Malaysia Airlinesabout luggage

B Nov 21, 2017

I had travel with your airlines on 20th nov 2017 from Kathmandu to Sydney. I experienced poor customer service from the air hostesses. The main thing is my luggage was opened by somebody while travelling. I had locked the luggage but a lot of my belongings are missing from my luggage. Expensive things like makeup kits are missing. Stuffs as small as even socks went missing. I don't know if I could claim back for those stuffs but they were more than 3-4 kgs. Thats not the way to do things. If there were stuffs that were not allowed or the weight was high they can do that but this case was none of above. I don't know what the further procedure is and whether or not I will get back my stuff but please don't cheat your passengers. Thank you. I hope to hear back from you guys.

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