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N Sep 09, 2018

Please be advised that the service received from your team for the below special assist request was awful and embarrasing.

To start with, it took the arrangement service 4 days to confirm the arrangement and that was after several emails (as the automated response the mailbox was full with unread mails). The lady that assist rudely answered the call advised that things have changed in the past month and if a person cannot help them selves in an emergency then an able body person must fly with them.

Then when it was time to board the attendee literally runs in front of her and down 3 flights of stairs, expecting her to find her way. Being blind in one eye and having 20% vision in the other. It cannot be understood how could you have expected her to keep up or be safe going down stairs unaided.

To make matter even worse, when she gets to the plane another attendant shouts at the first gentleman and says you must not carry peoples bags and tells my mum to not expect assist assistance when she disembarks and must find her own way.

The entire experience was pathetic rude service that was extremely uncalled for and unprofessional. If this is what you are doing to patrons that need your help - you should call it "Special assist to embarrass you" and rather you stop offering it as a marketing option.

Flight JE275
Departure 19:40
Reference number : RGZTCL

special assist service

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