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without reson stuck of to job

respected sir
i am suresh and ankush both are brother was
working in Marlboro poster man job from April, 2010 to July in Delhi
conat place (C.P)
sir last 19-Mon-2010 we went to home for my cosine brother marriage with
permission of my Tms Randeer sir and my super wiser archit
i sad i want leave some days and he both said OK, no problem you can go, what sir when we came to Delhi and went to job and he said get out
from hear and he (randeer) said i don't know both of you i dont know
obout your leave tock to your superwiser what sir therir no responce ot
any marlboro employ so sir plese take acction of this person becose he
dont do this things any poor peeple
and sir randeer attitude is very bad a very time he is iritate workers
he was no responce when we say sir display damage and posters on their he said that is not your duty your duty is only stock what is this sir if my job is poster man what my work is only stock information when i sad to him then his attitude is very against of my self every marlboro counter gives in market to own relationship persons, no time table of cheqe distribute every shop kepper ask to me when your marlboro employ Randeer give me my money, this things said to Randeer what he is no any replay he said this is not your work, you check stock and give me information what sir last 3 months i am giveing stock information what many shops wheir no marlboro stock, many time i call to Randeer what he told ok i am coming but i set their one hour but he did't com their sir you can check shope i have full detail of stock and them name and address sir ( i dont't take my job i have a lot of job but sir i was also marlboro employ by the help of marlboro i deposit fee of my institute so that i want give only information obout your company sir rendeer unless and untill your company will do job your company not we a become good company sir stock off the randeer your company will become a good company )
if you have trust to me sir you ask to parliament shopes, he will dont know shop sir he don, t do any work every work down his poster man he don't know about any market he is the layer and his super wiser is also sir he keeps own psterman his relation ship person Rajesh you can ask how many shopes he does in a one day only 15 and sir his market only "kalktora " ; last week meeting with Manab sir he know in marlboro office sir give me Manab sir mo. no. i want to toke him
he was told posters and any display damage complaint is not big issue
and he is no a responsible person in marlboro company

sir please take action . i shall thankful to your company
sir my email id er.[protected]@yahoo.in

without reson stuck of to jobb

respected sir
i am suresh and ankush both are brother was working in Marlboro poster man job from April, 2010 to July in Delhi
conat place (C.P)
sir last 19-Mon-2010 went to home for my cosine bro marriage with permission of my Tms Randeer sir and my super wiser archit
i sad i want leave some days and he both said OK, no problem you can go, what sir when we came to Delhi and went to job and he said get out from hear and he (randeer) said i don't know both of you i dont know obout your leave tock to your superwiser what sir therir no responce ot any marlboro employ so sir plese take acction of this person becose he dont do this things any poor peeple
and sir randeer attitude is very bad a very time he is iritate workers and no a responsible person in marlboro company
and sir i want join again my job
sir please take action . i shall thankful to your company
sir my email id er.[protected]@yahoo.in

changes in marlboro 100's

I have smoked marlboro light 100's for 15 years and recently i have noticed a big change! For one thing the cigarette does not stay lit and i was smoking on my sofa and the whole end of my cigarette fell off and put a hole in my couch!! I have talked to several people and they have the same complaints!!! As you well know a pack of cigarettes are too expensive to have the light fall off constantly and waste half of it. Some people have even talked about changing brands!!! Whats going on? Please email me and let me know. My email address is [protected]@yahoo.com

  • Sl
    slr817 Jul 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It's because they are packing them light to save money on tabacco and there is not enough tabacco in the tube to hold the fire on, it's been happening with all of the brands, I've burnt holes in expensive things because of it. My husband packs his by hand but I was so fed up I just switched to e-ciggs.

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  • Sl
    slr817 Jul 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've heard that too and it makes sense and probably has saved many lives. I statrted noticing that awhile back ago and was happy they were doing it, it also saved me money since I'd set mine in an ashtray, get busy and let it burn up, but afer they changed them it would jut go out.

