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FashionMia / b2524298

Aug 07, 2019

Hi Fashionmia I got your email about my order that was out of my stock.I am following your guide and replacing it with another item: Product Code: insC4EFA1BC9AAB Embellishment: double breasted How to wash: machine wash Occasion: basic Collar&Neckline: band collar Pattern Type: plain Season...

Fashion Mia / you have successfully paid for order b2524298 alicia from aledi. [protected] mostra più account

Jul 28, 2019

Fashion MiaHi Fashion mIa This is a complain about the order B2524298 which is placed from February 2019. I have ordered 3 dresses and I have received in different times two of them. I'm still waiting for the third dress and unfortunately I have not been informed about the third dress yet, that... / clothing

Jul 18, 2019

2557012 WP-[protected] tennis bracelet gold 119A2116F28 $2.95 stones missing D1F9E6296848 necklace gold $1.95 WP-[protected] broken 8D4F95522E08 drawstring dress $10.95 WP-[protected] I do not want Exchange for larger sizes From 3XLave been trying since to 4XL chiffon blouse D63F11091ADA...

FashionMia / refund not returned

May 29, 2019

FashionMiaI ordered an orange dress from Fashion Mia around September or October of 2018. I have sent more than 4 e-mails to Fashion Mia. I have e-mails to prove it. Fashion Mia will not communicate with me on a constant basis. I asked for the address to return the dress. I sent it where I was told to...

FashionMia / 4 blouses ordered april

May 20, 2019

These blouses were supposed to be 4 X, they were WAY to small, even after I used your size chart. These blouses are made of poor quality, poor workmanship, and you should not be allowed to sell these products! I see now that your approval rating is 100 complaints. Had I known this before I...

FashionMia / plain long sleeve blazer

Apr 21, 2019

FashionMiaCoat was too small for the size requested and one button completely missed being threaded onto the material. Went back and forth with customer service.. Each time someone else, each response was ambiguous with no clear path to resolution... I was told one of my options was to give the coat...

FashionMia / dress

Mar 30, 2019

FashionMiaI have been trying to receive a resolution in regards to 2 dresses that I have been paid and waiting for with no result. Attached is the screenshot of the conversation I had with fashionmia since even before january. You will see the 2 dresses there that I was waiting for. Please contact me...

FashionMia / customer service - refund money for returned goods

Mar 26, 2019

I bought 11 items on january 2, 2019 - on january 31, 2019 I returned 8 of them as they were the size of a small child. I am usually a size 4. After a million emails back and forth, "customer service" stated that they will not return my money as they do not have proof that I returned...

FashionMia / scam/ripoff/refund not received after returning items

Jan 31, 2019

I am highly dissappointed in FashionMia. In December of 2017 I purchased 9 items that were defective, poorly made, and not as advertised on your website. I immediatly returned the items to the company. I was told that I would receive, y refund in the amount of $266.57, however it has been...

FashionMia / clothing

Dec 30, 2018


FashionMia / refund and cancellation order

Dec 17, 2018

FashionMiaI placed an order at fashionmia, 5days later still haven't heard anything, checked website and one of my orders were cancelled, so I decided to cancel all of it and just forget it When I asked them to cancel, they didn't. And my order is still there and they haven't refunded me either.. Their...

FashionMia / order no b2446217

Nov 07, 2018

This company is a totally a waste. I have received 4 different messages on my order, firstly I had to contact them as I noticed that on the status it said cancelled. I sent 3 mess before I got a response. It apologies and said our of stock and would refund. Then 3 days later I got a...

FashionMia / very very bad service

Sep 23, 2018

FashionMiaorder no: B2379528 This company are nothing but robbers and thieves. My order of 3 items took 4 weeks to arrive. I was told 1 item was out of stock and told to reorder another item which I did not do due o the apparent lack of understanding of English. The 2 items that arrived were made of...

[Resolved] FashionMia / clothing (three dresses)

Jul 26, 2018

My order included three dresses which were not acceptable. Reasons included they 1) were not like the picture represented, 2) too small, even though one size larger than I typically wear was ordered, and 3) poor quality (one knit dress was so thin you could see through it. I returned...

