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managerial corruption/sexual harassment

I've worked with Massage Envy and thought it would be a good way to bring professional massage to...


I think it's funny how people on here bash Massage Envy without even listening to themselves about what...

built up charges

I went to Massage Envy about a year ago because I heard it was fantastic! I will say that the massage was great. They talked me into signing up and told me I could cancel at any time. While I was away, I had called to ask about cancellation. The woman told me that I could cancel over the phone but I would have to call back. I called back to let them know that I do not have the money to make the payments every months so I would like to cancel. They kept trying to talk me into freezing my account. I said I would like to cancel and they said ok. I did not here from them for about 8 months and just now I got a harassing call about how I owe 6 months worth because my account is on suspension! I tried calling to talk to someone about payment methods and they keep telling me to call back. I keep calling and they keep telling me the same thing, when all the while my account keeps building up and they will NOT cancel it. This is worse than a credit card company and I have no idea what to do.

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    38765lawstudent Feb 01, 2010

    The contract that Massage Envy uses is called a Contract of Adhesion in Contracts Law. When this contracts are argued in court, it is likely that the judge will hold for the plaintiff (in this case the customer). In most cases, the court will refuse to enforce terms that it finds unconscionable (more favorable to one party) and it will construe ambiguities against the draftsman, in this case Massage Envy. If the terms of the contract are not clear about cancellation, the court will hold that the contract is not enforceable. This contract is something that can definitely be fought in court, and it is likely that there will be a positive outcome for the customer. I see the same complaint over and over, "I was not told about the cancellation" "I did not see the terms". Massage Envy is being misleading, and this is the type of cases the court loves, courts want to look out for customers and want to put a stop to big companies like Massage Envy, and their "Membership contract".

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    Totally agree Dec 07, 2010

    my ex girlfriend works at the altamonte springs location and said the same issues go on regularly with every client. Its a scam to get you frustrated in trying to cancel or get refund. No one will call you back ever. They say they cannot cancel when they can. They tell you they cancel then dont. Its the wait you out game so you will give up. They are franchised but sounds like a corporate game to me. She gave me so many stories especially one where the womans son died and they still did not refund the money. Its hard sell on contracts and they will tell you its easy to cancel but if you dont after 3 days you never will have any luck. they work on commision and they will be fired if they do no thit 15% attach rate. they get 850 and hour plus a tier bonus for 15% and so on according to their memberships. thats why its hard to get out once you sign it. thats why you dont get all the info up front. thats why you shouldnt give your credit card number as you will never be able to get out of the contract. if you move somewhere where there isnt a massage envy within a 25 mile radius you can opt out. and rates arent honored in other areas of the country of what you signed up in. plus if you miss your appointment and dont cancel youre charged. again your credit card will be charged.

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asking for credit card over phone before services

I saw an ad in Better Homes and Gardens for Massage Envy for 09/15/09 for a $35 massage for the Susan B...

harassment late night calls

I have 4 prepaids and went in for a 1.5 hour massage. I had a nice relaxing massage and after exiting the building I heard my name called by a person chasing me to "get a new credit card number".
I just got a new one and did not have it on me. I was not too worried since I had 4 prepaids and told her I would give her the number(future time)

At 9pmish I received a call from the "managers" personal cell phone(she was not even at the store) asking for a credit card..."so I can pay my therapist"!!!
She stated my account is suspended!!!First I heard of it...with no explanation as to why.

Since I had 4 prepaids I asked her why she could not use them...initially she said she could not use anything and tried to make me think it is a computer"corporate" problem.

Then she said she could use 1 session(1 hour )and I would need to pay the other half hour!!!

That is one explained that to me when I made my appointment. They said"you have 4 prepaids" and left it at that(I have never had more than an hour appointment so this was new to me)

I told the manager I was taking a walk...which I credit card on me...and I am NOT relinquishing that number. My payments are taken out automatically from my checking account.

I am going to call corporate and get my prepaids refunded...all the relaxation I acheived was ruined by their staffs actions after the massage...VERY unprofessional.

