MagicJackphone # assigned actively belongs to someone else

Magic Jack has set themselves up for a 911 debacle. The phone# I have is actively registered to a company in Albuquerque. If either of us dials 911 the call will be misrouted to emergency operators. Over the last several days I have attempted to explain to managers at MagicJack that I cannot access voicemail and people cannot call me...I can only make calls. The reason for this is obvious...TWO PEOPLE SHARE THE SAME PHONE NUMBER. In order to give the readers of this complaint both sides of the story I have copied their response from a chat log. The customer service agent is "Irene":

Irene: As a manager I know that this is my responsibility to straighten things out. You have been promised by previous agents that this will be taken care of but still nothing has been resolved yet. Rest assured that this time this will be fixed. I will follow up this matter every now and then so that I can be sure that this will be taken care of. I know how you feel right now. I understand that the situation disappoints and frustrates you. We will work on this so that this issue will be fixed as fast as possible.

After waiting several days I still do not have access to voice mail and I cannot receive calls. I don't think I will ever be able to receive calls because the MJ # assigned to me is also active for a business in Albuquerque. I have spent approximately 12 hours with chat sessions and doing "upgrades" and disconnecting the device, rebooting etc. THIS PRODUCT DOES NOT WORK. I am not the only person who has been assigned an active number belonging to another person. Please read the trailing complaints on this website.

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