    0 Votes

cigarettes are changing

So recently I was made aware that they Marlboro cigarette packs are changing. Instead of the Marlboro 100's that I have been smoking for 17 years are now Marlboro Red 100's. They taste like I am smoking a Marlboro Medium. And anyone who has smoked Red 100's for years knows the difference. TRUST ME! This is bull crap and I want to know why. When you go to the Marlboro website, it says the packs are changing but that the cigarette stays the same. BULL****!

Bring back my cigarettes! Given that I almost have to go on food stamps in order to pay for them, I should be able to keep the same ones that I have been smoking for so long.

  • Mi
    [email protected] Sep 13, 2012

    my complaint is i pay over $5.00 for a pack of marlboro reds in the box.in the last few days the marlboros i buy are weak and taste like im smoking nothing but papper.what happen.wheres the nicotene.?im really not happy with marlboro.i should get what i pay for.

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carton of cig. damaged

I bought a carton of Marlboro Special Blend, When I got it home noticed the carton had a slit in the carton. I didnt see any thing wrong with it until I took a pack out and the slit was through the pack and a couple of cig. This was in two of the packs. I took it back and showed the tobacco store and they told me it was done at the shipping distributers. They receive their cigarettes in carbord boxes without seeing the cartons.

  • Ja
    jan hendrik Jun 17, 2011

    I bought a packet of marlboro blue ice and in two of my ciggarettes there were no ice ball. I am not happy with this because I like marlboro blue ice espicially the ice ball.

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The taste of marlboro has changed they are not good anymore. Also they go out so fast and you have to pull hard just to get a smoke. They are not packed very hard either-they fall apart easy. Yet with all that I find myself smoking more I guess trying to get something that is not there anymore. The store where I buy them says a lot of people are complaining of smoking more for the same reasons. What is up with this Marlboro? They go up on the price yet the quality goes down. I guess they are trying to get one over on us like the government. Guess I will have to try some different brands.

  • An
    AnthonBerg Jun 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your are right about the Marlboro changes, I guess this is just one of the way to save their expenses on manufacturing process and at the same time smokers will have to get cigarettes more often that means manufacturers will have more profit. It is sad that you'll have to change your brand because of this. By the way have you ever tried to smoke Marlboro from Europe? I like their natural taste and they are much cheaper, it is possible to get them online, fortunately there are alot of stores selling European made cigarettes. I personally made some orders with www.your-cigs.com, you may try them also, Good deal!

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  • To
    ToadtheAlmighty Apr 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Marlboro just don't make cigs like they used to. Well that is the case in some countries.. All Australian Marlboro taste terrible as do European ones including England. Have recently been to the Philippines and there are many varieties of Marlboro including a blue lights and a black menthol both are fantastic .. All the cigarettes taste and smell just like they used to some 20 years ago.I note from the packs that they are manufactured in the Philippines also. They taste soo good and are so aromatic.. they do not 'stink' like European versions and are much much nicer tasting and a much smoother stronger smoke.Why do we have to put up with inferior products in some countries.. In Australia the cigs cost $16 for a 25 pack.. In Philippines a 20 pack costs 30 Pesos.. ie less than one Australian dollar when bought as part of a 200 pack. When paying more we should expect the same high quality and taste... come on Phillip Morris Corporation.. Please make them taste better for all of us.. Thank you.

    1 Votes
  • Sa
    sallyjones Jan 25, 2012

    I'm so glad I am not the only one who noticed this! The good news is, though, that their cheaper counterpart, Special Blend Lights, taste better, like the old Marlboro Light, and are about $1 cheaper per pack.