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    GwenA Aug 25, 2009

    I work at a Massage Envy, and as much as I have MANY complaints about my boss and his running of the place you, and people like you, make my job WAY harder. If you would bother to read your membership information, or ask questions when signing up, you would know that one of those pre-paid massages can't be split. Its in writing, in at least two places. And they shouldn't've let you USE your pre-paids until you fixed the problem with your payments. They contract clearly states that to use your pre-paids your membership has to be in good standing, meaning all payments must be up to date.

    There are PLENTY of things wrong with Massage Envy, you don't need to make up new ones just because you were too lazy to read the fine print on something you signed up for. Yes, the chasing you, and calling you late at night were un-professional (any of MY people who did that would have been chewed out), however, if you pay something on a monthly basis and you miss a billing, or more, then why didn't you ask about it? or did you just think that we forgot?

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    speakthetruth818 Dec 08, 2009

    I used to work at Massage Envy. So, I'm an insider. When your credit card isn't updated in the system your pre paids are not available until your credit card is updated. By the way, updating your credit card would have only taken out the payment that was supposed to come out that month and it would have given you another pre paid (so you would then have 5). It's part of your contract under the second paragraph you intialed that basically says in order to receive your monthly massages you must be CURRENT AND ACTIVE (not suspended or frozen) and YOUR CARD MUST BE UP TO DATE. If you're suspended, it means NOTHING came out of your account that month and just because you had pre paids doesn't mean you can just skip a month or two without updating. Oh, and PRE PAIDS ARE ONE HOUR. If you were smart, you would have just gotten a two hour or maybe read your contract. It's all in fine print. Good luck getting corporate to refund anything. They are stricter then clinics are because when you actually work with the clinic they will help you on a case by case basis.

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cannot get out of a contract

in 2008, my Wife went in for a massage and they talked her into the contract stating that she could cancel at...

resale of biofreeze - not for resale packet

Wanted to get 5 of the clearly marked NOT FOR RESALE samples of Biofreeze from the Massage Envy on Buffalo Speedway in Houston, TX. Was told they would be $1.00 each. When "Clinic Administrator" was asked why they were charging for something marked 'not for resale' he told me they were sent as samples and if I wanted to, I should buy a bigger size. I told him he had not answered my question...and he still didn't. He kept saying they were samples and even though they were marked "not for resale' they would cost me a dollar. I asked if Biofreeze was aware that they were reselling items they received for free and he told me 'yes'. I told him that I had a hard time believing this so that I would write the company and the BBB - he told me to go ahead and do both. Okay. No problem. He also made the statement that he could not understand why I was making such a big deal over $1.00 per packet with everything else going on in the world.

The same 'Clinic Administrator' at the Buffalo Speedway Massage Envy in Houston, TX also told me he was 'as high as I could get' when I asked him for his supervisor's name and contact information. When I reminded him that he answered to someone, he scrawled out a phone number - refusing to provide a name or a physical location to which I could mail a letter. When told he needed to make it legible, he finally did so after two directives. At this point, I asked for a name to go with the number and he said he could not give out that information. At some point in all of this, the very tall (say over 6'1) 'Clinic Administrator' towered over me to the point where his shirt was touching my arm and 'demanded' that I leave his office or he would call the police.

At no time did Mr. "Clinic Administrator' offer to GIVE me the samples - 5 of them - which COST MASSAGE ENVY NOTHING by his own admission. He kept trying to get me to buy the larger size.

I was in the process of renewing my 12 month membership...with cash...well, he lost that one. I renewed for 6 months - and will cancel at the EARLIEST possible time. Let me see...what would have been nearly $600 in total revenue for MASSAGE ENVY is now less than $300...all behind a product they received for FREE but wanted to resell. IS THAT GOOD MANAGEMENT???????

Now, off to write the BBB and Biofreeze...just as promised.

