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Milk and Choco Customer Service

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United States

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Milk And Choco is the one stop shop for cute leggings and t-shirts.

Milk and Choco Complaints & Reviews

Milk and Choco / dress order

Pam1234 on Oct 15, 2018

The Sizing is totally off. I ordered XL and it's more like a size 10. There are no tags to show material content or care. I Emailed to return it and it took several attempts and then they said it was too late. I have asked them to reconsider as they took so long to reply and now they've...

Milk and Choco / dress

Yoanique on Oct 14, 2018

I ordered a dress at Milk and Choco, and send them an e-mail the day after I received it (22-03). It didn't fit, so I asked if I could send it back. They never responded. A month later I send them an e-mail again (16-04), but they, again, didn't Respond. On april 21 I resend the last mail...

Milk and Choco / wrong dress order / return & refund

L. L. Petty on Oct 3, 2018

Milk & Choco Order #213827 I placed on July 3 or 4th, for a "Breeze - Boho" dress. It was the wrong style & pattern than the dress I ordered & didn't fit well, either! I complained when the shipping was over 2 weeks, but it finally came in August! I tried to contact your customer service...

Milk and Choco / dress/clothing

Cassmarie on Oct 2, 2018

I ordered end of July, they didn't ship it until I emailed them asking to ship my dress. it arrived 2 months after i ordered it (not the 10-15 days they advertise). I have email over 4 times to ask for a refund now as the inner lining of the dress (the part thats' not see-threw) doesn't...

Milk and Choco / items not received and they don't answer emails


I bought the product on may 19 (2018), i give them 2 month for delivery so i start sending some mails in july 12, they say everything was fine and shipped, but i didnt get anything so on august 19 i ask one more time, and they say "we really sorry, i will help you" on august 20, i send two...

Milk and Choco / items not received and no refund issued

M123S on Sep 30, 2018

I ordered two dresses in June and they did not arrive until September. They were sent to the wrong PO box which I could not access. The items were the returned to the sender, and I have yet to receive a refund or any reply to emails. Hoping they will acknowledge their fraudulent conduct...

Milk and Choco / customer service/returns

Nesrene Barakat on Sep 30, 2018

I ordered a dress which ended up being too small in the shoulders and too big in the body. I emailed to ask how to return it and got no response. I emailed a second and third time and still got no response. The specified 14 Day return date well and truly expired. I have now emailed a...

Milk and Choco / online order milk choco

AnV on Sep 29, 2018

Its been 75 days now after I placed an online order and no delivery has been made yet. Also no reply om the several emails I have sent. Cant even ask for a money back as one dont get any reply from them. They advertise vonstantly om FB and I whish to make future clients aware that there...

Milk & Choco / clothes purchased online

Mona raj on Sep 28, 2018

purchased one dress from Milk and Choco in June or July. . First the shipment took nearly 2 months. Second, when the clothes arrived, they were of a terrible quality, too large, and just frankly unwearable. Not really matched the picture on the site. The site masquerades as an American or...

Milk and Choco / no response to emails

MollyEriksson on Sep 28, 2018

I've emailed them at least 15 times, they have yet to respond. They do not have a phone number to call, no other way to contact them, so your only option is to email. And they will not get back to you. I've been trying to return my items for months, but have heard no response. Each link to...

Milk and Choco / women’s clothing-won’t respond

FritzieB on Sep 27, 2018

I ordered a dress from a Facebook ad from Milk and Choco based on some positive reviews and it's appearance in the picture. It took 3 weeks to get to me (came from China which I did not know before ordering). When I opened the package the dress smelled like putrid chemicals. The material...

Milk and Choco / no delivery

Rula R on Sep 27, 2018

The worst seller ever, I made my order in february 2018, and did not receive it until now. I tried to communicate with them but they did not answer me until I wrote a com[lain in a website in july 2nd 2018, they immediately contacted me asking me to delete my review promising and assuring...

Milk and Choco / false advertising - class action lawsuit?

CAN4679 on Sep 27, 2018

Same experience as the majority of the complaints posted. Took close to a month for the dress to be delivered, sizing is way off and when I contacted customer service about their free return policy, I received no response. With so many of same complaints, wondering if it's worth...

Milk and Choco / the dress I ordered did not match the picture, also it was made with very cheap material

Nahla nasa on Sep 24, 2018

It took at least a month for my dress to arrive, the quality is shocking the sizing is wrong, I emailed lied them with my desire to return the dress and asked them to send me return details but no reply I then emailed them 2 more times again no reply. I dont know what to do they also...

Milk and Choco / lace dress

TeriLJohnson on Sep 23, 2018

I ordered this product 2 sizes larger than normal and could not even get it over my shoulders or hips. The product is very poorly made/finished and the material is utter rubbish. The received product is nothing like the "beautiful" picture displayed. I attempted to reach the company for a...

Milk and Choco / utter utter rubbish... one giant scam! avoid

davzer on Sep 23, 2018

Ordered a dress, it arrived after 3 weeks despite paying for "express delivery". The dress is absolute and total utter rubbish, made of very cheap material and very poorly made, think what an 8yr old could make and then lower your standards! The company is based in China There is no return...

Milk and Choco / the entire website...

EMno on Sep 22, 2018

This is the worst company ever. I ordered a dress & immediatly regretted it because I googled them. Tried to cancel my order (same day) and it took them 3 weeks to ship it out (no response to my cancel the order emails) Received the dress, HORRIBLE poorly made dress. Completely see through, so...

Milk and Choco / no option for returns

kempersc on Sep 21, 2018

I purchased two dresses from Milk and Choco in July The shipment took way longer than expected, so the dresses did not arrive in time for the event for which I was planning to wear the dress that fit best (and return the other) There are no contact details on the website, their Facebook page...

Milk and Choco / return policy is scam

Tracy Wertheimer on Sep 21, 2018

This site needs to be shut down, they are falsely advertising their products. Ordered a dress and when it arrived it was a size that would fit a child, not an adult, I couldn't even get it over my head; I ordered a medium. When contacting them for a return, I get no response. I threatened...

Milk and Choco / company didn't respond to or allow refund

Stefanie Owczarczak on Sep 18, 2018

I purchased a dress based on the measurements of the website. When I received it I sent them an email the day of receipt saying I would like to return it. They never contacted me back. After 3 emails, I never received one reply. They took my money and then refused to rectify the situation...