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I was told that there was no long term obligation when I enrolled and that it was month to month. As if that was not enough, I had a heart attack in early 2007 and had bypass surgery. These jerks harassed me in rehab. I told them what had happened, that I was in rehab, and that I could not have massage.

I did not hear from them for almost two years. Now I got a letter from a collection agency asking for $294.00. I have not been in their store since my surgery.


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    Bella616 Dec 29, 2008

    Massage Envy is a complete rip off. It fools people into signing up and taking their money out of their bank accounts and then if you want to cancel it is virtually impossible. They come up with different scenarios of why you can't cancel. They tell you after the massage that your membership has expired. They are very SLICK. I am reporting them to the better business burea and as many other complaint boards and blogs that I can find. DO NOT JOIN MASSAGE ENVY...

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    Dirtrocks Jan 14, 2009

    I made the colossal mistake of being conned into signing up for one of their fraud "memberships". The employee didn't tell me that their was a one year contract that you wouldn't be able to cancel. I have been trying to cancel it now for 6 months after I had a couple mediocre massages and decided that the $60 a month wasn't worth it. Now I have complained to the BBB and it is such a hassle and the location I am arguing with are being total jerks. I don't get why they would want someone who hates them so much to even come to their stores?

    Whatever you do, NEVER SIGN UP FOR THE MEMBERSHIP, JUST DON'T GO THERE! From now on, if I ever need a massage I am only going to the small mom and pop chiro's and massage therapists. You will get better massages and better service for a better price. Massage Envy is a total SCAM!

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  • No
    Noenvy1 Nov 17, 2018

    @Dirtrocks I agree. Run from this place. I signed up for a six month membership in February 2018. The membership ended In August, 2018. I paid through June 2018 although I never attended any massage sessions. The reason I didn't attend was because my mom who lived in Florida (and I live in Maryland) became very ill. Between family, travel and work---massages were the last thing on my mind. Unfortunately, my mom passed in June and I was devastated. I was getting text messages from massage envy that I owe four payments---although the membership ended in August... I texted back explaining the matter with my mom passing, the inability to come in for services, I even agreed that they could keep the four months payments . Their response: "we are not in the business of canceling memberships". But the membership terminated in August. How can a membership be renewed without a renewal contract/signature? Anything can happen in life but Massage Envy could care less. Their antics ARE NOT TO BE ENVIED by any means.

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    SacramentoCompliants Mar 10, 2009

    I am dealing with a similar situation in Sacramento California. Massage Envy does actually allow a cancellation- but with a written, 30 day notice, at which time they bill you one more time. If you have any unused massages remaining, you must use them in 30 days or lose them. These were pre-paid massages. I am not sure how this is legal. They can't be moved to a gift card. The reason they give is that the contract says you are paying for a "Health and Wellness Program" not a actually a massage. The massages are "added value" so if you cancel the program, the massages go away despite having paid for them. You can "Freeze" your account for up to 6 months, but again, any massages you have paid for can't be used during the freeze period.

    Clearly BBB needs to get involved here.

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  • Nj
    njo Mar 11, 2009

    I signed up for the prepayment plan with Massage envy in Westminster CO and used their services about 15 times. In September, I lost my job. In November, someone from the Westminster Massage Envy store called because the charge on my credit card didn't get through. This was because the card had been stolen and had to be cancelled. Also, all my banks have reset my credit card limit to whatever my current balance is - so I have no credit cards that can be used for automatic payments. I told her my situation and that I couldn't afford their services for now. She told me that to cancel the monthly PREPAYMENT for services, they must receive a cancellation notice in writing, (which they have), BUT they say I must pay the account in full before they will stop future payments.

    So since I can't afford to pay for Nov and Dec. since I need the money to pay for food and keep from losing my home, they're going to keep charging me $49 a month instead of stopping future payments. So, according to their policy, the charges will never end, even if I never use their services again. I've had 6 conversations with them, all the same.

    It was at this point that I started ignoring their calls because NO ONE WAS LISTENING TO ME OR CARED ABOUT MY SITUTATION. It was too frustrating and stressful to try to talk to them again. Then I got a letter demanding payment.