  • Dl
    dlakers Jul 11, 2009

    BBB is not going to do anything. Why do people keep writing to

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  • Dr
    Dr. Andrew Schneider Jul 16, 2009

    Stop by and I'd be happy to provide you 5 FREE packets of Biofreeze samples.

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just work through the pain

I feel bad for the decent massage therapists that actually work for this place. Yes, there are some that know what they are doing, but then there are others that don’t’ know what the hell is going on besides the fact that they have 40 minutes to harm and destroy people. My first massage there was great. I felt refreshed and wonderful, so I was hooked when they spoke of the monthly membership. However, as previously stated, life happens. There are hurricanes, deaths, job loss, school situations, etc. It is only natural that people forget that they have been accruing massages at a third rate "health and wellness" facility. By the time Spring Break rolled around, I decided that I would take advantage of the massages. I went to ME and asked for a deep tissue massage. They had just the guy for me! I can say that the gentlemen was very nice and professional, but there are certain things that are not done. Such as when someone is wincing and verbally expressing their pain, to say, "Just work through the pain. Its because of you that your body is so tight and stressed." At one point, I had to stop the massage to take a breather. Long story short, I wake up the next day to find my back in intense pain. He had warned me that I may experience mild difficulties, so I brushed it off and took some Advil and spent the day in pain. I decided to go back, which was a mistake. I told them what had happened and he gave me some ###-a-ninny excuse as to what had happened. The second massage led to such intense pain, that on March 27, I went to the emergency room bc my back had completely gone out. Mind you, I have never had back pain in my life, nor have i ever suffered internal bruising from a massage before. I am a fit, 25 year old female. The doctor at the hospital told me that he believes that the intensity of the back massage had caused bruising and then triggered muscle spasms. Without insurance, this incident would cost me 10, 000, but luckily I may have to just pay 20% of that. Oh, and I missed school, work, and social activities because of the pain. I was told not to contact ME, until all my insurance issues were cleared. Last week, I called and told them the situation and was prepared to give them the documentation from the hospital and follow up doctors appointments. All I wanted was for them to reimburse me for the two massages I received that caused injury and for them to give me money for the massages I never used. They were unwilling and rude when i spoke with them. The new manager admitted guilt that it has been known that there are some therapists that are very heavy handed and she could believe that I got hurt! Yet, they would not budge on the issue of compensating me for the massages. Then they told me that my membership had ended in April and that I lost massaged. Funny, when i was there, I spoke with the girl about my membership and told her to keep drafting my card, knowing all too well from others that I would lose my massages once I stopped my membership. Long story short, do not go to this place. They smear the name of the massage industry with their cheap massages and horrible management. I have contacted a personal injury attorney and I am willing to take this to the next level.

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    Tortured at Massagy Envy Jul 24, 2009

    I completely agree!!! I just had a massage at me in hyde park (cincinnati). I went because I have pain from running and working out. however, I spent the entire session in the most excruciating pain I have ever been in in my life, and in the morning, my legs hurt sooo bad I could not even walk, let alone run, which I was hoping would be easier and free of pain after a massage. I will never go back to massage envy again, cannot believe I actually had to pay for such torture, and urge everyone not to go to them either. they are a horrible excuse for a massage parlor.

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  • Sh
    sha78 Aug 29, 2009

    Do you people ever tell your terapists that your hurting during the treatment... I'm a massage therapist from a NY office. I just moved to nevada. I always tell people before the treatment and ask a few more times during the treatment, hows the pressure... You've probably had bad therapists and yes that is the companies fault. I've worked with bad therapists before...

    I've worked with bad companies with good therapists too. Don't blame the company, blame the owners. The is a franchise. I consider myself very professional and good what I do and I know its har to see who is good before you enter their room...

    Just felt like stating my opinion..