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stale cigarettes

Marlboro still uses julian date code system on their cigarette packs. The code printed on bottom of pack...

trip to the er because of fsc

I have been a Marlboro Menthol smoker for years.Ever since I started smoking the FSC cigarettes thing haven't been good for me.I have contest mucus that is unreal.I wake up once to twice a night drowning in it.I have been to the ER because of these cigarettes.I have been suffering with chest pain and congestion that the doctor blames on the cigarettes.I do not have a history of this and I know for a fact it is because of the FSC.(btw dr just says quit)I also now suffer from head aches and sometimes a upset stomach.Not to mention I have to relight my cigarette at least once or twice every time I smoke.My cherry falls off and also bad bad cotton mouth.This isn't right.I feel everyone needs to pull together and sue these mugs.I am thinking about talking to a lawyer.It say's I can attach a photo.If I started spitting all my mucus into a glass jar and took a picture of it and posted it.You'd be amazed how much there is(gag me).I'm not even a heavy smoker nor a chain smoker.Never have been.I'm a healthy woman.I don't even smoke in my house.Anyway Marlboro has lost two faithful customers.We now roll ours and get more taste then Marlboro brands.I SAY TO HELL WITH FCS

  • Al
    AllseeingEye Apr 21, 2010

    Maybe you should start! The whole idea of fire safe is stupid and contradicting instead of rejecting the idea of people smoking perhaps you should embrace it and provide places to put buts in public, till then deal with us complaining about being forced to switch to a sucky *** product yet again imposed my uncle sam

    2 Votes
  • Fs
    fsckillsus Apr 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well said allseeingeye..lets consider banning alcohol because of all the related deaths per year.This board isn't for children stripedtigress.We are all adults and are legally aloud to buy cigarettes I do believe.Why not go find another board that is based on anti smoking rights because your barking up the wrong tree.I don't blame myself for anything btw.Only thing I blame myself for is wasting the space to reply back to you.

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fire safe cigarettes

Since about a month ago, I noticed my Marlboro Lights tasting really bad, and hurting my lungs . I started...

marlboro cigarettes rcip

I don't like the new r.c.i.p in my marlboro cigarettes. They don't burn right and ashes and spark...

fire safety cigarettes

I started noticing a problem with my cigarettes, they wouldn't stay lit, relighting the cigarette would...

fire safe cigarettes

The FSC cigarettes are probably worse for us. What exactly have they added to the cigarettes? Some horrible chemical no doubt. I think we have a right to know what the implications of smoking this stuff is. I have found a store that still has the "old" non FSC cigarettes. Once they don't have them anymore I am going to buy Chantix and quit. The tobacco industry has screwed up. Typical Government BS. The Government can't create jobs, fix the housing market problem or Immigration either. What do we expect? Does anyone know if they have changed regular tobacco? I might try rolling my own if they didn't add some nasty chemical to plain old tobacco.


Just recently the taste of Marlboro Lights 100's has left a minty like taste on the roof of my mouth. I purchase my smokes by the carton and the last 2 cartons have left this "taste" in my mouth. I know they came out with a "Special Blend" that has the same effect. I didn't purchase these but sampled one from a friend. What the heck is going on? They mess with the paper now the taste? I'm not a happy camper. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • Fi
    fisher123 Mar 21, 2010

    i noticed the same thing at around the same time. i was a huge fan of marlboro light 100s going through a pack a day and then i got a pack and the whole cigarette tasted like filter. i could barely smoke them and thought i got a bad pack, but i still got the same filter taste every drag on my next pack. i switched to camel filters but now am thinking about trying out a marlboro light 100s pack for old times sake. i hope they dont taste as terrible as they did those last two packs, i miss them

    0 Votes

fire safe cigarettes

I have smoked for over 13 years and I would like to thank you for finally messing up your product to the point that it is too disgusting to continue to use! First of all you shouldn't have done this without ample warning. I actually went to the dr to find out why I was having so many terrible head aches and stayed sick to my stomach. My dr had to tell me about the new FSC crap that was going on. So again thanks for helping me to quit!


