MagicJackrude and incompetent chat agents


Was owner of original MagicJack that I used for a year and then purchased five additional years. I recently purchased a MagicJack Plus (should have known better as the thirty day guarantee does not come with it if you use a debit card for the purchase) and transferred my remaining four years to it. The conversion did not go well and I ended up on their customer service chat (they don't give customers any other way to contact them that I can find). Chatted with Sheri for a while and she passed me over to Paolo who was supposedly one of their top ten percent agents. He finally got my conversion done and I gave him an excellent rating (before I figured out that I had a problem). Hooked everything up and the MagicJack worked as advertised without a coumputer. I then noticed that when I picked up the receiver on my phone, the soft phone did not pop up on the screen. Without it you can't get to your contacts, call logs, 911 information, menu of features, etc. There was a soft phone icon on my desktop so I clicked on it. It was the start program for the old MagicJack and when the program discovered you did not have a MagicJack plugged into the computer, it would not work. I spent several days trying to get an agent on the chat without having to wait for an hour. Today, I logged in and waited until I got someone named Jayne. She had me try several different things (none of which worked) and after about two hours I told her that if I could not get it to work that I wanted to return the unit. She then sent me a message that since it had been so long since she had heard from me (about a minute), that she was leaving the chat and pulled the plug. I guess they are trained that when refund is mentioned, head for the hills. I tried to print the entire chat session and when I did, the page was blank. They must have some way of preventing any proof from being generated. Now, don't get me wrong — my MagicJack works fine so far for incoming and outgoing calls. I just can't get to the softphone to simplify the process. I guess in this case, the new improved version does not work as well as the old one.

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