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A May 02, 2019 Review updated:

I bought two packets of twenty Marlboro red
(a pack for myself and a pack for my husband)
I bought them from the Texaco garage in Coleford Gloucestershire on Thursday 2nd May at 9am.
For some strange reason, the packet for myself tastes slightly menthol!!
I'm not fond of menthol so I'm not really happy about it as they are quite expensive but we smoke 20 cigarettes a day each so I spend a lot of money on your brand of cigarettes each month.
Also I have tried to take a photo of the cigarette box but it says that the picture is too large
(BDO PHP Q09 J1T-GA31903905)
That's on the bottom of the cigarette box along with the QR scanner thing??
Not sure if you can help with this but I am truly disappointed!!
My email address is... [protected]
My mobile number is... [protected]
My address is...
5 Spruce Road.
Mile End.
GL16 7DP.
My name is... Angela Potter.
Many thanks in advance if you help me with the situation and get back to me. Xx


  • Vi
    Vinna Hatcher May 26, 2019

    My cigarettes had a menthol taste as well. I am also getting massive headaches when smoking in the past two months.

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  • Sk
    Skunklove Sep 05, 2019

    I'm here because I'm noticing menthol in the Reds as well! If we wanted to smoke menthol cigarettes, that's what we'd buy! It's happening in a LOT of packs. Guess I should go back to rolling my own. It was MUCH cheaper that way anyway. They are clearly not cleaning machinery between different flavors anymore.

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  • Sk
    Skunklove Sep 05, 2019

    I'm across the pond from the OP and having the same issue. I'm in the USA

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  • Ch
    Charlene Root Oct 01, 2019

    I also bought Marlboro red 100's and they have a menthol flavor. I do not smoke menthol and am already addicted to nicotine and now I don't want to be addicted to menthol(which has been proven to be addictive on its own). If I wanted a MENTHOL cigarette I would buy them. Get the menthol out of our Reds!!!

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