    At this point, I wrote a letter to the manager calmly explaining my predicament (for the 7th time), and asking the charges for Nov/Dec to be dropped. I said that if the charges were dropped FOR SERVICES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN RENDERED, I would return to ME when I'm in a better financial situation but if they continued to try to force me to pay for SERVICES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN RECEIVED, I would never again set foot in any of their stores, and would tell all my friends about their lack of understanding and concern for future business.

    Her response was to send a threatening letter giving me 72 hours to pay up or it would go to collections and I’d have to pay court costs and lawyer fees - and again ASKING FOR A CREDIT CARD TO USE FOR MORE CHARGES. That's when I hit the roof and wrote a letter telling them to cease and desist or I'd take the story public. I was furious that they'd insist on making me pay FOR SERVICES THAT HAVE NOT BEEN RENDERED and due to their attitude, I'D NEVER RECEIVE - when I'm broke, possibly losing everything I own. No one from Massage Envy ever listened to what I was saying or cared a bit about the incredible stress I am under or the reasons behind it all.

    The manager of this establishment blew an opportunity to show some humanity. I think their actions showed total lack of sympathy, empathy, or flexibility. A smart manager would have acted differently. If the store management doesn't change the attitude about how to handle situations like mine, there will be many more angry current customers who are lost to their business - and lost future business that may have come their way via referrals. They should teach employees to listen to what people are telling them, and make their policies flexible in these trying times instead of being nasty and threatening to harm people's credit when they're trying desperately to refinance their home to save it from foreclosure!!!.

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  • Je
    jensen2675 Mar 26, 2009

    The contract is clearly spelled out regarding the cancellation plan. I have a copy. Why is it that when people sign for something, and do not read it all the way, they complain because it doesn't go their way? I know I have felt the same way a few times regarding other contracts I have signed which is why I read them and understand the hitches (which by the way...there are always some hitches with EVERYTHING).

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  • Pa
    Patrick Moffatt Oct 15, 2019
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    Verified customer

    @jensen2675 It takes two people to make a contract. The second party in the contract could be flexible if they indeed wanted to be. It is clear that massage envy no matter what the circumstances does not want to be flexible.

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  • Co
    costumer Apr 07, 2009

    Obviously the past post is from someone that works at the place. This place is all about money!!! and lies...If they were honest from the beginning and not say "month to month contract, and that you can cancel any time" it would be fine. There wouldn't be so many unhappy people. I bet everyone would just end-up paying.

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  • Co
    common sense Apr 20, 2009

    Anybody that signs anything with reading it first is a [censored].

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  • Aw
    Awful Waffle Apr 27, 2009

    The ME employees were very misleading when they conned me into signing the next twelve months away into a contract. First of all, when they handed me the contract, it was poorly copied, as if the printer was running low on ink and the majority of it was illegible, but they assured me I was only signing for their reserved right to discontinue me services and that I was aware that they were not liable for any further medical issues that may arise. Secondly, they explained to me explicitly that there was no strings attached and that I could cancel anytime [little did I know that would only be if I moved 25 miles away from the clinic or had a physicians excuse] and it was as if they were pushing me with their flimflam <> to keep me from attempting to read the contract, merely pointing at where I needed to sign. It wasn't until later that week that I had the time to find the contract online and see what I really gotten myself into. I feel like an idiot for not reading the fine print (not that it was legible), but in the heat of the situation, I felt that a subscription to a massage therapist wasn't the equivalent to a phone bill or a car note, and that I could honestly cancel at anytime. I've written up a 30 day notice [I've read from other posts that the notice should work regardless] and hopefully it will work.

    Best of luck to all of you!

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  • Ca
    Calm down people May 01, 2009