I always buy two cartons of marlboro box [reds], per week!! This past week they were stale!! They would not return them so I a stuck with smokes that are stale! Nee d some kind of re burstment or coupons for a couple cartons and packs!! I want to stay wit marlboro but lets see wht happens

  • Ak
    akoostik Jan 23, 2010

    call customer service, last time this happened to me, they sent me a coupon for a free carton;
    they just ask that you send in the packaging

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fire safe cigarrettes illness

I have smoked for 15 years and have rarely been sick. Last February I was visiting family in Kentucky were FSC's were already mandatory. Within 2 days of smoking FSC's I got a violent earache that stayed with me for 17 days. When FSC's came to North Carolina I unknowingly bought a carton of them and again developed a SEVERE EARACHE. I have been unable to find any Non-FSCs since. I have not been able to hear out of my right ear for 9 weeks. During this time I have also experienced DIZZINESS, NAUSEA, BLOOD PRESSURE SPIKES, EXCESSIVE DIAHREA, SHORTNESS OF BREATHE, and SEVERAL MINOR BURNS ON MY HANDS. I have also noticed a change in my vision (probably from looking at the flame more often to relight). FSC's taste incredibly bad and have increased fire starting potential.

fsc sucks

I will be finding another cigarette brand to smoke, cause the stuff used to make fire proof cigarettes has made my brand (Marlboro medium 100's) most unenjoyable and very nasty. They also drop off little peices of firey paper, that has not stopped burning when hitting my carpet covered floor. I will roll my own straight from the barn, before I will buy anymore fsc cigarettes. If you think it will make people smoke more or keep smoking, you are wrong! If you think it will keep teenagers from starting, again you are wrong! What it is going to do is ruin the tobacco industry, & put a whole lot of farmers out of the buisness of growing tobacco, and on welfare! I hate them! Fsc are wrong & hurtful! Goodbye to all fsc products.

  • Ma
    Marthaxyz! Mar 23, 2010

    I am very unhappy with the new fire resistent cigarettes. <br />
    <br />
    I'd like to know who's idea this is ???. <br />
    <br />
    I bet the president doesn't get these. They are just for the public. It isn't fair to do this to people who have smoked your cigarettes and are addicted to them and have no choice but to buy them.<br />
    <br />
    Why would you want to do this to us when we have lined your pockets for centuries?<br />
    <br />
    Martha Hughes

    0 Votes

fsc cigarettes

My first complaint is why can I not find the ingredients of FSC cigarettes on a credible site such as the CDC?

Second... If our government is going to put in place a law that forces individuals to smoke a cigarette that is even more harmful to the body...Why is there not a FREE in therapy (in patient) for people who have an addiction to cigarettes? Seriously all there is out there for people who would like to quit is a prescription and a good luck from the doctor. This addiction should be treated like any other addiction. It is a drug! At the very least the government can pay for the prescription in full on top of paying for cognitive therapy.

Third... When I have tried to smoke FSC cigarettes it causes my throat to feel as if it's on fire!

Fourth... My lungs feel worse then ever before and it only takes smoking two FSC cigarettes. I am not saying two packs I mean two cigarettes!

Fifth... I am losing my breath.

Okay... the simple answer is to quit smoking. Did I mention I have an addiction. Try telling an alcoholic there is a case of beer in the fridge with a little poison in it. I bet nine times out of ten he/she will drink it because they don't know how to beat the addiction!

Sixth... Why did our government pass this law? I was told it was to cut down on house fires.

The answer is simple... Offer FSC cigarettes and regular cigarettes. Offer a cheaper deal on the FSC cigarettes. House insurance can make people pay more if they are a smoker. If someone burns their house down from smoking and they had told the insurance company that they do not smoke then the insurance simply doesn't pay.

There needs to be a credible site that states what type of chemicals are in the cigarette. It also needs to state what each chemical can do to the body. If we want to keep our kids from smoking then we need to educate them and hope for the best. As a child I was only told smoking was bad for me. I was never told why. Yeah yeah I might get cancer. Have pictures of people in the hospital bed, pictures of unhealthy lungs, a video of an individual that has throat cancer and now has a whole in his/her throat. All of this should be on one credible site and easy to find.

Stop forceing people with addictions to inhale even more harmful chemicals!

