropologie / eldyn king bed order #m005390036335 delivery of wrong bed slats

Aug 05, 2019

AnthropologieI am sending again my request for replacement of the wrong Queen size bed slats to be replaced with King size bed slats to accommodate my King size Eldyn Bed delivered on July 11th, 2019. On July 11th and again today, I re- emailed photos and description of the issue because every time I...

Anthropologie / delivery of rug

Jul 03, 2019

I ordered a rug and the delivery company Metro gave me a window of 9-12 for the delivery. Since I do not currently live at the house it was being delivered to, I arranged to take the morning off work and drove the hour to the new house. While on the road Metro called to tell me that they...

Anthropologie / jacinta dress/customer service

Jun 25, 2019

AnthropologieI ordered the Jacinta dress on Thursday 20th June 2019, on Saturday 22nd June 2019 it arrived, not only was the zip damaged but two thirds of it was sewn into the dress so that it wouldn't open! I notified customer service who forwarded a returns label to print off and the parcel was taken...

Anthropologie / lie to you and give you the runaround

Jun 01, 2019

I will never shop Anthropologie again. They showed wrong colors of an item online and I called ahead of ordering and was given the wrong information. Twelve contacts later, all I've gotten is NOT what I ordered and paid for but lies, different answers, I have to repeat order numbers 8...

Anthropologie / customer service

Apr 15, 2019

AnthropologieOn April 15 I reached out to customer service regarding a return that was delivered to them on April 11. When tracking the status of the return there was a message stating "Within 2-3 days of arrival, we will process your return and send you an email confirmation. Please allow up to 10...

Anthropologie / online order

Mar 16, 2019

I ordered online, March 4, 2019, received confirmation. When I checked shipping, one of the 2 items had the item number changed. I called to see what the problem was, the woman (very hard to understand her) told me that was I was seeing on my end was not what see was seeing on her end, and...

Anthropologie / customer service on the phone

Mar 07, 2019

I was talking with a LaQuisha on the phone to place an order and she was very rude and abrupt with her help with me placing an order and inquiring about two items. I find most of the representatives who answer the phone extremely rude. I shop online a lot from this store and JCrew and many...

Anthropologie / online ordering

Sep 19, 2018

I have been shopping with this company firstly in the US when there on business. I was delighted when they came to the UK and spent a lot of money with the online facility. I was not aware of any issues, not received any communication about any problems but when I tried to order blouse in...

[Resolved] Anthropologie / unethical business

Jul 20, 2018

They did not process the item I returned, and after four weeks, I made several phone calls and sent multiple emails to figure out this issue. After talking with several agents and two supervisors multiple times, I was told that they still haven't received the item I returned and can not...

Anthropologie / awful company where everyone from customer service gives contradicting information

Apr 30, 2018

I purchased a skirt with expedited shipping after a dress I initially purchased from Anthropologie did not fit right (even after I brought it to a seamstress for alterations). By the time I realized i needed the skirt, it was about 5 days prior to the event I needed it for so I paid for...

Anthropologie / metropolitan delivery service

Apr 18, 2018

I had purchased an Inlay Blue Dresser and I had nothing but problems with the delivery company Metropolitan. The call center is not professional. you are placed on hold. The customer service agent are unable to contact Dispatch regarding a delivery. They cancelled a delivery on me after I...

Anthropologie / be careful before you buy here

Nov 08, 2017

I don't understand people who can't use other websites to order clothes. just like my wife. She decided that buying from this website would be a great idea. Even though shу read bad reviews before. But she risked and ... when everything went wrong I wasn't surprised. Well, first of all, we...

Anthropologie / filthy store, bad service

Aug 30, 2017

Cheap quality, don't know what kind of people their clothes are for. When you come to their store, no one greets you, no one smiles at you. Everyone is sad as if something happened. The store itself was filthy. Dirty place. The way they treat customers is a separate story too. Very unprofessional and disrespectful. Please, assume the needed measures.