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  • Co
    coloradojennifer Nov 16, 2011

    I am interested in hearing more about your 'case' against Massage Envy. I had a similar situation. During my session, the therapist manipulated my neck/cervical spine so hard that I literally could not breathe. I immediately told him it was way too much pressure and that it was excruciating. He said that he "had to work deep into the muscles and connective tissue" and a litle pain was normal. Long story short-I drove straight to the ER and my life has been a disaster ever since. I went to several doctors-had trigger point injections, etc bc nobody thought that it could be anything more than just severe muscle spasms/ etc from the massage. I finally found a great specialist who immediately ordered an MRI-I have two ruptured discs in my back and am now considered 'disabled.'
    My boss was patient at first with my absences and lower standard of work (missed deadlines, etc) but eventually he and our HR Manager decided to contact my doctor for more information. His findings were that I was disabled and; therefore, covered by ADA. Dr suggested a few reasonable accomodations, but the only one my work agreed to was a one month unpaid leave of absence to start last Monday. I was fired on Wednesday. I only have a couple more weeks of insurance, am a single mom of three and cannot afford COBRA. In order to collect unemployment, you have to able to work; I am currently disabled so I don't know if I will be able to collect or not. Meanwhile, I have had two cervical epidurals to relieve the pain-my dr said he would do one more but if that didn't help enough I would have to have surgery. How am I going to have surgery and recover with no job, no income, no insurance. etc etc. If anyone else has a similar situation and is willing to talk about it, please let me know. I am looking for an attorney to help me with this (may have found one last night, but not sure if he is taking the case)

    thanks for reading-good luck to all!

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  • Un
    UndisclosedTX Dec 04, 2013

    File a complaint about the therapist and the company to the State of Texas

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unauthorized use of credit card

This is a warning to any future Massage Envy Customers and/or Customers looking to end their membership.
After 1 year of being a member and the economy slowing down I cancelled my membership. However, they continued to bill my credit card. I continued to call them and they continued to tell me it most certainly would not happen again. After the 3rd verbal I provided a written form that they confirmed receipt of. Come to find out my credit card has now been billed for 6 months worth of visits that I have not authorized OR used.

They happily stated they would credit account as they do have the written communicaton from me on file from 6 months ago. BUt the bottom line is to all of you. Change your credit card number when you cancel your membership or they will bill you "By accident." It is stealing from the consumer.

I am not the first person to experience such an ethics issue with Massage Envy, a similar experience happened to a friend. I would rather pay the 70.00 per visit for a massage from a trusted salon the the thiefs at massage envy.

Trust me...when you cancel your membership change your credit card # and you will have no problems.
Please spread the word and give your business to an ethical organization that isn't about stealing from the consumer.

  • Dn
    DNFWM1964 Dec 02, 2009

    I am a massage therapist with my own small practice & I hear these comments so often about Massage Envy. Some of my new clients tell me stories about Massage Envy that are just so hard to believe. I've heard everything from noisy rooms, soiled linens, unprofessional massage therapists & unauthorized charges on credit cards. Please be aware that a professional massage therapist who cares about her clients & business will make your massage session(s) enjoyable & will want you to keep coming back. I do everything in my power to make my clients comfortable. I spend time talking to them about their goals for their session(s), give the best massage I can give & never make anyone feel hurried. I understand that clients will occasionally cancel an appt. Most of my clients will call to tell me this. I have never billed a credit card for a missed appt nor will I ever. This is the difference between Massage Envy & a massage therapist with her own business. Emergencies happen, children get sick, work schedules can go in to overtime, etc... I try to be flexible & clients appreciate this. It doesn't mean I will be taken advantage of. Please... give your business to a massage therapist who cares about you & working with you, not a greedy corporation who is interested only in your money.

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  • Ka
    kate thomas Jun 04, 2012

    I absolutely agree. Tried to cancel right after signing due to layoff and am having the same issues. Won't return phone calls, rude, disrespectful. I did have to close my bank account ultimately to protect myself. Manager had no concept of professionalism or how to deal properly with customers. I have even had my honesty questioned. Seriously?? No company should get away with this. I finally had to be my own advocate and speak up. I would never recommend this company, especially this location, to anyone. It is very sad as the actual therapist I had was wonderful. Mika, if you go elsewhere, let me know. YOU and your clients deserve better.

