Majic Window / jet walk in tub

United States

90 yr old mother in law bought tub, supposed to have a life time warranty. The tub started leaking from faucet, I called Majik Window they sent a repairman out to look at it" no tools". The tub was not fixed cost 90$ service call in fact the jet was not working after he left this was in December. Called warranty man Matt 3rd says he can't get parts excuses, 3 times I've called just ignores my phone calls. I'll go out of my way now to dissuade people from doing business with Majic Window. What a joke a 96 year old lady treated like this. What a ripoff 90$ a repair man with no tools, and a smart twit warranty man, that ignores problems espically when it's older people. I'm contacting the state let them handle Matt and Manic.

  • Majic Window Customer Care's Response, May 23, 2019

    While it is true that we had difficulties getting ahold of the part that is needed for this due to the manufacturer no longer producing them, we were eventually able to find, and purchase the necessary part. We recently received the part in question, and it has been turned over to the tub installer to schedule the final part of the service. When Mark called, instead of giving me a moment to look the information up, and answer his questions, he chose to start screaming, threatened to come to the office to "beat my a**" and called me a "[censored]t". He then hung up the phone. We will still be happy to come out, and complete the service that is needed on the tub.

May 23, 2019

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