Malindo Airno answer from the customer care center

A Nov 23, 2017

I have never seen a company that takes people for [censor]. One day before my flight, I call the customer care center to tell them I'm going to fly with extra luggage. The English level of the lady I have on the phone is very poor, but I think I find my way through.
I arrive at the airport, there is no trace of my request in their files, it means that I have to pay the last minute fee, which is 3500 ringgit or 700+ euros. The manager I have to talk to is very patient and helpful, and I feel blessed to talk to him, he says he will write a report that he's going to send to the customer care center, I will need also to get in touch with them, which I do.
It was three months ago. No answer from them, then, they tell me I have travelled with another company. So I call the platform I used to book my ticket to have more information. They say that Lion Air and Malindo Air are together and that they have no legal obligation to say on what company you're going to be. However, if you don't call the right company to book your extra luggage, then, the process is over on your part.
I've had different people telling me someone would get back to me ASAP, it never happened. I was also told they couldn't find me and that even my phone call was not to be found. I gave the exact phone numbers I used to call them. Nothing.
Absolutely no answer. I am requesting full refund because that's really taking people for [censor].

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