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  • Ur
    Ursa Louise Sep 24, 2012

    Ditto on all comments above. I had put my membership on hold during an extended amount of time, and upon my return, the Plymouth Massage Envy clinic attempted to charge me for the months I had been on hold. Luckily my credit card company notified me per their fraud policies. On another note, the Plymouth Massage Envy intentionally misled me regarding my membership cancellation. They specifically told me I would be charged one more payment after I submitted the letter, and I would have 30 days from that last payment to use all of my hours. Today I was informed that I would have 30 days from the day I submitted the letter. Certainly had they told me that the 30-day clock began at the time the letter was received, I would have held onto it until the day before my last payment posted. However now I have fewer days to expend my hours, thanks to the dishonesty of Plymouth Massage Envy.

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unappropriate staff

This would be the first and last time I visit this center. I am used to a professional spa and masseuse. I do not feel comfortable having the therapist talk to me about personal details of what is going on in the office neither there personal life outside of work. I find this very unprofessional and the staff needs to get properly trained, educated, or terminated. I will not recommend this place ever.


I went to massage envy for a massage. I had gone to this same therapist several times. I left my purse unzipped, like an idiot. I fell asleep during my massage and I woke up to find money in my wallet was missing and my Itouch. I called the police and am waiting to here back from the owner.

  • Re
    redhead29 Nov 14, 2009

    Its kinda of hard to believe someone can fall into a deep sleep in a 50 minutes hands on and not be aware that their Massage Therapist hands have left their body to get into your purse and wallet and what ever a I touch is. I would notices if someone stop massage me I would look up to find out what going on.
    Also many massage envy are very busy places never leave anything unattended with the number of people coming and going. The therapist have very little time between session so it always recommend making sure you have all items before leave. Because as soon as your off the table they call their next back. They don't ALWAYS notice if you left anything personal behind. Anyone can walk in and out of almost any room the doors don't lock and when no one in them most therapist leave their doors open.

    I have had massages for years in Tempe and never had a problem with this location.

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  • Kc
    Kcm1969 Sep 11, 2019

    @redhead29 This just Happened to me two days ago my watch was stolen out of my purse during my two and half hour massage and I didn’t notice until I looked fir my jewelry hours later. I’ve been going there fir 7 years to massage envy in BA Oklahoma . My phone rang during my massage and I asked my therapist to grab it for me because I figured it was my office calling and I do Purchasing so I didn’t want to ignore it so she got it out of my purse and handed it to me. I had only seen her twice and really liked her but when I didn’t find my watch I went home and talked to my husband and he said make sure and check your car in. Are it fell out so I did and NO WATCH. So, whomever is saying you can’t steal in a massage room is absolutely mistaken. I have had a membership for 7 years and went to the same girl until she quit then I went to another one and she quit so they just assigned me one and I’m missing a 2000.00 tag heuer watch.

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  • Ta
    taichi49 Nov 19, 2009