[Resolved] FashionMia / fraudulent business

Jul 11, 2018

I placed an order back in March 2018 and have yet to receive it. I submitted email after email asking where my items were and I never heard back from them. Then in May, I received an email from Kitty that that item that I ordered was no longer available and that I needed to pick out...

FashionMia / refund from fashisonmia

Jul 10, 2018

09/17 I placed an order with Fashiomia through PayPal and the products was not what I had ordered. I returned two of the three items and cancelled 3rd order once I saw what sent me trash. they never gave a wallet credit or refund me my money back. PayPal reached out to them and they never...

FashionMia / beyond the order - the entire rest of the process. can't get service for a return and refund

Jun 27, 2018

Their shipping method takes forever. The quality of the clothing they sell is cheep even for the prices they charge. You can get better quality clothing at Walmart. I have used their online return feature, their email contact page, emailed directly from my account to the account they list...

Fashion Mia / women's blouses

Jun 22, 2018

sizes are not compliant with US sizes, which is a lie from the start. I blame Pay Pal for some of this bull crap because they leave the customer wide open to be taken advantage of. I spent way more to return the items than what they were worth. Pay Pal only refunded me only $30.00, so I...

FashionMia / clothing - tops

Jun 22, 2018

This company has terrible customer service and their clothes are sized way to small. I ordered Xlarge and everything fit like a size Small. They will not call me back, nor email me and although they say they offer returns, they do not provide return information. I am going to post terrible...

FashionMia / customer service and promised refund, unethical behavior, refuse to give me my refund

Jun 17, 2018

cancelled order on time, seller agreed to cancellation and refund. Great, right, WRONG it has been 3 weeks, and they have given me the run a round about y refund of $86.25 to my paypal account with which I paid to begin with. They tell me I did not pay shipping insurance and must do that...

FashionMia / product ordered was dress

May 31, 2018

I ordered a dress online on May 5th, 2018 through Fashionmia, i have not received the order nor am i able to track the order. Nobody responds to the ticket or to the phone call either. Apps showed i should be recieving it from 7-8 days, it been near a month now, no signs of shipping the...

FashionMia / did not receive my order

May 26, 2018

Over a month ago i placed an order for a blue dress, i was not given an order number nor a tracking number. I have not received my order. I am questioning if Fashion Mia is a legitimate company or not. The customer service number that is listed online is never answered. There is a voice...

FashionMia / b2278383

May 17, 2018

On April 4, 2018 I placed an order with fashionmia company I have not received my order and it have been a month over a month and I have not received my dress yet but I tell you want you are messing with the right person I am being nice by listening to my uncle to email you all one more...

FashionMia / delivery of product

May 15, 2018

I was told that the dress I ordered was shipped out on April 27, 2018, and it is now May 15th, 2018 and there is no sign of it. I tried to track it on Canada Post and got the message that the product is not in the country yet. What gives? The money has already come out of my bank...

FashionMia / dress not received; refund not received

Apr 17, 2018

Customer service returns emails but does not fix the problem. I think this company scams people, doesn't have products to deliver, and strings you along until you finally either take them on in a war or lose your money because you are sick of their nonsense. Don't buy anything from this company!! I...

FashionMia / a dress which was too small

Apr 04, 2018

I have attempted to return a dress which I received recently but have been unable to get past the return section of Fashionmia's website. I have e-mailed them and they said they would get back to me within 36 hours but this did not happen. I have just e-mailed them again and they say they...

FashionMia / it's already 2 months and one week and I did not get my orders that was promised to be on my address in 2-3 weeks!

Mar 27, 2018

On january 21, 2018, sunday, I order 3 things from the fashionmia company. This are the orders: 1. V-neck contrast piping slit bodycon dress - $29.95, small size, 1 item. 2. Open shoulder contrast trim flounce bodycon -$16.95, small size, 1 item. 3. Lapel double breasted belt plain longline...