    I am an employee at Massage Envy. Now I recognize that I cannot speak for all Massage Envy clinics, but every single person should read anything that they are signing. This is not a simple contract where you simply sign one time at the bottom of the form and you are done - you have to initial these contracts in several places and sign. Our clinic goes over the information at each point that requires a signature or an initial so that we are clear, but we do not hold our client's hands and read the entire three page contract. In addition, there is a 72 hour cancellation process for any contract that allows any client to go home, read all of the contract and if they do not like the terms they can cancel with no questions asked. I personally am very thorough when I go over the cancellation policy for the membership and am detailed in explaining the process requiring written notcie, that there is a 30 day grace period and one more payment will be taken out, and that at the end of the 30 days any unused massages will expire. I KNOW that everyone at this clinic is well trained and goes over the contract in the same manner and yet still we have clients that come back several months later and claim that we never explained that they couldn't cancel or that we were devious when explaining the cancellation policy for the membership! The simple fact that we require additional initials on several parts of the contract should draw attention to all of the details that you should read! In our clinic when I client comes in and states that we have lied to them or tried to trick them, we pull out their signed contract and we review the terms with them. Most clients in this instance are really more mad at themselves for not reading the contract. We are also very flexible with clients in any way that we can help them in certain situations, but it is difficult to help someone that only wants to call names and get heated in every conversation. The approach to addressing the problem with the contract should be calm and open minded - because YOU signed the contract - and that will get much more accomplished! Again, I recognize that not all clinics are trained and run the same as ours but I have been on the receiving end with plenty of customers that were so heated about not being able to cancel that they would not even stop berrating me to listen to what I had to say! People should take at least some responsibility for signing a contract without reading the terms and then try to be calm and rational when trying to ask out of a contract.

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  • An
    annoyed May 15, 2009

    This would be the first and last time I visit this center in Miami, FL (Tamiami). I am used to a professional spa and masseuse. I do not feel comfortable having the therapist talk to me about personal details of what is going on in the office neither there personal life outside of work. I find this very unprofessional and the staff needs to get properly trained, educated, or terminated. I will not recommend this place ever.

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  • Xr
    xrockchild May 16, 2009

    I have had nothing but terrible customer service from Massage Envy. I understand that you have to read a contract all the way through before you sign anything, but I don't ever remember reading that I was locked into a year contract. I also don't remember reading that you are required to pay for a whole year. Due to the bad economy, I lost my job and still have yet to find a job a year later. I had to put my account on freeze for 6 months when I was under the impression I could cancel at any time. They told me that I could cancel, perhaps she was being nice as it was my friend, but she quit. After the 6 month freeze, the same thing happened. You have to pay for the additional months after the freeze falls off (the rest of the 6 months of the contract). You CANNOT cancel your massage envy account without a doctors note. My docotor would not write me one. I also decided "fine I will use the massage credits I earned etc, " so I did. However when it came time to cancel, it was a huge to do. They try to get you to sign up again, and try to promise this or that. I finally cancelled with this company, however only to find that when you cancel say on April 12th, you get billed ONE more time during the "30 day cancellation" on the following month. This company is a good company, with good massage therapists, but their contract stuff is just HORRIBLE. I won't ever go back to this company due to the hassle of their contract... I would prefer if they would do month to month and get rid of their contract crap. From now on I will go to another massage place that isn't contract based. In this economy, a year contract is probably not a good idea.

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  • Ls
    lstothoff May 18, 2009

    Unfortunately we have had a similar experience. Trying to cancel a stupid membership we didn't even know we enrolled in until we saw 59/ month charges on our credit card. Now we've tried to cancel for 4 months because we haven't used any of the months we already paid for, but they continue to charge our card!! It's so aggravating because my husband has lost his job, and every month that charge goes through it overdrafts our bank account. Do not go to this store!!

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  • Sa
    Sacramento Pocket Jun 06, 2009

    I just tried to cancel my membership and was told it would cost $100 to cancel. However, when I hard sold on joining earlier this year, I was told out-right that I could cancel anytime and was not told that it would cost $100. When I explained this to the manager at the store (Sacramento, CA), he said that sales associates don't mention the $100 fee when people sign up because if they told customers everything in the contract "they'd be there all day". So, I went back to the contract... because as the EMPLOYEES mentioned in earlier posts, read the contract. Ya, nothing in there about cancelation or a $100 fee. This place is a total fraud. I understand times are tough, and companies depending on luxury items like massage might be taking a hit and may be desperate, but this is no way to do business. When you treat your clients like this, they tend to talk about it. I will tell everyone I know about ME's business practices.