    i am an ex employee of massage envy in Washington State. I can believe it was your therapist for the same reasons I left the company. Stealing is not uncommon at massage envy and there were several times that my tips were not only stolen by front staff directly out of the till but even out of my locker. they flat out opened the envelope and left it empty and torn in my locker. The boss's only suggestion, "get a lock". Okay obvious and yeah i probably should have had one any ways. Silly me for thinking I could trust me co-workers. It has also become my opinion that massage envy will literally hire anyone with a license. There were massage therapist with all sorts of different things that i think made them unfit for the profession but got hired anyways. Being so large that your boobs almost always brush against the client and because of being out of shape led to some really awkward heavy breathing by the therapist. There were people that smelled bad, had weird jingly jewelry they always wore, smelly unclean dreadlocks. I mean the list goes on. The turn over is really high too. One because people like me quit. and the rest are all fired after about ten complaints are made. They always find reasons to cut health benefits and NEVER offer raises. Your therapist makes a solid 15 dollars for every hour of massage. Industry standard is at least 35. Maybe your person stole from you because they needed to make rent or something. Also be wary of this place, I felt my license was at risk because I learned that the clinic currently has a court order against it for SEXUAL MISCONDUCT. Three people were fired in the last month I was there, all for touching or groping or "accidentally" grazing the client with their pelvic region. Even a manager had been let go because they were suspected of bringing people in and having sex with them in the massage rooms after hours. (our boss was too cheap to get security cameras).A front desk person even had to be let go for CREDIT CARD FRAUD because when people didn't sign up for the membership, they didn't want there numbers to fall (plus they make commission however small it may be) so they signed people up anyways using the credit card they paid for that days massage with. Its a shady operation and I wanted nothing to do with. I applaud you for calling the police. If you wanted to get an attorney and launch an investigation... GO FOR IT!!! You can even go to the website for the better business bureau and see that almost any massage envy branch will have several complaints.

    And PS- People fall completely asleep in massage ALL the time. Sometimes you have wake them up when the massage is over becuase they are just OUT. People drool, they fall back asleep after you leave the room and need to be woke up again by a knock on the door. It's really not that uncommon.

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  • My wedding ring was taken out of a side pocket on the outside of my purse during my massage. The therapist acted very strange during the massage... pausing to lotion up his hands, but upon massage, his hands were dry! My watch, earrings and wedding ring were all in the same pocket, and visible by looking down into the pocket. When I went to put my jewelry on at the counter after I checked out, at the front desk, that is when I noticed my ring was missing. I went out to my car, and dumped the entire contents of my purse on my seat, and searched... I went back in and told them I couldn't find it, and they told me we could check the room. My therapist was getting his next client ready in that room, and I demanded to check, and they moved the client to another room. We searched the room and NO RING. The therapist was extremely agitated and angry. He would not look me in the eye and didn't show an ounce of worry or concern for my loss. The owner was called and he came down and talked to me, then talked to the therapist behind closed doors, and I could hear the therapist yelling at him saying he didn't take the ring. It was all so strange, I felt so violated. I went back 3 times that day to scan the lobby, the hallways, the parking lot... and the ring just vanished. UGH! I am waitin to hear back from the owner today. We'll see...

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  • As
    Astin Hancock Feb 02, 2019

    I had a ring massaged off my finger. The ring was not loose enough to have fallen off but loose enough to be massaged off with lotion, I didn’t notice till I got home and it was gone, the reason I knew it was the massage therapist is because he tried for my wedding ring but that one is VERY tight and actually hurts to get off, he pushed it up pretty forcefully and then acted like he was just massaging around it and pushed it back down when he realized he couldn’t get it off. I really thought he was just massaging around it till I got home and realized the ring on the other hand was missing. When I contacted massage embryo about this I never heard back, I didn’t expect to get anything free out of it, I couldn’t even prove it, but I wanted them to be aware that their masseuse was stealing. I don’t go there anymore because of the way they handled it.

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rubbed the wrong way

It doesn't matter if I mention which Massage Envy I'm having a problem with. This problem exists at all of them. I'm sure the employees and managers are all very nice people, as a matter of fact everyone I've talked to has been friendly and apologetic about not being able to help me. BUT, I am unhappy with having paid $49.99 each month for 6 months and having received no massages in return. It's a point of principle for me now. Being a reasonably sane person, I refuse to submit to a massage at this place because, who wants to get a massage from someone who is doing it at the proverbial "gunpoint".

One year ago I treated myself to a 5 minute massage from a masseuse that was set up in Walmart of all places. Afterward they invited me to get a "membership" in which I would get one massage every month for a low $39.99. What a bargain, I thought. I would also be allowed to cancel said membership within 30 days.

Before ever getting my first massage my account was debited for the first month. Not $39.99 as promised, I might add.

