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Hello, I'm writing to complain about an issue I have been trying to resolve over the past two years with no help at all from customer service! Please see complaint below:

Around two years ago, I returned a few items (order #CQUAIJ and CQUIAI) to Mango through Aramex, and months later the package was returned to my house for no reason. I contacted Mango and informed them of the situation, it took months and months of calling them and talking to a different representative each time and explaining the situation over and over again. Finally, they sent me a new Aramex label by email and I told them that I would take the package myself and return it to Aramex, rather than have someone pick it up because I did not want to wait. 

Eventually, someone from Aramex contacted me to pick up the package but I informed them that I had already returned it myself and declined the pick up. 

Months later, the package was returned to my house, AGAIN! and now I'm going through the same thing, calling Mango to pick up the package and give me a refund. But this time they are refusing, telling me that I "declined" the Aramex representative. I have been telling them that I declined because I had already returned the package to Aramex and so I had nothing to give the Aramex rep. 

Everytime I call them and raise the issue, it gets rejected. Imagine how many times and how many different people I have spoken to over the past few months...More-over, I am not able to be transferred to management.

So I have been stuck in this situation now for over two years and many trials to get this package out of my house. Keep in mind that I am owed around 4,000 riyals. This is totally unacceptable to refuse to take a return because a mistake that Mango did and not give a customer back their money! Finally, I wrote to Al Futtaim on June 4 and still didn't hear back! I am extremely frustrated by this and would like this resolved as soon as possible!