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Mango Airlines SOC Ltd.

Mezzanine Level, Domestic Departure Terminal OR Tambo International Airport
South Africa - 1627

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+27 861 001 234(Call Centre South Africa) 17 24
+27 110 866 100(Call Centre JNB International) 13 11
+27 218 154 100(Call Centre CPT International) 9 5
+27 861 010 002(Guest Care) 6 7
+27 861 010 210(Corporate Help Desk) 2 3
+27 861 010 003(Group Bookings) 2 2
+27 861 010 212(Travel Agent Help Desk) 4 5
+27 861 010 214(Medicals) 1 2
+27 861 010 216(Flight Schedule Changes) 5 4
+27 861 010 211(Refunds) 6 9
+27 861 010 217(Reception South Africa) 2 4
+27 110 866 100(Reception JNB International) 13 11
+27 218 154 100(Reception CPT International) 9 5

Mango Airlines / FlyMango Complaints & Reviews

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / problems on mango's website

Jun 05, 2019

5 June 2019. I went onto Mango's website and saw there was a special on flights from Cape Town to Durban at R499.00. Thought I would book, clicked on the flights and was met with the prices suddenly being different. Contacted the customer care line to ask for assistance and was met with a...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / flight delay/cancellation

May 12, 2019

Fuck your shitty fucking airline. You piece of shit cunts. Your lack of communication baffles me. How do you run an airline, take peoples money and have the audacity to not communicate with them. Your airline is shitty. Your staff are rude and I hope people start realizing it. So once...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / flight je 284 mango

May 06, 2019

Flight JE 284 from Durban to Johannesburg on 4 May 2019 has reference:- 1. The Mango Airline's attendant at King Shaka International Airport struggled for almost 20 minutes to capture my passport and visa information. Two other Mango employees came to assist and eventually my bags were...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / my baggage was now damaged and my valuable clothes was stolen

Apr 26, 2019

I flew from Cape town to Durban on flite number JE364 my wife and myself Our flite left Cape Town at 8.00pm. We landed at 10 pm in Durban at King Shaka Airport. Our bags were broken and damaged and my clothes were stolen My lock on both my bags were broken. One full ADIDAS Blue with White...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / delayed flights

Apr 21, 2019

I am most disappointed With Mango airlines. My son's flight JE369 was delayed for almost 2 hours. The inconvenience that this has caused is unacceptable. He is a student at UCT. He had a cooler bag full of food that was prepared for him which has now defrosted. This is not the first time...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / theft

Apr 15, 2019

I Flew from Cape Town to Johannesburg on flight JE 162 departure 17:05 and they stole my Samsung tablet from my travel bag. Very disapointed that there is no proper security measures in place to prevent bag tempering during loading and off loading process, I know the fault is on my side...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / unethical behavior, no professional attitude or helpful

Mar 12, 2019

Date it happened : 08/03/2019 at Cape Town Airport. My husband and I was flying from Cape Town to Durban and back from Durban to Cape Town (on 11/3/19). When I want to check in my luggage there was enough time to check in. There was 1 person in front of me who checked in. There was nobody...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / baggage fee

Feb 27, 2019

I did a long flight journey recently from USA to Paris, Zurich and over to Johannesburg. My flight journey was fine until I got down to South Africa. My flight leg ended in Johannesburg so I purchased a flight to Cape Town. I went on SAA website because I wanted to fly with SAA airline...

Mango Airlines / theft of my money from my luggage during mango flight transit

Feb 23, 2019

I took Mango flight today on the 23 February 2019 on Saturday from Linseria Airport in Johannesburg which departed at 07:55am. In my bag in which the lady who helped me to print my boarding pass at the counter and process my bag for loading in the aircraft was an amount of R652.90 coins. I...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / booking airline tickets

Feb 14, 2019

I am extremely upset I phoned earlier in the week and spoke to a lady by the name I think was tana I had my wife's name and I'd number booked which was wrong the lady told me what I must do she spoke to her supervisor and they said they can do it now for me change my wifes name and her id...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / flight and charges

Feb 12, 2019

I paid for 2 tickets from johannesburg to zanzibar, I booked and paid for the tickets online, payment was done the same day as the booking. I received a confirmation letter from mango with our seat numbers which I had to pay extra for, I also paid extra for over weight baggage which all...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / refund

Feb 06, 2019

Good morning, can someone/anybody please help me with this refund. I am begging for your assistance. I have submitted all the documents that we requested, I have been informed that the refund was approved December 11 - I am still waiting. No update. Chantel and Scelo just ignoring all my...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / flight

