Marlboromenthol black 100s

K Feb 06, 2019 Review updated:

I buy 2-3 packs of marlboro menthol blackl 100s daily ive noticed if they have the stamp on it it is NOT menthol blacks it has green writting with the rings i think they are menthol lights gave me an instant head ache ive wasted alot of money on these its getting very hard to find these cigs without the stamps on them very disapointed thinkimg about trying to switch to a diffrent brand


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      Feb 07, 2019

    I smoke the same cigarettes and have noticed that too. Also the filters have 2 rings on them that weren't there before. Also my husband smokes Marlboro red blacks 100s and hes noticed the same thing. They dont taste good either and we cough alot now w the change they did. We now find ourselves going around to different stores trying to find the "regular " ones. And this morning my husband stopped at the convenient store on his way to work and overheard the guy in front of him telling the cashier the same thing and said he was switching to Winston's. I think Marlboro is using a different filter probably a cheaper one or something. Either way we don't like it especially me bc I dont have much choice when it comes to menthol cigarettes unless I wanna pay $7-$8 for a pack of new ports. I may switch back to camel menthols

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      Feb 07, 2019

    I noticed the same thing. I'm in Indiana and last few packs I've gotten have been different. I also switched from Newports due to price and the blacks are the closest I had found. Now they used to have blue letter s, now it's green, as well as they have the two gold rings. The taste is terrible, aftertaste is worse. I've noticed chest hurts now, it's completely different. I thought it was a mistake from the factory until I kept getting them. It's almost like trying to inhale a cig that has been packed way to hard, it's like a super light, the menthol isnt bold, any longer and it's a completely different menthol taste. That's all for now but if it s going to continue I will most definitely end up switching to a different brand, unless Phillip Morris make it worthwhile..

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      Oct 27, 2019

    @SeaPee It's not just your cigarettes, I smoke Reds and there is something very wrong. The taste is horrible and the aftertaste, can't get it out of my mouth or off clothes, blankets, ect...I had to buy a different brand after 38 years and I'm not happy about it but so far have gotten nowhere with the company as to what the issue is. People kept telling me I'm crazy but I know what my cigarettes taste and smell like and whatever I've been getting is not right! Glad other's have noticed.

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      Feb 08, 2019

    I have smoked these cigarettes for years and just noticed the same thing. We went and got a carton and they all have the new double lined filters as well and are not the same flavor that they used to be. They are more like a light or the regular menthol 100 cigarette and I am not pleased about this. I switched to these from Newports a few years back and just may have to make the switch back again. Now I have a carton a nasty tasting cigarettes and either have to buy a different brand or go on the hunt for ones with the original packaging. Very disappointed.

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      Apr 24, 2019

    Yup I switched from newport's to these and now that they have changed to these nasty things I will have to switch back . These are not marlboro menthol blacks not at all . Everytime I open and see the gold line I wanna RIP my hair out . I have wasted 100s probabaly 1000s by now for the past few months that this has been going on and marlboro has still yet to do a damn thing about it . Guess Newport will be receiving my money again . Because I'm not wasting anymore on ciggs in the wrong box that I dont want .

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