Then I got the news that my mother had cancer and would be coming to live with me while she underwent treatment. This put me in a financial situation which did not allow the new expense of monthly massages. I called to cancel. I was told "I'm sorry, you can't cancel, but we can put your account on a 6 month hold." The rest is as you'll read in everyone else's complaint.

Massage Envy rubbed me the wrong way! And they never laid a hand on me.

  • Ch
    Cheryl Kellis Oct 15, 2009

    I signed up at the Old Town location in 5/06. I cancelled in person in the fall of 2007. They are now dunning me for $300. THESE GUYS ARE RIPOFFS! DO NOT SIGN!

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  • Sp
    speakthetruth818 Dec 08, 2009

    Read your contract with them before you get pissy when you can't cancel. I'm used to be a member until I began working at one for a while. They worked with me through a lot of financial issues probably because I approach them with a humble and polite attitude. Remember, these people are doing their jobs and not answering the phone everytime they call you to remind you that you owe money for services that you agreed to pay racks up so don't spread lies that it's a ripoff when several members who actually pay on time and follow agreements SIGNED BY THEM benefit from the company.

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terrible business practices

I have been with Massage Envy for over a year, close to two years. I never had a complaint about the massage...

completely awful experience

I called this Massage Envy nine (9) times over months requesting a female therapist. Had never been there. Never available because not one on staff. Finally hired a new one and became available, went to appointment but apparently 'bait and switch' as on arrival - not available only male therapist. Respectfully declined. In apology, I was given a coupon for a one hour massage for 'introductory price' of $39.00. Huh? - That's an offer they give everyone on first visit.

About a month later scheduled again. I was asked if I had ever been to another Massage Envy. I said I had about 350 miles away. Had massage which was just okay. At end went to pay - told $95.00. Double Huh?? I explained I have never been there before and had a coupon also. The confirmed owner (Johanna Logue) stated that since I had been to another Massage Envy four (4) months earlier, the coupon would not be honored, unless I joined right there and then. Yeah sure.

Johanna Logue in my opinion has the IQ of a turnip and the customer service skills of a bounty hunter. Her entire work history is centered in bank back offices - not with customers. I told her I'm paying the coupon rate and if she didn't like it she could call the cops. She stated that 'she was entering notation on the computer to 'blackball' me from going to any Massage Envy in the USA - ever.' Triple Huh??? My loss I guess. Completely awful experience, and a formula for business failure.

  • Le
    leese67 May 18, 2009

    That is a typical response... sorry to say!

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  • To
    Totally agree Dec 07, 2010

    my ex girlfriend works at the altamonte springs location and said the same issues go on regularly with every client. Its a scam to get you frustrated in trying to cancel or get refund. No one will call you back ever. They say they cannot cancel when they can. They tell you they cancel then dont. Its the wait you out game so you will give up. They are franchised but sounds like a corporate game to me. She gave me so many stories especially one where the womans son died and they still did not refund the money. Its hard sell on contracts and they will tell you its easy to cancel but if you dont after 3 days you never will have any luck. they work on commision and they will be fired if they do no thit 15% attach rate. they get 850 and hour plus a tier bonus for 15% and so on according to their memberships. thats why its hard to get out once you sign it. thats why you dont get all the info up front. thats why you shouldnt give your credit card number as you will never be able to get out of the contract. if you move somewhere where there isnt a massage envy within a 25 mile radius you can opt out. and rates arent honored in other areas of the country of what you signed up in. plus if you miss your appointment and dont cancel youre charged. again your credit card will be charged.

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poor customer service

Whatever you do, do NOT sign a membership with Massage Envy!!! Not only is their contract a GIANT pain to get...

misleading prices

Massage Envy advertises that you can be part of a "wellness program" and pay $39 each month for a massage...

fraud and scam

I treated myself to a massage at the local Massage Envy because it was close to my house last January. There...

unfair wages

After 18 days of employment I was fired unfairly as the administrative manager of 2 Massage Envy'...


I was told that there was no long term obligation when I enrolled and that it was month to month. As if that...

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