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  • Jo
    jokar1030 Jul 03, 2009

    This is a wonderful scam. I was foolish enough to join on the concept that it would be a one year contract. I travel a great deal and could not always make time for the massages so I let them build up to end the contract since they refused to close the contract. When the one year was up the company continued to bill my credit card for over eight months before the card they were using was compromised and refused charges. The company told me that I would have to make up for the missed credit card charges even though the original contract ended now over ten months ago. I made up the charges based on a threat to charge off the account. I had to make time to complete eight months worth of massages missed, pay for three more missed on credit card missed payments and sign a notice to cancel service. After doing all that today after two months from cancelling the contract I got another call indicating that after doing all that I owed another month in order to cancel the contract I had to pay today or pick up another months charges. Ok enough is enough after again the threat of a charge off, after taking time to make up eight months worth of missed massages and after paying three more I told them enough charge it off at least it will finally go away. I can't say enough about how callous this company is when it comes to strangle holding customers for payments. This is a company you want to stay as far away from on a contractual basis as possible. It's a shame they do have good therapist but their business acumen sucks I would suggest paying the $10 more and doing a walk in for the service if you must I’d strongly recommend staying away if all possible or as the adage says you’re going to regret it.

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  • Ca
    candiebear Jul 21, 2009

    I have never had such bad judgement as the day on which I signed up with Massage Envy. Those theiving hacks let you get all loose and relaxed after your first massage and them WHAM, you wake up the next day and you've signed your life away.

    I agree with the comments of all of the other Massage Envy victims; I was never told that I would be unable to cancel my membership at any time of my choosing, I was never told I was signing a one year contract, and I was never told that my bank account would be billed directly.

    P.S.- There is nowhere on earth that isn't 25 miles from a Massage Envy location. So, for one, they're taking over the world. And secondly, that being their only 'way out', looks like most of us will be paying them until we die.

    did I mention that the membership AUTOMATICALLY RENEWS ITSELF for another YEAR unless you go to the store and provide them with a hand-written letter to request that the membership were canceled!!!??? Why not seal it in blood, too?

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  • Ex
    expanded Aug 31, 2009

    I bought several massages for my girlfriend. I should have known better because they harrassed me from the moment I stepped in the door. I thought a salon was suppose to be relaxing. She went and enjoyed the massage but didn't enjoy feeling like she was at a used car dealership.

    Luckily, I didn't buy any yearly contract or month to month. They had a time frame on the massages and she didn't make it in for the last two. We lost $177.00 worth of massages. They didn't try to work with her in the slightest. The place is HORRIBLE. It isn't relaxing because you will get pounded walking in the door and pounded for money walking out.

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  • Ad
    adub Oct 05, 2009

    Massage envy is one of the best memberships out there .
    Youre paying for a massage once a month whats the big deal. If youre too stupid to read the contract thats your own fault. They give a 3 day grace period to make sure its right for you so they give a chance to cancel. THERE IS NO SCAM! Youre just CHEAP!!!

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  • Mr
    mr grump gils Oct 10, 2009

    I am a member of Massage Envy, and I couldn't be happier. I am someone that suffers from sever back problems, instead of blowing all my money on doctor and chiropractor bills I pay $60 a month (Which my insurance reimburses me for!) and I get the treatment I need. it's no scam, just read the contract. The staff clearly says you are comitting to 12 months, and if you don't know how long your comitting for, why are you signing it? I think everyone should calm down, and stop pointing the finger! They are a business, I'm sure your company has similiar policies that your customers don't always like, but thats business!

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  • Re
    real deal123 Dec 03, 2009

    making complicated contracts for something as simple as a massage programs is deceptive. I have been solicited to join and they did clearly state that it would be a month to month scenario. I even asked angled questions like, "so if I want to quit in 3 months i can?" and they said yes. What they do is a called a bait and switch. They bait you in with lies and then swith via the contract. However, if your on the verge of financial ruin then you should not be subscribing to massage programs. This is just as pathetic as the bait and switch. Bottom line, dont join massage envy. I find it offensive when people try to bait me in and so should you.

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  • St
    steved450 Dec 11, 2009

    Dec. 11, 2009

    Better Business Bureau

    I have been a member of Massage Envy for about 4 1/2 years. Granted they hire new inexperienced therapist, but they had a good fee and with a little experimentation you could find an OK message therapist.

    I was a regular customer like clock work every Friday afternoon. Over the last 7 or 8 months I have gotten very busy with my company. Because of this I was having trouble showing up for my scheduled appointments.

    I called and asked the person at the front desk if my wife Ana Dabbs could take the appointments on those days that I could not. They said YES no problem.

    The first time she went in the charged her full “NON MEMBER PRICE” ! And at the same time charge me too!

    When I called and asked what the communication-break down was, I was told she had to be a member in order to take my appointments. This was of course different than what I was told. I am normally a very easy going person and so I thought no problem she can join and then take my appointments when I have to miss.