  • Ca
    CarrieECigs Jan 16, 2010

    A lot of people would answer your 6th question as population control. You can make your own cigs and/or vape e-cigs as alternatives to the awful FSC cigs. If you'd like to see what works for me (and hubby) it's on my blog at http://greensmokeelectroniccigarettes.blogspot.com . Good luck to you! :-)

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fsc cigarettes paper

As a smoker no one asked me my opinion if any changes were a good idea or not. But I can tell you know that if cigerettes were hazordes before there even worse know. the cigerettes are giving me headaches, a consant dry throut and the cherry on the cigerette falls off constantly. I think its great that you inform people that cigerttes are no good for thier health but this isnt going to make me stop.
Because of my complaints, I was notified by a friend on the change in FSC paper on the cigerettes. But certain most people do not know about this. I can see a law suit coming your way. Because of the fire falling off everytime you have to re-light one of these smokes. I understand that warnings that you give the none smokers but what about the ones that do? I have already burned a hole on my bedding, clothes and my bestfriends car. the first time I thought it was just me not payinng attention but know I see its not me and this so called better brand of paper. This is a warning, I for see this being a big issue. Tami Henry. [protected]@yahoo.com

  • Si
    Sihee Jan 16, 2010

    Yes the symptoms sound familiar. Sore throat, dry mouth, respiratory infection, chills, fever, body aches, headaches . Most doctors would say you have the flu or maybe strep throat. My doctor doesn't know what I have and I have had these symptoms every since these fsc cigarettes have been on the market. The tobacco companies have a bad reputation with telling the truth in the past. Why should things change now. Maybe when the American people quit buying their products and start growing and selling their own. The multibilion dollar tobacco industry will understand that we don't need them. Even if it means another product gone to the black market. The American smoker will change and get their untampered cigarettes one way or the other. The tobacco companies would be naive to think that smokers would not know the difference in their product. These things are making people sick and should be banned for health purposes. The public should have been informed prior to their poisoning from this tainted merchandise. Any one care to talk about long term effects. Within 4-6 weeks of these fsc's I have had these symptoms develop and I am normally a healthy, active person but these symptoms seem to be lingering. I plan to grow my own tobacco and sell it, whether legal or not. If I am going to [censored] with cigarettes, I want to do it on my own terms

    0 Votes


Fire Safe Cigarettes are neither fire safe nor cigarettes. They are terrible and potently more harmful than anything they are trying to prevent . The cigarette companies should have emailed or sent out letters telling us this was coming and letting us get our State Governments on board in killing this crap. It has made me want to run for State Representative on repealing this idiocy. FSC are more dangerous to our health than non FSC cigarettes. They don't make me want to quit, they make me want to fight. More people smoke than all the people who voted for Bush or Obama. It's not a partisan issue it's a smokers rights issue. It's time for ALL Smokers to stand up and fight back.

  • Bo
    Bonnie Murphy Oct 29, 2009

    I just experienced the new FSC this past week. Yeah, it distinguishes too quickly, however, my main concern is that its choking me to the point of coughing so violently I have thrown up and have peed my pants on several occasions. I am a 41 year old female that should not have to wear Depends undergarments because of this new cigarette. I called Phillip Morris today as a matter of fact to question this concern, and they told me they have not had ANY complaints of this concern, only the concern of the cigarettes going out too fast. They asked me if there was anything they could do for me, and I told the gentlemen he could send me coupons for Depends. I went and bought a pack of Winston Lt. 100's and smoked them just fine. Is it not bad enough that us smokers are killing our selves in the long run, the government has taxed us up the rear so we will quit smoking and are they now trying to speed up the expiration date of our lives by using this FSC? I think Phillip Morris was blowing smoke up my ### to pacify me in our conversation.

    0 Votes
  • Je
    jeffwigg Feb 12, 2010

    Hopefully someone will get on board to repeal this STUPID issue.
    Like the CEO of Phillip Morris!

    0 Votes

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