Feb 05, 2019

Hi Mango, I am disgusted and what just happended, I booked my nanny on a flight down to Durban she had her Zimbabwean ID, you tokd her she couldn't fly with that and needed a photo of her passport or hee passport. So we paid just under R500 to move her flight to the next morning 06/02/2019...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / mango damaged my orange tumi bag

Feb 04, 2019

Details of Flight: Durban to Johannesburg Date: 03 February 2019 Time: 12:15 Seat no 2A Booking Reference: za06111259 The tag they used, it was a hand luggage they said the flight was full and sky checked the bag They promised that it won't go through conveyor belt as I told them the...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / baggage lost and no life jackets in plane

Feb 01, 2019

My husband and son flew on Mango (JE129) to Cape Town from Johannesburg this morning. Upon arrival in Cape Town, my husband was told that my son's bag had been left behind. He was advised the bag would be dropped off at the hotel at lunch time, and then followed up once lunch time had...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / urgent assistance online booking

Jan 21, 2019

I Mrs S. Davids was booking a ticket online using my credit card. However I was having a difficult time due to freezing on the website or maybe because we normally have bad network in our area. Whilst booking the ticket after adding the credit card details I tried to edit the route cos I...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / delayed / missed flight

Jan 14, 2019

Booked return flight tickets on South African Airways from Cape Town to Nelspruit (14 Jan 2019 to 28 Jan 2019) which means flying with an outsourced Mango flight to OR Tambo International Airport and then taking another flight with SA Airlink to Nelspruit. I was supposed to depart Cape...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / lost bag 16 days

Jan 14, 2019

I have not received feedback about a missing bag since 30 December 2018. I phone all the numbers I can, a few times a day and no answer or update can be given. I even go the number of supposed managers called, Brenda, Bianca and Wally and none of them answer their phones or return my...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / your whatsapp competition

Jan 11, 2019

Follow the instructions... share with 20 people and get free tickets... we'll what a load of tosh! *Mango Airlines giving Free tickets to 500 People to celebrate its 15 years*. Get your free voucher at : Shared and click on CLAIM TICKETS and get thi...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / je821

Jan 11, 2019

Flight to George delayed mango changes gate and then gives out vouchers for food but doesn't give everybody, shite service and think it's disgusting that not all were issued a voucher when boarding takes place. To make up for their delays, didn't even announce that they were giving...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / luggage issues at oliver tambo, johannesburg

Jan 03, 2019

I was flying from Porr Elizabeth to Oliver Tambo on 3 January 2019. My flight was JE 536. We gatheted at the carousel where the luggage would be send to. Eventually the carousel stopped, and 6 of us did not get our luggage. We had to go to the office to investigate and present our boarding...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / service

Dec 31, 2018

Hi, I am utterly disgusted in the ill treatment of a frail old person this morning at OR Tambo airport. All we asked for was assistance as she could not walk by herself, and the manner this service was given is a disgrace, especially the attitude towards willingness. Just want Mango...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / flight je 259 to durban/passenger b tryon.

Dec 24, 2018

I never ever complain, however.. This story let me tell you is despicable!!!... A 90 year old assisted passenger has just had all of her Christmas presents to her Children, Grand Children and Great Grand Children stolen, thanks to Mango flight number JE259 JHB to Dbn. Her suitcase wa...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / hand luggage being randomly taken away

Dec 24, 2018

We travelled with Mango on the 20 October from Johannesburg to Durban on JE253. We were extremely early for our flight and checked in hours before departure. When we were boarding the flight we were stopped by a staff member named Lee Douglas. She stated that she had to take both our carry...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / complaining about seat allocations and ask for window emergency on a return flight to cape town [ je 129 and je 162 ]

Dec 18, 2018

On the 15/12/18 december I checked in on JE 129 to Cape town [ seq 92], I I check in before 06:00 and my flight was at 08:10, I ask the lady at the counter for and emergancy window as I am 176 tall. She assured me the seat was book for me but when I got onto the plane [ 11F] was a normal...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / refund

Dec 03, 2018

On 6 September the Mango System allowed both my husband and I to purchase a ticket on the same person's name. I called the contact centre and they apologized as there was a problem with their system and promised a refund. I submitted a request for the refund. I was told it will take 7 to...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / theft from my luggage

Nov 30, 2018

Today we flew back to OR Rambo from George and our luggage was opened as the lock was broken. My wife S7 edge samsung cell phone and our family samsung camera were stolen. Our clothes were just thrown inside the bag not the way we packed them and the brocken lock we found inside the bag...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / unauthorized flight charges and no refund of the unauthorized debit to date.