    So the first time she goes in as a member the same thing happened but this time she at least was charged the membership fee. But so was I!

    Tired of being doubled charged I asked to cancel the memberships. Someone that identified themselves as a Manager said that all I needed to do was send in a cancellation and it would be handled. I did this at that time in September.

    As of today December 11, 2009, the memberships have still not been cancelled. I called to find why, I find out I have to use their special cancellation form.

    This company uses deceptive sales practices; they should be put on an unacceptable business list, and band as BBB Membership.

    This company owes me several hundreds of dollars and I plan to peruse this until I get satisfaction. I plan to also complain to other outlets too.

    Steve Dabbs
    P.O. Box 25770
    Tempe, Arizona 85285

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  • Go
    Goatie Jan 09, 2010

    I am dealing with a similar situation in Temecula California. Massage Envy does actually allow a cancellation- but with a written, 30 day notice, at which time they bill you one more time. If you have any unused massages remaining, you must use them in 30 days or lose them. These were pre-paid massages. I am not sure how this is legal. They can't be moved to a gift card. The reason they give is that the contract says you are paying for a "Health and Wellness Program" not a actually a massage. The massages are "added value" so if you cancel the program, the massages go away despite having paid for them. You can "Freeze" your account for up to 6 months, but again, any massages you have paid for can't be used during the freeze period. I would even be fine to have 60-90 days to use my pre-paids (i don't even care about a refund...I just want to get the SERVICE I PAID FOR!!!)

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  • Ku
    Kushaiah Jan 14, 2010

    To those of you who which to defend Massage Envy.. don't bother. This company doesn't not deal ethically with it's customers. Any company that places the conditions on their contracts that they do is obviously more concerned with getting their one year's worth of membership fees than in providing you with service.

    I highly recommend never going to a Massage Envy - if you never know why you should thank me for steering you away from a lousy company.

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  • Gl
    GLS Jan 23, 2010

    I am dealing with a similar situation here in Houston. I think we should all try for a class action lawsuit. I'm sure that there are 100's or probably 1000's more people who haven't posted that have had the same situations happen to them, but don't know what to do.

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  • Kb
    kbennDC Jan 28, 2010

    My husband and I visited Massage Envy for the introductory $50 massage. At the end, we were told we would get a free massage if we sign up for a membership (in addition to the monthly massage). I asked if there was a cencellation policy, given I was not intending to keep the membership longer than a couple months. My husband was not interested from the beginning and the lady told us that there was no obligation and if we decided later that we couldn't afford it or it wasnt' convenient, that we could call her and cancel. There was absolutely no mention of a 3 day grace period to cancel or a 12 month commitment. I never even saw or signed a contract while we were there. Instead, we were rushed into our massage and were told to simply fill out information on a form about our medical history and sign it. They said we could do everything else later. After our massage, when we signed up for the membership, we never saw or signed a contract. We were mailed a contract a couple weeks later... which is obviously past the 3 day grace period. I just tried to call and cancel and was told there is no way to cancel. Interesting... the person who sold us the membership is the clinic manager and she said there was no obligation. The location we visited is Massage Envy Potomic Yard in Alexandria, Va. The person who mis-communicated the contract and cancellation is Amani Hussein.

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  • 38
    38765lawstudent Feb 01, 2010

    The contract that Massage Envy uses is called a Contract of Adhesion in Contracts Law. When these contracts are argued in court, it is likely that the judge will hold for the plaintiff (in this case the customer). In most cases, the court will refuse to enforce terms that it finds unconscionable (more favorable to one party) and it will construe ambiguities against the draftsman, in this case Massage Envy. If the terms of the contract are not clear about cancellation, the court will hold that the contract is not enforceable. This contract is something that can definitely be fought in court, and it is likely that there will be a positive outcome for the customer. I see the same complaint over and over, "I was not told about the cancellation" "I did not see the terms". Massage Envy is being misleading, and this is the type of cases the court loves, courts want to look out for customers and want to put a stop to big companies like Massage Envy, and their "Membership contract".

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  • Cc
    cchloerun Feb 03, 2010

    This is one of the manager's email addresses below- I am going through the same thing with trying to cancel a 12 month contract I was told I could cancel anytime with a 30 day notice. To put this information into the tiny print is misleading (as it was intended to be) and dishonest. If your services are that great, why do you need to trick people into using them?