Anthropologie / customer service - furniture department

Jul 13, 2017

Do not order furniture from anthropologie. Ordered the navarra dining room table. Contacted by their "subcontracted" white glove delivery service metropolitan warehouse & delivery. Received email & phone confirmation for 4 hr. Window for delivery. Driver never showed. Contacted delivery...

Anthropologie / unethical policies and behavior.

Jun 02, 2017

Be careful before you buy at Anthropologie. They will steal you private information--which they say their policy dictates--from driver's license that they take and record. And if you try to communicate with executives at their corporate office, you will be completely blown off by their...

Anthropologie / lariat necklace

Apr 25, 2017

AnthropologieI purchased this item under 1 month ago and despite contacting Anthropologie twice through their online contact service, to let them know it had broken on first wearing, I have not received any response from them. A tassle fell off on first wearing then the lump of gold covered stone fell...

Anthropologie / received two tops instead of one

Jan 03, 2017

I bought a top from Anthropologie and was charged twice. I contacted customer service and told them there was a mistake and they asked me not to worry and promised to fix everything. They did nothing and several weeks later I received two tops. I contacted them again and said that I want...

Anthropologie / horrible customer service - managers are worse

Jan 01, 2016

I ordered a top by calling and had to hold a half hour to have this stupid rep put the wrong size in. I specifically asked for a size 4 petite...And an email confirmation that the order went thru..Nothing came. I checked my anthro account to see she put a regular 4 in the system. I had to...

Anthropologie / serving unlabeled alcoholic beverages to public

Dec 30, 2015

We have lived in Hoboken for six months. A couple months ago mother in law was visiting us in Hoboken on Sunday August 23rd is when the incident took place. It was 82 degrees in Hoboken and as I walked around Anthropologie with my husband and his mother we came across a large jug of what... / online ordering

Apr 30, 2013

The website accepts orders for things they don't even know for sure that they have! I ordered an item online (for a special occasion which has now come and gone), waited a week, and finally called to find out why I'd never received an email confirming that my order had been...

Anthropologie / online pricing not honored - they can keep that lifestyle they are selling!

Apr 03, 2013

AnthropologieI ordered a duvet from Anthropologie and was surprised to see that shams were delivered instead, when I contacted customer services they said I had ordered the shams. I was asked to return the shams and order the duvet again. I did this, took screenshots of the duvet in my basket, the...

Anthropologie / personal check refused

Mar 16, 2013

I am 70 years old and was purchasing a birthday-gift for myself. My surprise when my check was refused was embarrassing, disrespectful and uncalled for. I have never had a check refused in the 55 years I have been writing them, . I called your 800 # and was amazed to hear that this is not...

Anthropologie / bad shopping experience


every time i go into semi-local anthro stores, select employees follow me around, ask if they can hold my shopping bags for me behind the counter (i've noticed they don't ask others near me who enter the store with shopping bags)... i am a normal ("non-criminal-looking?") 34-year old...

Anthropologie / international shipping


Anthropologie international customer service is absolutely terrible! I bought a green dress from them and shoes to mathc. A few days later, I received an email from them telling me that the I had purchased was out of stock. Why let me purchase it then? I told them to cancel the order, as I...

Anthropologie / worst customer service/policy


So I bought bday gifts for my friends and was waiting for it but even after 5 days, it wasn't arriving. I went back to my account, and realized that it went to my billing address, and I swear (I was even with my friend), that I did type in different shipping address and it never went...

Anthropologie / this company is really just looking for your buck and they will trow away loyal employees to save a few


I worked for this company for over three years in the visual department and I over the years I slowly lost every bit of respect I had for them. The whole place is a facade, the upper management treat the people actually running their stores like peons. The product is absurdly over-priced...

Anthropologie / never encountered such terrible service and policies


Wow, dealing with Anthopologie online is painful. The online order was split into 2 packages, and one of the packages never arrived. Anthropologie 's policy is that you have to wait 14 days of not receiving the package in order to file a claim. Except of course, in that 14 days, the...