Nov 27, 2018

I booked a flight with Mango, on line, on 21/09/2018 using my credit card. The transaction was successful and I received my booking reference (RFVHGK). Prior to this booking I was researching the cost of flights and used my Edgars Thank You Card to determine if I qualified for any...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / wheelchair assistance denied

Nov 26, 2018

Goodday We flew back home from OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth yesterday on 7.05 flight. We where in Australia and I broke my foot. We where in transit from about 9pm Thursday evening (SA time) to 6am Saturdag. I called Mango on Saturday twice to arrange wheelchair assistance and I was told that I...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / bad service and flight delay

Nov 26, 2018

I would just like to advise you of the bad service I received from Mango airlines. Our flight was scheduled to depart on 23/11/2018 at 12.25pm, FlightJE152, however there was a "technical error" and we were grounded for 2 hours. However we were not offered any liquid refreshments or...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / theft from luggage

Nov 17, 2018

Today I flew from or tambo to king shaka int. Apon arrival and collecting my luggage from the carousel, it was obvious that one of my bags had been tampered with. The bag had been opened and closed hastily, thereby catching some of the inner shoe plastic in the zipper. My items were not a...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / delayed flight je 234 11 november 2018

Nov 16, 2018

The flight from Durban to Johannesburg JE234 (SA2034) was delayed from Durban to Johannesburg on Sunday 11 November by 1.5 hours, resulting in me missing my connecting SAA 20:55 flight to London. When we realised that this was the case I contacted the Mango customer care desk on the phone...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / consultants at the airport and poor assistance from the flight attendant

Nov 13, 2018

Good day, my name is Fazloona Masualle, my flight was booked from Johannesburg-Lanseria airport to Cape Town International on Friday, 09 November 2018, departure time was at 15:10. Myself and my colleague arrived at Lanseria airport just after 11am and went straight to the Mango Airline...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / guest services

Nov 02, 2018

We have having an issue at the guest services. Khensani - supervisor, talked over us constantly. Told us we miss read the board and confused Mango with BA? Refused to help and said our flight is non refundable. Not helpful at all and kept telling us we were wrong Bianca van Zyl is the...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / pathetic refunds

Nov 01, 2018

Reference Number: RGNBWC Booking made 29/08/2018. To this day 01/11/2018 no money has been returned. I phone regularly to ask where this payment is, only to be told by Chantal this morning that the finance guy is not at his desk, he is probably making tea or something and she can not help...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / dine supervisor unequipped to deal with complaint

Oct 30, 2018

This morning I tried checking in my bag at the bag drop desk. The que was full and only two people working at bag drop. Stood in the que for 20 min. They also helped the main que for check in. While people in the bag drop que stood watching. Meaning that people were getting frustrated, not...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / cancelled flights

Oct 29, 2018

Hi I booked flights online on Thursday the 25th. Had to call customer service center to confirm my bookings. I eventually got through and spoke to Thembisa and another agent whereby both of them confirmed my booking as the two of them sent me Tax Invoices for my return flight. Yesterday...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / mango airline - yet another delay without notification

Oct 26, 2018

Hi Mango team, My flight to CPT from JHB was delayed by 2 hours (Flight JE 151) Reference number: RJPWRP I recevied no email or SMS concerning the delay. This is very poor serice - especially considering that Friday flights at 17:00 are overpriced, so booked the flight with the intention of arriving around 19:00 in CPT & not only depart at 19:00!

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / fraudulent bookings on my credit card

Oct 25, 2018

The following charges have been fraudulently debited onto my Standard Bank Credit Master card number 5221-7520-5030-1363. My name is Nicholas Meldau, ID 5612085115084. Please investigate cancel and refund. Cell 0825795749. 19 Oct I*MANGO AIRLIN NB8290 JOHAN i*mango airlin nb8290 johan -...

Mango Airlines / FlyMango / pathetic service/lanseria staff

Oct 24, 2018

My elderly grandmother was due to fly to Durban from Lanseria on the 17h25 flight yesterday 23/10/2018. Due to the construction at the airport we had to park very far from the terminal. With us moving as fast as an 82 year old can move, we were at the check in at 16h50. 5 minutes late. We...