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I purchased a Magic Jack @ Best Buy about 2 mo ago for $39.95 - This includes one year of service with free calls in the US etc. You can't call other places unless you prepay. Today my MJ wouldn't work. After over an hour "chatting" with Geraldine and then Roy all I know is they say I have an unpaid balance on my account but they cannot tell me why, how much or any other rational information. Finally I just disconnected because they were asking me to explain to them how this occured. They wanted to know if my credit cards were not paid up and if I had unpaid PREPAID international calls and my shipping address(I printed the dialogue for entertainment value) -- it was obvious they could not explain why they had discontinued my service except they claimed I had an unpaid balance-- THEY ADVERTISE THAT EVEN CHILDREN CAN NOT PLACE CALLS THAT WOULD CREATE A BILL so if you want to possibly waste your money with no sane explanation feel free. Also I know of situations where they charge the card immediately despite their promises to the contrary and then after that they tried to bill a second time saying the first charge didn't go through.


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      Feb 23, 2010

    If you bought MagicJack from BEST BUY I would wonder if Best buy forwarded the
    $39.95 to MagicJack !!! ???
    If they did not, then MagicJack techs would of course ask the Qs they did of you.
    I have used MJ since 5/08 and have seen the tone quality improve, especially after
    they joined AT&T . Occassionally I get cut off during a conversation, but I think that
    has more to do with my Cable Co., than with anything else.
    If the connection is bad, I have asked to call back the person on the other end, after which
    we usually end up having a better connection. That has only happened with a caller on
    a cellphone and a friend who lives near an airport. More of a signal problem.
    This problem is little to put up with, considering the very, very low cost. What is odd is
    the fact that I can have worse connections within USA, and always have a great connection to Europe and Canada. I bought the 5 Year plan a year back, and hope they stay in business forever. I must say, my last Customer Service call did irritate me too.
    Apparently Customer Service has been outsourced to Asia and complicated Qs were ignored or given inadequate answers. But again, as it is, it has saved me hundereds of $ calling abroad.
    I hope your problem of unpaid access will solve, especially if you are stubborn and pursue
    this with BEST BUY. OR SHOULD WE RENAME THAT COMPANY ?...considering some
    of their selling techniques lately, which border on false advertising ?
    If you can't get it solved, I would return the phone to BEST BUY within 30 days, and order one online as I did, and had absolutely no problem with the accounting.
    Do watch out for one thing though.
    Have no foreign minutes credit left on the MJ when you return it.
    You will loose that... I don't think they bother to credit that to a new MJ with a new
    phone number. ...Good Luck...!!!

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  • J
      Mar 23, 2011

    Magic Jack should be called Crap Jack as that is what it is. They also stole from me in the same way as explained above. They will NOT answer any questions, their chat is hiding place for them, they have no phone, only the chat, or they are required to give a phone number to credit card company but it does not work, they refer you to another number, after an extensive hold a person comes on line from the Philippians, but speaks too quite to hear what they are saying, they refuse to turn up the volume, they refuse to do anything, they will not let you return the product, do Not give a refund, they do Nothing, but refer you back to the chat where they hide behind, you are better off to go site on a block of ice naked for the rest of your life then t get sucked into their scam & nothing more then 100% frustration with that crap jack. If you are interested in started legal action let me know, we paid for an extra 5 years, total of 6 years, but they refuse to allow the phone number to work, why because they tried to scam me, when I disputed the charge through Bank of America they refused to to allow us to use the number, they try hard at intimidation, they like to tell clients that their account is under review, that is their way of keeping the money that you gave them & them not allowing you to use the magicjack device. It is hard to believe that they would be concerned about their reputation, just check out on google complaints magic jack

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