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  • Ta
    takeamulligan Apr 09, 2010

    Here's the bottom line, this company is offering a service at a discount because they are a chain. They should simplify the contract and cut the crap. Get rid of the auto-renewal part of this contract. It is a very sleezy way for any company selling a "nice to have" product to do business. My husbands contract has the expiration date very clearly stated so I understand we have to pay until November but what is total BS is how you have to stop the auto-renewal. 30 days this, 30 days that and no where does it state you have to go and cancel in person. The BBB should be all over companies who practice like this.

    As far as ME's humanity goes, all kinds of companies are making allowances for people who have lost their jobs in this awful economy, they should do the same. Shame on them.

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  • Th
    thesolution Apr 15, 2010


    the solution is simple. call your bank. tell them you wish to contest the charge. ME will pay a "chargeback fee" of $20-40. plus, if their chargeback rate goes over 2%, visa and mastercard will shut them down.


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  • Bm
    BMichelle Apr 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to work at ME and I have mixed feelings about the membership. Yes, you obviously need to read what you are signing and actually listen to what we are saying. Some people are extremely rude and just sign it. I understand it's not what you wanna hear after a massage but it's your fault you signed and didn't listen. Anyway, after the 12 months is over, it continues on a month-to-month basis so you are no longer commited for another full year. It's not monthly to begin with, only after the year is completed. You need 30 days written notice to cancel at the end of your 12 months if you don't want it billing you anymore, because it is AUTO-RENEWABLE. It will just keep going until you give 30 days. The thing I hate is that you really cannot get out of the contract during the year unless a doctor says you can't get massages anymore or you move outside a 25 mile radius of any ME. Where I worked, the owner was a complete idiot and all he cared about was money. I personally explained everything on the contract and didn't push people into signing it if they really didn't want to (since our commission sucked anyway). The pricing for the membership is actually fairly good but you're just stuck with a membership for 3, 6, or 12 months (3 month membership has to be paid all upfront). If you have questions during the pitch, you need to ask and clarify everything. Most ME's are different on pricing, grace periods, and all that. If you wanna cancel you have to sign a form via email or at the clinic you signed up at.

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  • An
    angry in tacoma Jun 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    LIke all the others, I was very upset on how I was handled after signing my contract. 5 days after sighning the 12 month contract, 20 days BEFORE the 1st payment was scheduled to be taken out, my car broke down and I had to buy a new one and had to find ways to cut some expenses out of my budget. I wasnt too worried about cancelling the contract because it was explained to me that I would be able to cancel if there was a "life changing event" like loosing your job, and I even went as far as asking them if I simply changed my mind after a few months, would I be able to cancell? The answer was yes and the manager of the Tacoma Mall store was overseeing the transaction from her desk and didnt clrify of specify the terms at which I was asking. The answer was just "yes you can cancel if you change your mind. When I explained this to the manager when I was trying to cancel she told me that it doesnt matter what the associate told me, the terms are in the contract. Which by the way was barely visible because of a cartridge that was running low on ink. That is a horrible and decieving buisness practice. So what they are telling me is they can lie and decieve while I am signing the contract, and it doesnt matter if it is different from what the paper says. Another thing that bothers me is that when I asked the associate for the corporate #, she plainly said she doesnt know it. When I asked her to ask her manager, who all of a sudden is now in a meeting, she put me on hold for 7 minutes and then told me that her manager said I can get off the website. I said to her "I THOUGHT YOUR MANAGER WAS IN A MEETING" and she replied, 'well I knocked on her door while in the meeting" Give me a break. This just fueled the fire. I left a message for the manager to get back to me when she was out of "the meeting" and didnt recieve a call back. 4 hours later I called back and the associate at the desk asked me for my name, put me on hold, came back on the phone to tell me she just stepped out! Iwill never recommend this establishment to anyone, and plan to warn any potential clients that I come in contact with who HAD planned to use this company, about their buisness ethics. Who treats people this way?

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  • JonCarder Jul 02, 2010

    I was blatantly told that signing the contract doesn't result in any commitment and I can buy massages whenever I want but that there is no commitment or minimum. I was foolish enough not to thoroughly read the contract and just trust them. I just haven't been ripped off like this in a while so I typically trust businesses. But thanks to ME I'll be much more careful from now on.

