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Extremely unpleasant, rude, and unhelpful customer service. I found a pair of sandals that I liked but the piece on the back that holds it to your feet was missing. However, it still stayed on my feet and an employee said they would probably give me a discount since it was a broken sandal. I finally got through line and right off the bat the clerk named lisa was extremely rude. She was hard to understand and when I asked about a discount on the sandal she said "I could ask my manager but most likely no discount." so I asked her to ask her manager because she wasn't even going to ask her...

She finally asked her manager who said they could take off a measly 2 dollars... They wanted to give me $2 off broken shoes. I finally just said forget. Terrible customer service, no apology, no discount - will never shop there again. Have fun trying to sell broken sandals.


  • Why The Long Faces Jun 17, 2012

    Hold on a ASK for a discount on shoes you already know are BROKEN shoes. Then get pissed when the discount is not good enough, and you complain that the shoes are broken? If they are good enough to buy on a discount, then they are good enough for you.

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