FashionMia / your clothing and customer service horrible

Mar 26, 2018

I ordered shoes and a jumpsuit from your company awhile back under email [protected] I asked to return the products no one ever got back to me the shoes didn't fit right the jumpsuit looked liked a pajama and on top of it I had to pay customs I was never emailed back nor contacted I...

FashionMia / partial order received, returned and no refund has been granted

Feb 07, 2018

FashionMiaDecember 26, 2017 I ordered a dress and a long sleeve T-shirt from Fashionmia. Their web site claims that orders are processed within 5-7 days. All contact can only be done by email as their published number does not work. On January 15, 2018, I received an email from Fashionmia that there wa...

Fashion Mia / I never received reimbursements for 3 returned dresses since may 2017.

Jan 31, 2018

I have purchased 3 dresses and a t-shirt on 18.04.2017 from Fashion Mia online, but I returned all of the dresses within 2 weeks. Until now, I haven't received 1 penny as a refund. (In total I paid close to $ 130.- in Canadian dollars.) I have written them a few times but each time...

FashionMia / my order from 2016 until now 2018

Jan 04, 2018

FashionMiaI have purchase some items from in 2016 didnt get all my item was told i would have been refunded didnt get my refund all throughout 2017 i am waiting on my refund and i didnt get it i was told by regina mandy via email that they would refund via my wallet it was so i order some items and...

FashionMia / fashion mia - have been waiting over 6 months for refund on returned items - lots of weak excuses

Jan 02, 2018

B1962743 - order a series of dresses (4) - similar to others, the sizes were ridiculously understated. When I contacted them about sizing they strongly recommended I keep them and re-gift them. This was not an option and I elected to return these items to the California address for a...

FashionMia / thieves

Nov 22, 2017

I am very disappointed. These clowns sent me defective items. Three dresses with lots of defects :( Two of them are also very small, even though it's the XXXL size according to their sizing charts (I wear the S size, but I 'm too big for them). The third one is just beyond infuriating. I...

FashionMia / payment taken - goods not dispatched

Nov 13, 2017

In october 2017 I ordered two dresses. I paid £52.82 via paypal. Six weeks later and my dresses haven't arrived. Fashionmia say the order was never placed... So how was my money sent and received by them without an order? They make out they're based in france, but after checking, they're based...

Fashion Mia / products never came to me.

Nov 08, 2017

My order number is b2090554. I never received any confirmation to ship it to me but your system said that it was delivered already. Please check what is going on. Another order number b2092969. I received confirmation by email that you shipped it to me. I didn't receive the products yet a...

FashionMia / order of two dresses on 21st october

Nov 01, 2017

I placed order with fashionmia on 21st october for two dresses, value €42.46. I have not received any confirmation or information regarding shipping etc. The money has been taken from my account. I am sorry that I didn't look into their company before I placed the order! I need the dresse...

FashionMia / order not received/refund not issued

Oct 31, 2017

I placed an online order 8/12/17. The merchandise never arrived. I contacted customer service 9/29/17 via email, was advised that the order was returned to them(?), I requested an immediate refund, was told that it would take 14 days and still nothing. Repeated emails keep deflecting from...

FashionMia / do not order from this site!

Oct 16, 2017

Just like many other people I got a wrong size item and shipped it back at my expense. Ok, if it's needed to be done, ok then. Before shipping, I contacted them to discuss all of the moments to know what to expect. Unfortunately, it was just a lie to get rid of me. Once I shipped the item...

FashionMia / stay away

Sep 18, 2017

My order was never shipped. On that note, I probably could finish my complaint, but I would like to tell you some details and reasons not to order from them. So, they are not trustful. They sell items made of cheap materials. Honestly, no one knows what they are made of. They take your money... / stay away and don't buy anything from them

May 26, 2017

I do not recommend buying from FashionMia, they are selling very low quality items and they don't accept returns. So be ready, if you're not satisfied with your order, you'll just have to accept that. I was terrified with my order because items didn't look like pictures and everything wa...