    You know what else just screams SHADY, if you don't use the massages in the first year they just disappear (unless you keep your membership and keep paying monthly). So basically you pay them money, they have no cost in relation top it, and then they just decide to keep your money and give you nothing in return. How could they possibly justify expiring massages you paid for??? This is not a perishable food item. I asked their manager and she agreed it didn't seem right but that's "just corporate policy".

    I'm an entrepreneur and it really pisses me off to see people starting business and somewhere along the line decide to allow unethical policies in order to help there business grow. Build a company that makes customers happy and your business will grow, you don't need these unethical tactics. In the long run these unethical policies will bring the company to ruins.

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  • Ca
    carlbern Jul 03, 2010

    Massage Envy is very bad about ending your 12 month contract, and then it goes month to month on your credit card. You give them the paper work required and they say that there manager will get back to you on the cancellation. They never do and you can never talk to a manager. The problem is they want to keep billing you. You have to get a lawyer to end your contract. I would never sign a contract with them. They are really bad news.

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  • Er
    ericrock1234 Jul 19, 2010

    I used to work at a Massage Envy here in Washington and let me first off tell you the ins and outs of Massage Envy. They are a franchise who offers a massage membership at a cheap price. I went through numerous trainings to "sell" the membership and there is so much bad about this company. I understand sales, but using forceful sales to get people to sign things when they are half alseep is ridiculous. They keep track of every visit and the "closing %" of sales per rep and on what visit. The reps get paid commission per membership they sell and they get more if they sign you up on the 1st visit. For people who just want a one time massage, good luck getting out of there with that! They will print out the contracts before you even get done with your massage and basically force you to sign the agreement. I know because I have done it. We were taught to tell people "it's a month to month contract and you can cancel at anytime with a 30-day written notice" and we were supposed to leave it at that. The fact is, you must medically be prohibited from getting massages or live far from a clinic to cancel. The trainers basically told us that since we didn't mention any of that we weren't in the wrong and that they were the ones signing the agreement to bind them to the purchases. I hate that place and will never go back. I still talk to some of the clients that I became friends with there and some of the therapists who still work there and they are telling me it is getting worse. If you are thinking about going there, DON'T!

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  • Kr
    Kratos129 Jul 26, 2010

    I was fired from massage envy for telling people about the corruptions in the health industry and I was fired for it, and they said I was talking about Religion!!!

    0 Votes
  • Kr
    Kratos129 Jul 26, 2010

    I was fired for Exposing the Truth about the Corruption in Health Care and I was told they were firing me because I was talking about RELIGION! AND THATS BS!

    0 Votes
  • Ju
    junkjilani Aug 07, 2010

    Massage Envy - Business Mal practice

    Please stay away from these frauds.

    They lure you into their contracts with false information saying. It will cost you $78 without contract but $39 with contract. What they don't tell you is you have to pay monthly membership charge of $20 which makes it $59 not $39. By the time you know this you must have signed the contract. When you ask them about it any additional massages in the month will cost you $39(nice).

    Hassles to get out of the contract:
    Get a doc certificate to get out the contract. What kind of sane person will sign the contract if he knows that he has to get a doc certificate to get out of the contract. But they withheld this information to get you sign the contract. The second is move away 25 miles from you current address ( wow so I have to move away to get out of your contract).

    When I insisted that I do not like their service and to get me out of their contract they said to get it from other towns. This is real hypocrisy they say they take you out of their contracts when you move away 25 miles but they want you to go other towns to get service in case you don't like service in this town - Great.

    Final touch - Their contracts are auto renewed. Incase you are not careful - you are stuck for another cycle.

    Please raise your voice against them.

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  • Ge
    Geminishele Oct 14, 2010

    All comments are correct, Massage Envy is a fraudulent business that needs to be shut down and all should STAY AWAY!

    0 Votes
  • Va
    valueseek Oct 15, 2010

    Massage Envy is a SCAM. They took me for $100 +
    Be warned don't give them your Credit Card. So Sad.

    0 Votes
  • Va
    valueseek Oct 16, 2010

    Massage Envy is one of the biggest rip offs I have ever seen.

    -1 Votes
  • Va
    valueseek Oct 16, 2010

    Don't go to Massage Envy in Arvada Colorado.
    Very bad deal so sad they have to lie cheat & steal to make a lousy buck$

    -1 Votes

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